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Sun Reference Configurations for Oracle Data Warehouses
Developed to Be Modular, Balanced and Scaleable
The management problems associated with data warehouses are significant, involving as they do such issues as scalability, throughput, performance and burgeoning data volumes and increasing varieties of data types. "Sun Reference Configurations for Oracle Data Warehouses" explores the situation.
Online Training Company Boosts Virtualized Application Performance by 25%
Sun Fire X4150 Server, Sun Startup Essentials Provide the Answer for Practice-IT
London-based Practice-IT provides companies with an affordable, on-demand platform called Practice-Labs to help employees learn, explore, and perform through the convenience of a Web browser. Practice-Labs gives trainees dedicated access to their own environment where they can gain real-world, hands-on experience and skills. Practice-IT upgraded its Dell and HP infrastructure with a high-density computing platform based on a Sun Fire X4150 Server, giving the company the capabilities it needs to meet and drive growth.
Proximity Communication's Big Issues: Chip Alignment and Power Delivery
Sun Team May Have Solved the Problems
Al Riske has written "In Close Proximity: Paradigm Shift Aligns Advanced Technologies," an article on the subject of proximity communication that centers on an interview with Sun Distinguished Engineer Jack Cunningham, leader of the team charged with developing point technologies for an advanced packaging solution for the method.
BBC Backstage Interview with Jonathan Schwartz CEO of Sun Microsystems
Sun's Leadership in Innovation
Jonathan Schwartz CEO of Sun Microsystems chated with BBC Backstage about leadership and Sun's role to create innovative and eco-friendly products. Key notes: Open Source products, Virtualization tools, and surprise topics on Sun SPOT and Darkstar & Virtual Worlds. "These are technologies (OpenSolaris, MYSQL, Java, ZFS ) that are very aggressively being … deployed in data centers," said Schwartz.
Sun Java System Web Proxy Server
Sun Java System Web Proxy Server solves the problems of network congestion and slow response time and provides control over network resources without burdening end users or network administrators. The new Java ES v5.0 (which includes this Web Proxy Server) enables enterprises to consolidate IT infrastructures on an integrated, open, and standards-based software system.
Sun and Open Source: The Payoff Is in View
Interview with Rich Green, Executive VP of Software
Sam Dean's interview with Sun's Executive VP of Software, Rich Green, explores the impact of the company's emphasis on open source on the overall corporate picture. Green answered that the picture overall was impressively bright.
Review: SPARC Enterprise T5140/T5240 and Virtualization
By Octave Orgeron
The UltraSPARC-T2 Plus processor with 8 cores, 64 threads, SMP, PCI-E, and cryptographic features is revolutionary. The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5240 servers with the UltraSPARC T2-Plus processor are the first servers which are multi-socket CMT to hit the market. In a 15 page PDF product review Octave Orgeron introduces the features and benefits of the two amazing servers with emphasis on their applications to users working with virtualization. This will be beneficial to architects and engineers looking to consolidate legacy servers and increase utilization.
x86 and x64 Server Interactive Whitepaper
By Claudia Hildebrandt
A 22 page PDF presentation by Claudia Hildebrandt shows how to configure Solaris, Windows, VMware, or Linux on Sun x86 servers. The purpose of the presentation is to help configure x64/x86 system. It provides information on:

  • Which OS releases are supported
  • Which storage systems are supported
  • Which HBAs are supported
  • Which ethernet-interfaces are available
  • Which support services are available

Claudia provides many useful tips on how to navigate through Sun's web site to find specific information releated to Sun x86 servers, operating systems, I/O cards and storage options.

Sun Fire X2100 M2
New Configs With Unbuffered Single Rank X8 DDR2-667 Memory
The Sun Fire X2100 M2 is a high performance 2-way 1-RU server in Sun's line of x64 rack-optimized servers. The Sun Fire X2100 M2 can run Solaris, Linux or Windows. It is an ideal solution for HPC/grid computing, web infrastructure and application development uses that demand flexibility, scalability and maximum return on their investment.

Sun now offers configurations that address the customer need for systems that contain all single-rank or all dual-rank memory. The new configurations are similar to the existing standard configurations with the exception that they now use unbuffered single rank x8 DDR2-667 memory. This release includes a change in memory supplier manufacturing processes. In select instances, the amount of memory in the configuration has also been reduced.

