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The McNealy Minute #17 and #18
Scott and Chip Heath, Stanford Professor and Co-Author of bestselling book Made to Stick
September 22, 2008,
Volume 127, Issue 4

Google has replaced the library. Wikipedia has replaced the encyclopedia… and Curricki is going to replace your written curriculum.

Scott McNealy and Chip Heath discuss the application of open source and sharing technology to improve education on a global community level that can help parents, teachers, and student succeed.

Through Sun’s Curriki, a virtual open source and sharing website, educators can control the creation of an electronic-based K-12 curriculum that combines important factors that may provide better teaching tools than textbooks and tests.

“Google has replaced the library. Wikipedia has replaced the encyclopedia… and Curriki is going to replace your written curriculum,” said McNealy.

Our youth may be driving the migration of education from basic textbook learning to the gaming mindset, thus suggesting changes to the current global education system.

Curriki provides instantaneous feedback combined with that multimedia experience. This technology is already creating a global interest in countries such as China, India, and South Africa. Internationally, educators are already requiring electronic resources that provide an alternative to pricey textbooks that are quickly outdated.

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McNealy Minute: LearniT and Curricki


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