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Sun Benchmarks on One Convenient Site
Over 350 World-record Benchmarks Set by Sun Products to Date
Sun solutions have racked up more than 350 world-record benchmarks, which makes a web site such as this one not just a convenience but a necessity. The site features recent benchmarks, as well as earlier records arranged both by system type and by operating system.
Luxtera Announces Multi-Million Dollar Project with Sun Microsystems and DARPA
Breakthrough Silicon Technology Selected to Develop Next-Generation Optical Interconnects
Luxtera, the worldwide leader in Silicon CMOS Photonics, announced it has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Sun Microsystems for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Ultraperformance Nanophotonic Intrachip Communications (UNIC) program. Luxtera's technology and silicon fabrication processes will be used to develop next-generation optical interconnects to produce chip-to-chip and intra-chip interconnect technology. This project will provide the computing industry with low-cost, enhanced high performance computer systems.
    Java Technology
    This Ain't Your Dad's Java Podcast Series
    9th Episode Available via iTunes
    Jennifer Winger writes about the Java Podcast series, "This Ain't Your Dad's Java":

    It has been a crazy, crazy week, but we are all in crunch mode with JavaFX. This fall is going to rock with JavaFX and I can't wait for everyone to see what we have been working on.

    It was brought to our attention last week while we were recording our latest episode of our weekly podcast series, This Ain't Your Dad's Java, that I hadn't told my blog world about it.

    Every week, Eric Klein, David Bryant and I sit down with various people from across Sun and talk all things Java as well as we dive into some of our favorite toys, what music has our toes tapping, what books we are reading as well as what we got in our last box from Amazon.COM. We go all over the place, but we always have fun doing it. We also plan to go outside of Sun and talk to partners, customers, Java gurus and more.

    SPECjbb2005 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 World Record Multi-JVM 4-Chip
    T5440 Takes on Competition from IBM, Dell, HP
    BM Seer continues to champion the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server with its four 1.4 GHz UltraSPARC T2 Plus processors. In a recent blog he reports on the SPECjbb2005 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 World Record Multi-JVM 4-Chip result.
    Java SE 6 Update 10
    Provides Significant Enhancements for Consumer Desktop Experience and the Underlying Platform for the Upcoming JavaFX Desktop 1.0 Release
    Java Platform Standard Edition 6 Update 10 (Java SE 6u10) significantly improves the usability and performance of the Java platform on desktop computers worldwide.

    Java SE 6u10 is optimized for consumers with new features that include: radically improved startup time for Java applications and applets, the ability to drag Java applets directly from the browser and have them run as desktop widgets, more powerful and stylized application graphics, a faster and simpler installation experience and a new cross-platform look and feel.

    Developers also benefit significantly from the enhancements in Java SE 6u10. The built-in Deployment Toolkit helps to ensure end users run the most recent version of Java SE. A new Java plug-in provides full browser independence, complete interoperability with web 2.0 technologies and supports different versions of Java software running at the same time on the same machine.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    Deploying Sugar CRM Software on Logical Domains for Increased Scalablity
    Putting the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 to the Test
    Satish Vanga's Sun BluePrints Online paper "Deploying Sugar CRM Software on Logical Domains for Increased Scalability" explores the use of Sun’s Logical Domains technology and the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server to provide a scalable platform for deploying the Sugar CRM software.
    An Open Source Web 2.0 Solution
    Lighttpd Web Server and the Chip Multithreading Technology of the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server
    In both her blog and the resulting Sun BluePrints Online Amanda Waite reports on her research into "An Open Source Web Solution: Ligttpd Web Server and Chip Multithreading Technology," a reference implementation.
    Review of Final OpenOffice 3: Why buy Microsoft Office?
    Perfect for the Small Business, Home Office Environment
    Wait a moment, please, if you are thinking about purchasing Microsoft Office. Before you sign the check, take a look at Preston Gralla's blog in Computerworld for his comments on the virtues of OpenOffice 3, which he calls, "one of the best deals you'll find in all of computing."
    String Searching Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Using the Aho-Corasick Algorithm
    Outperforms IBM Cell Broadband Engine, HP DL-580

    BM Seer's blog String Searching Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 reports on the results of tests using the Aho-Corasick algorithm for string searching operations on the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440, the IBM Cell Broadband Engine DD3 Blade, and the HP DL-580.