Sun Fire X4600 M2 Enhancements
4x 1133W Power Supply Units (PSU), 1133W Upgrade Kit; AMD Opteron Model 8216 and 8224SE 4 DIMM Slot Options
The Sun Fire X4600 M2 server now comes in a chassis with 4x 1133W Power Supply Units (PSU). A 1133W Upgrade Kit is available and Sun is transitioning 2x 4GB Memory Kits; AMD Opteron Model 8216 and 8224SE 4 DIMM Slot Options. The 4 x 1133W base chassis and power supply upgrade kit for Sun Fire X4600 M2 supports 2+2 power grid redundancy for quad core processors.
Sun Blade X6450 Server Module with Intel Xeon 4-Core and 6-Core Processors
Gives 50 Percent More Memory Capacity
The four-socket Sun Blade X6450 server module features Intel Xeon processor 7000 series, with 4 and 6 cores, and up to 192 GB of memory. With 24 DIMM slots per server module, it gives you 50 percent more memory capacity than competing blade servers, making it an ideal fit for virtualization and server consolidation, HPC, database and enterprise applications.

As compute nodes for the Sun Blade 6000 Modular System, Sun Blade X6450 server modules push the limits of performance, providing up to 11 TFLOPS of peak performance per fully populated Sun Blade 6048 chassis -- that's 1,152 cores per rack, up to 71% more compute power than competing blade servers.

'Consolidation Through Virtualization with Sun x64 Servers'
Paper Presents an Overview of the Possisbilities with Sun Solutions
"Consolidation Through Virtualization with Sun x64 Servers" outlines an approach to delivering yet more services at lower costs. The key lies in Sun Fire x64 servers, Sun Blade modular systems powered by AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon processors, all running the Solaris Operating System, Linux and even Windows and all able to change direction quickly and immediately as needed. Consolidate such an implementation on a single server? No problem with virtualization, the publications asserts.
Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise 2.6 Software
Using Sun Fire X4540 Server as a Backup Server
Amanda Enterprise Edition from Zmanda is a powerful, low-cost, open source backup and recovery system to protect Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac environments using a single management console. By providing a backup and recovery solution that combines fast installation, simplified management, enterprise-class functionality, and low-cost subscription fees, the Amanda Enterprise Edition is an open source product that uses only standard formats and tools, effectively allowing users to recover archived data without the hassle of vendors.
Sun StorageTek 6140 Array Storage Solution for 6000 Mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange 2007
Test Measures Suitability of Array as Primary Storage Solution
A Sun BigAdmin article, "Sun StorageTek 6140 Array Storage Solution for 6000 Mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange 2007", describes a Microsoft Exchange 2007 primary storage solution on the Sun StorageTek 6140 array that is targeted for an environment in which there are mailboxes for 6000 users.
Sun StorageTek 6540 Array Storage Solution for 20,000 Mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange 2007
Study Measures Array's Suitability as Primary Storage Solution
Readers will find a BigAdmin report of the test conducted on the appropriateness of the "Sun StorageTek 6540 Array Storage Solution for 20,000 Mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange 2007," as the study is entitled. It provides information on a Sun Microsystems storage solution for Microsoft Exchange Server, based on the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP).
Sun Storage J4400 Array with the Sun StorageTek Enterprise Backup Software 7.4
Used for Disk Storage
A BigAdmin guide describes configuring the Sun Storage J4400 array as a disk cache for Sun StorageTek Enterprise Backup Software 7.4. In this article, readers are provided with an example of configuring the ZFS file system on the Solaris 10 OS and configuring StorageTek EBS 7.4 to utilize the Sun Storage J4400 array as disk cache. By using this 14 page PDF as a guide, rates of over 1 Tbyte backup throughput, per hour are what the author is hoping to help users achieve.
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    LDOMS I/O Best Practices - Network Availability With Logical Domains
    Establishing More Than One Path to the Network Is the Key
    "LDOMS I/O Best Practices - Network Availability With Logical Domains" is the second of two "Sun BluePrints Online papers by Peter A. Wilson of Sun's Systems Technical Marketing group. The paper is intended to help map I/O best practices from the physical world into the virtual world supported by Logical Domains.
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