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Oracle Momentum Worldwide On SPARC Enterprise Servers
Highlights History Of Record Breaking Benchmarks
Sun highlighted demand and sales growth in emerging markets around its Solaris Operating System, Sun SPARC Enterprise server family and joint Oracle deployments, as well as strong momentum showcasing numerous world record benchmarks and new reference configurations for Oracle data warehouses on Sun platforms.

"Customers have made Sun's SPARC Enterprise servers and the Solaris OS the backbone of mission critical enterprise deployments from the Web-tier to the back office," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group. "From mainframe-like RAS capabilities in open enterprise systems, to energy-efficient CMT servers and open storage, Sun has upped the ante on innovation with each successive generation of products. Customers driving their businesses on powerful platforms like those from Oracle demand the most reliable, efficient and scalable systems."

The McNealy Minute #17 and #18
Scott and Chip Heath, Stanford Professor and Co-Author of bestselling book Made to Stick
Scott McNealy and Chip Heath, Stanford Professor and Co-Author of bestselling book Made to Stick, discuss Sun’s Curricki, a new free virtual website, and their attempt to apply open source and sharing models to improve education on a global level. Hear why video games and instant messaging might be better teaching tools than textbooks and tests.
Harnessing the Emerging Market Opportunity
Peter Ryan, executive VP of Global Sales and Services Explains Sun's Approach
In a recent "Inner Circle" feature Peter Ryan, executive VP of Global Sales and Services for Sun, outlined his views on the emerging market opportunity and how it might best be addressed.

Changes in the world marketplace have led Sun to form an Emerging Market Sales region, Ryan explained, that will enable the company to accelerate growth in these markets.

Sun Microsystems' Menlo Park Data Warehouse Featured in 2009 Guinness Book
World's Largest Facility Consumes 91% Less Energy than Conventional Designs
Anyone can build something that big but we actually built it very, very small -- Shannon Elwell
OpenSolaris: Your Boundless Development System (Webcast, 23:00)
Sun Engineering Webcast on Commercially Supported OpenSolaris
This webcast chats about Sun's commercially supported version of OpenSolaris, the open source OS with an enterprise pedigree, the innovation engine for the Solaris platform, a thriving community of smart, motivated developers, and an opportunity to be successful faster.
Sun Cluster Agent for Informix v11
First Open High Availability Cluster (OHAC) Community Built SC Agent Released
The Sun Cluster Agent for Informix is the first SC Agent built by the open source community is complete and available for download - the first step of realizing the vision of connecting the OHAC community with the product technology, monetizing from opensourcing through the participation of the community.

Solaris Cluster (SC) is an integrated software platform that delivers best-in-class high availability to business services, keeping global enterprises running 24x7 through planned maintenances, failures, wide area outages or disasters.

You can download this sophisticated infrastructure software and use it at no cost. If you need assurance and support, Sun offers licensing and support plans for purchase.

MySQL Workbench SE (Standard Edition) Subscription Offerings
Commercial Subscriptions Available at $99./Developer/Year
Sun now offers subscriptions to MySQL Workbench SE (Standard Edition). MySQL Workbench enables a DBA, developer, or data architect to visually design, generate, and manage all types of databases, including Web, OLTP, and data warehouse databases. It includes everything a data modeler needs for creating complex ER models, and also delivers key features for performing difficult change management and documentation tasks that normally require much time and effort.
New Geo-Replication Add-on, MySQL Cluster Support Offerings Available
Important Changes in Requested Delivery Date
A new GeoReplication add-on for MySQL, a real-time open source transactional database, and additional new MySQL Cluster Support offerings, are now available. MySQL Cluster combines the world's most popular open source database with a fault-tolerant database clustering architecture so you can deliver mission-critical database applications with 99.999% availability with no single point of failure.
Tour Sun xVM OpsCenter
Multi-Media Tour Guides by the Sun Product Manager
Sun xVM Ops center is a cost effective, enterprise class-management platform with support for the virtual and the physical infrastructure and is designed to support small to large heterogeneous datacenters. Many businesses are taking advantage of virtualization to increase the utilization of hardware but decrease power expenses.
Tour Sun xVM Server
Multi-Media Tour Guided by Sun Product Manager
Sun xVM Server is a new product from Sun that allows users to run Solaris, Windows, and Linux guest operating systems side by side with X86 hardware, Sun, and other vendors. Sun builds in Best Practices, giving the user access to the benefits without the need to micro-manage the environment.
Sun Goes Deep with Sun Modular Datacenter D20
Extends Sun's Leadership in the Containerized Datacenter Market
Sun released a new deeper rack model of the Sun Modular Datacenter (Sun MD20-versus S20) provides customers with new choices for deploying a broader spectrum of enterprise-class servers and storage in their modular datacenters. Since its launch in January 2008, the Sun MD has been deployed globally for many applications.
Secure Desktop Virtualization Webinar and Demo
Presentation and Demonstration by Dennis Maher
The optimization of secure desktop virtualization provided by Sun: Why Thin Clients Aren't Interesting, What We Learned from TV, What Customers Ask For, Case Study, and Other options.

"This is really about enterprise business strategies…When we move them away from the end user device and back into the enterprise, we increase uptime, performance, control and security around those enterprise assets."