    Dennis Sheahan Blogs on the Architecture of the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440
    Writer Takes Readers for a Detailed Look Under the Hood
    Readers will find an informative blog by Dennis Sheahan on the architecture of the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server. The blog notes that the server can have up to four T2 Plus processors, 1.2GHz or 1.4GHz in a 4 Rack Unit (RU) chassis. The design is modular enabling 1, 2, 3 and 4 processor configurations. The system scales to 32 cores, 256 threads and 512 GB of memory.
    Networking on the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440
    Test Shows 30+ Gps Possible with a Single System with Four 10 GbE Cards
    In his blog Networking on the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440, A. Banerjee reports on a test of the 10 GigE networking capability of Sun's new four-socket CMT platform. The blog also includes provides some tunable guidelines and best networking practices. Banerjee announces his aim as the maximization of network performance with four Sun Multithreaded 10 GigE Network Interface Cards (NICs).
    Goodbye to Physical Fibre Channel
    An Obituary for FC by Chris Mellor
    Chris Mellor writes an unusual feature in The Register: an obituary. The deceased (OK, moribund) are physical Fibre Channel and FC-interface hard drives, which, he maintains, are in the cross hairs of FCoE and SAS, respectively.
    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
    Volume 128 Issues 1. 2 and 3; Volume 127 Issue 4
    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important.

    Top Ten Articles for Vol 128 Issue 3

    • SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server [20734]
    • OpenSolaris Ignite [20716]
    • Solaris: Why it's so Successful. [20723]
    • SAP-SD Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 (4-Chips) [20738]
    • Sun's 4-chip CMT system raises the bar [20746]
    • Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 on Sun Fire X4500 [20706]
    • Sun Blueprint: Using RAID 6 on the Sun StorageTek 6140 Array [20444]
    • Chill-Off 2: Comparing Data Center Cooling Systems [20714]
    • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 World Record Siebel Performance [20739]
    • Proximity Communication: A Primer by Many Hands [20701]

    The longer version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last eight weeks.

      Sun Studio Support Matrix
      Extra Sun Studio Information and Support for Developers
      Sun offers various fee-based, tiered support levels along with free web and community support. Along with these, there is a Support matrix, located under the Support Tab, for developers to browse tables that display the supported components for current and previous releases of Sun Studio Compilers and Tools.
      LDoms Community Cookbook
      A One-stop Guide to Advanced Procedures for Sun Logical Domains
      If you need evidence on the virtues of open source, have a look at the "LDOMS Community Cookbook," a "living document" intended to provide advanced procedures for a user experienced with Sun Logical Domains.
      Introducing pfexec, a Convenient Utility in the OpenSolaris OS
      Password-less pfexec is the OpenSolaris Version of Linux's sudo

      Joerg Moellenkamp and Marina Sum's piece, "Introducing p fexec, a Convenient Utility in the OpenSolaris OS" demonstrates how to delegate administration tasks and assign the root privilege to users by way of rights profiles.

      Why I like Solaris by Neil A. Wilson
      The Evolution of a Believer

      Neil A. Wilson blogs on his conversion from a Linux devotee to a champion of Solaris. The shift got really serious, he reports, with the advent of the Solaris 10 OS, which he characterizes as "a serious leap forward in usability and convenience."

      Identity Compliance Manager
      Delivers Low-Cost Solution With Advanced Features To Help Customers Achieve Proven ROI In 90 Days

      Sun Identity Compliance Manager is a simple and cost-effective solution to help customers better manage business and compliance risks, as well as the costs associated with certifying, auditing and reporting user access to data and applications. With Sun Identity Compliance Manager, customers can expect to significantly lower the cost of achieving compliance, improve their overall security and risk position and see ROI within 90 days.

      Many companies still rely on manual and inefficient processes to achieve identity compliance. Sun Identity Compliance Manager enables customers to automate controls and reporting associated with access, allowing them to implement complete and repeatable audits. Organizations can also use Sun Identity Compliance Manager to monitor changes in user access as they occur and correct erroneous access immediately. As a result, customers can maintain compliance and mitigate potential business risks in near real-time.

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