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Harnessing the Emerging Market Opportunity
Peter Ryan, executive VP of Global Sales and Services Explains Sun's Approach
September 22, 2008,
Volume 127, Issue 4

[Sun is seeing ...] strong growth in emerging markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

In a recent Inner Circle feature Peter Ryan, executive VP of Global Sales and Services for Sun, outlined his views on the emerging market opportunity and how it might best be addressed.

Changes in the world marketplace have led Sun to form an Emerging Market Sales region, Ryan explained, that will enable the company to accelerate growth in these markets.

Network connectivity is the approach Ryan recommends as best suited to serve world markets that expand daily at what he calls a staggering rate. Network connectivity will enable businesses and their customers to work efficiently across borders as they attract opportunities for growth in new markets.

In Ryan's analysis, emerging markets differ from established markets chiefly in their pace of growth. In the emerging market, what he calls a 360-degree view is essential, in that it enables a company to engage users at every possible level. Further, he suggests that government in the emerging marketplace is more receptive to technological advances than in established markets. The absence of a preponderantly legacy infrastructure in the emerging market is an asset all around, he says.

The acceptance of open source technology has been an emerging market characteristic that Sun has been in a position to market to, Ryan continued, emphasizing the importance of the educational component in an overall marketing strategy. "Open source levels the playing field for developers in emerging markets," he pointed out. Given that 55 percent of developers today are in the emerging market makes it a fertile area for Sun to work within, he added. This percentage is predicted to grow substantially in the next few years.

"We're giving businesses in emerging economies access to our IP without barriers to adoption, exit and without barriers of licensing to build their network infrastructure," Ryan asserted, citing the adoptions of MySQL as an example.

Asked about the reception to Sun's sustainable technologies, Ryan responded that it has been very positive. The same pressures to moderate datacenter power usage and cooling costs bears as heavily on implementations in the emerging market as in the established market, he pointed out, which makes eco-responsible technologies attractive. "Sustainability is part of our DNA," Ryan said of Sun.

A further change in the emerging markets is the shift that has occurred from viewing them as revenue opportunities rather than simple investment opportunities, Ryan observed. Emerging markets are generating, and will continue to be a significant part of, Sun's business, he asserted.

Downloads of MySQL, Java, GlassFish and OpenSolaris have been impressively sizable, Ryan observed, which has led Sun to launch its first overseas expansion of the OpenSPARC educational program in cooperation with China's Ministry of Education. Sun expects to do its utmost to foster an appreciation of open source technology among students and within the university community as a key element in its marketing strategy for the emerging market, he concluded.

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