New Options Available for Sun Fire X4450 with Intel Xeon Processor 7400 series
More Performance, Same 2U Footprint
Sun has made standard configurations and processor options available for the Sun Fire x4450 Server with the Intel Xeon Processor 7400 series. These new processor options range from 4-core to 6-core and 65W to 130W. These new Sun Fire X4450 standard configurations and processor options based on Intel Xeon processor 7400 series replace the existing configurations and options based on Intel Xeon processor 7300 series.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 127 Issue 1, 2, and 3; Volume 126 Issue 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 127 Issue 3, were:

  • Solaris How-To Guides [20576]
  • Install Sun xVM Hypervisor and Use It To Configure Domains [20596]
  • Jonathan Schwartz talk at Bank of America's 38th Annual Investor Conference [20606]
  • "j14z" Blogs on Wine, Virtualization and xVM [20600]
  • Configure and Use ZFS-hosted iSCSI Guest Storage within the Sun xVM Hypervisor - Part 1 [20597]
  • Sun Volume Servers Product Line Card [20582]
  • A HowTo OpenSolaris Wiki Page [20561]
  • Six-Core Intel Xeon 7400 Processors in Sun x86 Servers [20607]
  • Configure and Use ZFS-hosted iSCSI Guest Storage within the Sun xVM Hypervisor - Part 2 [20598]
  • Sun xVM VirtualBox Enterprise Subscriptions [20583]

The longer version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last eight weeks.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    x 3.0
    Release Candidate 2 (build OOO300_m7) available
    OpenOffice 3.0 Release Candidate 2 (build OOO300_m7) is available through the website. The software is not recommended for production deployment at its current stage. It is recommended for new users to chose one of the previously released more stable versions such as OpenOffice 2.0. The new OpenOffice 3.0 Release Candidate contains many updated features and Native support for Mac OS X.
    What's New on BigAdmin
    As of September 25th, 2008
    Articles which have been posted to BigAdmin in the last week include:

    • Patching Center: Systems Management Release Hub

    • Using Sun StorageTek 6140 Array for 6000 Mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange 2007

    • Sun StorageTek 6540 Array Storage Solution for 20,000 Mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange 2007

    • Community Events Calendar on BigAdmin Wiki

    • Solaris Crash Analysis Tool CAT 5.0 Available

    • Solaris Tip of the Week: Link Aggregation and Logical Interfaces

    Enterprise Data Center Design and Methodology
    220-page PDF Available for Download
    Rob Snevely's 224-page book, "Enterprise Data Center Design and Methodology," is available as a free PDF download or it can be purchased as a printed book at a 30% savings from the Sun Microsystems Press Bookstore.
    Java Technology
    Blu-ray Disc Application Development with Java ME,
    Part 1: Creating Your First Application
    According to the latest statistics provided at the JavaOne 2008 conference, there are over 6 billion Java-enabled devices deployed worldwide. These devices can range from large-scale enterprise class servers down to a tiny smart card that fits in your wallet. Java technology is embedded into billions of phones, as well as countless other devices including the traditional desktop computer. Java technology is a critical part of the new high-definition video standard, the Blu-ray Disc standard. In this two-part series, we're going to cover several aspects of using the Java language to create applications for your Blu-ray disc player, which includes the very popular PlayStation 3 gaming console. Some various Java Platforms that exist today are:

    • Standard Edition: JAVA SE
    • Enterprise Edition: JAVA EE
    • Micro Edition: JAVA ME, CLDC/CDC1.X
    Solaris Security Presentation for Tech Days 2009
    Christoph Schuba's Slide Presentation as Download
    Christoph Schuba has made his slide presentation New Solaris Security Presentation for Tech Days 2009 available on his blog as either a PDF or OpenOffice download. The latter version includes extensive sets of notes that help to understand the slides. The presentation includes a lot of code and administration examples.
    Sun Netra T5440 AC: A carrier-grade, Rackmount, Dual Processor Server
    Based on the UltraSPARC T2 Plus Processor.
    News about the Sun Netra T5440 Server is stirring excitement among users interested in a high performance, carrier-grade rackmount server. The dual processors of the Sun Netra T5440 deliver unprecedented application throughput, and its dual processors with up to 8 cores per processor with 8 threads per core support twice the number of threads as previous systems using a single UltraSPARC T2 processor.
    Netra ATCA Blade Server Family Brings Sun Expertise to Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture Space
    New Accessories Complement Server Line for a Complete Package
    With the Netra ATCA Blade Server family Sun has has brought its industry-leading experience to the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) space, the industry's best for choice, innovation, and value. Sun has announced numerous accessories needed for the Netra ATCA product line, covering accessories for both the Sun Netra CP3200 10G ATCA blades and the Sun Netra CT900 ATCA 10G systems.
    COLT Telecom Group Limited Solves Architecture Issue with Sun Clustering Solutions
    Leverages Sun to Deliver New Utility Services Reducing Operational Costs by Up to 33 Percent
    COLT Telecom Group is one of the largest fixed line telecommunications providers in Europe, providing voice, data and managed services solutions to business customers over its 20,000-kilometer-long-fiber optic network. COLT experienced a need to develop a new system architecture that supports utility “pay-as-you-go” services offerings and to provide the means to rapidly integrate customer systems into the architecture, with the ability to dynamically increase or decrease RAM and disk capacity. Finally, this architecture had to support Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris 10 Operating System environments, as well as x64- and SPARC-based systems. COLT found its answer in a Sun clustering solution.
    Financial Services
    1.3 Million-Messages-Per-Second Benchmark on Sun Server with CoolThreads Technology
    High Performance Computing Meets the Needs of Capital Market Customers
    Sun and GigiSpaces announced new benchmark performance results that address the scalability needs of capital market customers.

    Sun's SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5240 system architecture incorporates third-generation CoolThreads Chip Multithreading (CMT) technology that provides users increased and extremely scalable computational density while staying within variously constrained envelopes of power and cooling.

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