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Minimizing Downtime in SAP Environments with Solaris 10 OS
Solaris Containers and Solaris ZFS Make Management Issues Easier to Handle
The Sun white paper "Minimizing Downtime in SAP Environments" uses concrete examples to describe the architecture of a system landscape based on Solaris Containers and Solaris ZFS technologies. Flexible architectures based on virtualization technologies, such as those from Sun Microsystems, allow enterprises running Solaris to operate an SAP environment at lower cost in a more flexible way, while retaining high availability.
Zebra, Zamboni, Zen and the art of ZFS
A Study of SAS® 9 on the Solaris™ 10 ZFS File System
With Zones and ZFS, SunÂ’s solution for the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) data warehouse was presented by Maureen Chew from Sun's ISV Engineering at the SAS Global Forum 2007 in Orlando, FL. ZFS clones of the Biosense 1TB datasets can be created within minutes in a separate Solaris Container.
Singapore Ticketing Agency Improves Transaction Volumes with High-Performance Sun Infrastructure
Customer Snapshot: Retail SISTIC
SunÂ’s high-performance infrastructure helps Singapore Ticketing Agency (SISTIC) improve transaction volumes. The solution was provided to handle the following customer challenges: manage higher volume of transactions, support complex real-time applications running 24x7, and to lower the total cost of ownership.
The UltraSPARC T2 Processor and the Solaris Operating System
Two Solutions Made for Each Other (and for the Sun Sun SPARC Enterprise T5x20 Server Family)

Stephen Sistare comments on a number of new features in the UltraSPARC T2 processor and the nature of the support these features require of the Solaris OS. The necessary enhancements to the Solaris OS are all available in the OpenSolaris repository and in the Solaris 10 8/07 release and are automatically applied by the OS as used in the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5x20 server family. Sistare titles his blog "The UltraSPARC T2 Processor and the Solaris Operating System."

Java Technology
Danny Coward on RedMonk Radio Episode 51
Java SE 6 Update 10, Improving Client-side Java, and Details on JavaFX
RedMonk Radio Episode 51 offers an interview with Danny Coward on Java SE 6 Update 10, JavaFX, and improving Client-side Java. The Episode is available for download directly through the People Over Process site. Here, users may also subscribe to the podcast feed to have it automatically downloaded, or the radio interview is available for instant play.
GlassFish Enterprise Server V3 Prelude
Sun Offers Preview of Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6
Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server version 3 Prelude is a lightweight Web application server that is based on a modular OSGi architecture. GlassFish is one of the leading open source application servers in the industry today with more than 14 million downloads since its first release in May 2005, more than 225,000 registrations in 2008 and hundreds of production deployments around the globe. With features, such as: ease of installation and management, modularity and extensibility and enhanced JRuby support, GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude allows developers to easily scale their projects from small Web-tier deployments to large-scale mission critical architectures, simplify complex development and production tasks and increase productivity.
Free and Open Source S/W
ERP, the Open Way: Hugo Rivero Weblog
A Hard-to-beat Open Source Solution
Hugo Rivero's weblog, entitled "ERP, The Open Way" celebrates the ease with which he was able to download and install Openbravo ERP, a Java-based open source solution that is among the most active projects on sourceforge and that has won the praise of both Infoworld and LinuxWorld.
The Solaris OS and the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440
Two Solutions that Seem Built for Each Other

As Stephen Sistare has elsewhere noted [20824], there is a certain amount of give and take between the UltraSPARC T2 Processor that is at the heart of the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 and the Solaris OS. He returns to that theme in his blog on the multitasking capabilities of the T5440, noting the strengths that the Solaris OS brings to the table.

What's New in Solaris 10 10/08?
6 Minute Video with Larry Wake, Group Manager, Solaris Marketing
Learn what's new in the Solaris 10 operating system in a brief video update by Larry Wake.

  • Tested, Integrated update
  • ZFS enterprise enhancements
  • Support for new systems from Intel
  • New Virtualization features

ZFS can now be used for the root file system and booting. ZFS can now be the main file system as it is in OpenSolaris.

Sun has been doing a lot of work with the #2 contributors to OpenSolaris, Intel. Support has been added for Intel's latest multicore Xeon processors and support for Intel NUMA systems has been improved.

