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15K Drive Supported with Sun Blade T6300 Server Blade
73GB 15K SFF Drive Now Supported
October 27, 2008,
Volume 128, Issue 5

Meeting strict market demands the Sun UltraSPARC T1 processor is a blade module that satisfies most IT requirements.

Datacenters across the world are under pressure. Higher throughput and more energy efficiency, with lower cooling costs, all in less space is a common demand. Meeting these demands is a blade module that satisfies most requirements. The ultra-efficient Sun UltraSPARC T1 processor blade flies through high-demand, 64-bit multi-threaded Solaris OS applications.

T6300 server module is based on the energy efficient UltraSPARC T1 processor. Perfectly matched with Solaris 10, the T6300 delivers outstanding web scale performance with up to 32 threads and large memory and I/O footprint. When being managed the same way as other CMT servers, the T6300 offers the convenience of chassis level centralized management and rapid deployment. Chassis level warranty makes large deployment even more cost and time efficient.

With this server one can expect:

  • Sun Blade Transparent Management, direct management of each server module for seamless integration into existing management infrastructure

  • Support for open and free Solaris, including LDOM and Solaris Containers

  • Engineering for superior availability, with hot-swappable disks and no fans or power supply units on the blade

  • Installation services that help to fully utilize the industry's most open platform, built on open source technologies with open standards

The (X)RA-SS2CD-73G15K 73GB 15,000 rpm disk drive in Nemo bracket is now supported on T6300 server module as an ATO option and x-option. The 15,000 rpm drive is a step up from the usual 10,000 rpm drive in terms of random and sequential performance. The increased performance is especially beneficial for boot disk and interaction with database tables.

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