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250Gb SATA Disk Drives for Sun Fire and SPARC Enterprise T1000 Server
Boosts Hard Disk Storage Capacity; 160GB SATA Hard Disk Drive Being Transitioned
October 27, 2008,
Volume 128, Issue 5

250GB SATA hard disk drives for the Sun Fire and SPARC Enterprise T1000 Server

Sun offers standard configurations for the Sun Fire and SPARC Enterprise T1000 Server with CoolThreads technology that feature 250GB 3.5" SATA hard disk drives. Sun will transition existing Sun Fire and SPARC Enterprise T1000 standard configurations utilizing the 160GB SATA hard disk drive, as well as 160GB SATA X-option parts.

This enhancement will enable customers to enjoy increased hard disk storage capacity for boot, swap, and other internal disk requirements while enabling the deployment of more demanding workloads onto the Sun Fire/SPARC Enterprise T1000 server with lower risk and cost, as well as greater levels of agility to meet diverse business and operational requirements.

Supported platforms for this enhancement include:

  • Sun Fire / SPARC Enterprise T1000 servers

Supported operating systems include:

  • Solaris 10 11/06 Operating System or greater.

While a Solaris right-to-use license is required to run the Solaris OS, UltraSPARC-based Sun computer systems come with the appropriate Solaris license, customers purchasing new Sun hardware are automatically licensed to use the Solaris 10 OS software. Customer must purchase a Sun service plan to receive future Solaris updates and on-going support.

Supported Sun Enterprise and application software include:

  • Sun Solaris Enterprise System, Sun Java Enterprise System and Sun Java Enterprise Suites.

Sun Fire / SPARC Enterprise T1000 server configurations are eligible for the Upgrade Advantage Program, which enables customers to trade in and upgrade their old Sun or non-Sun servers and receive a trade-in allowance applied toward the list price of their new Sun Fire / SPARC Enterprise T1000 server. With this program customers have the option to trade-in their servers on a one for one basis or consolidating multiple servers to single Sun Fire / Sun Enterprise T1000 server. Details on the Upgrade Advantage Program are available here.

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