Solaris 10 has a broad range of virtualization built in: Solaris Containers, Logical Domains and Paravirtualization support for Xen-based hypervisors. This release has improvements for each.

Sun Unveils New Systems And Storage Solutions For MySQL
Enables Customers To Scale For Growth With Up To 3X Better Performance And Up To 83% Lower Power Costs
Sun Systems for MySQL are a set of solutions designed to radically change the economics of Web service delivery for enterprise customers deploying MySQL-based Web Infrastructure on Sun servers. Proven customer deployments have shown the ability to improve performance by 300%, reduce power consumption by 83 percent and offer up to 10 times better price/performance, with higher system reliability and faster time to market. The new solutions integrate MySQL with other innovations from Sun, enabling customers to get to market faster by using Sun's open software, extensive code samples with MySQL, and documented best practices.
ZFS & MySQL/InnoDB Compression Update
Why Don MacAskil Is Switching his ZFS Volume to LZJB
Don MacAskil set himself a three-fold task, which was to determine the "best case" compression ration for InnoDB tables; the "worst case" CPU usage for the workload; and to learn all of this by the most quick and dirty means possible. He reports the results in his blog. The result he obtained -- using gzip-9 for the first pass -- was a 2.12X compression ratio over a large and varied dataset.
Sun Rack II: A New Generation of Data Center Optimized Cabinets
Low Profile Aluminum Frame Built to Support Half a Ton
The Sun Rack II product line represents a new generation of data center optimized cabinets, including a selection of innovative low profile, highest density Power Distribution Units (PDUs) available in 12 different models, from 5kVA to 37kVA in single and three phase, low and high voltage versions. This allows as many as 42 C13 & 6 C19 outlets and 45 C13 & 9 C19 outlets on a single PDU. The Sun Rack II product line will enable higher than ever density of IT equipment within a standard 42RU rack footprint.
Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Architecture
Runs with the Best of the Big Dogs
A Sun white paper entitled "Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Architecture" introduces readers to the entry class model of the Sun SPARC Enterprise server line. The M3000 shares benefits such as operability and manageability with its siblings, featuring a symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) processor, 32GB memory subsystem, and high-throughput I/O architecture. Running the Solaris 10 OS and including the latest virtualization technologies, the M3000 Server can ensure core business operations. By offering Solaris Containers technology, the server brings sophisticated resource control to an open systems compute platform.
Sun's T5440 Server Is Built To Multitask
An InformationWeek Review by Jeff Ballard
The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server has found a fan in InformationWeek's Jeff Ballard whose review declares that the server "...runs rings around more expensive devices when performing a lot of tasks concurrently. It's ideal for databases and virtualization and excels at encrypting and decrypting data thanks to on-board security co-processors." He adds the observation that "Sun has groomed the T5440 for heavy data center chores and virtualization."
Flash Performance in Storage Systems (Video)
Bill Moore, Sun's Chief Engineer, Storage Systems, Presents at the Open Storage Summit
Bill Moore, Sun's Chief Engineer, Storage Systems, delivered a 30 minute presentation at the Open Storage Summit, September 2008. The topic was flash performance in storage systems and, "The problems we see, the solutions we see, and where we think the industry is going."

Topics include the Performance gap, a background on Flash, and Sun's Flash Architecture including the mini-DIMM, ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) and ZFS cache (ARCL2).

Bill also discusses a ZFS Hybrid Pool example and explains how ZFS is the first I/O stack optimized for flash.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Volume 128 Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 128 Issue 5, the top 10 articles were:

  • Solaris 10 10/08 [20805]
  • M3000: New Entry-level Server Powered by the SPARC64 VII Processor and Solaris 10 [20797]
  • Understanding Sun's Business: Q1FY09 -- the Bottom Line [20801]
  • Sun Reports Final Results for the First Quarter Fiscal Year 2009 [20798]
  • Open Learning Center [20795]
  • Three Phases Of Datacenter Management: Strategy, Design And Build [20796]
  • Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager (CAM) Version 6.1.2 [20760]
  • Solaris Exec Touts Unix Platform's Strengths [20763]
  • 14,000-user Siebel 8.0 on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 [20752]
  • Solaris Cluster Support for the Sun Fire X4540, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440, and Sun Blade T6340 [20788]

The longer version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last eight weeks.

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    New Chapter in 'Operating System Security'
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