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The Role of Serious Games in Learning Situations
Chris Melissinos Interviews Sharon Sloane of WILL Interactive
Chris Melissinos, Sun's chief gaming officer, interviewed Sharon Sloane, president and CEO of WILL Interactive, producer of Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS), so-called "serious games" that are designed for training purposes in military applications, among others.
Sun x64 Systems - Microsoft Windows Compatibility
Sun Expands Relationship with Microsoft, Becoming Windows Server OEM
The latest information on "Sun x64 Systems -- Microsoft Windows Compatibility" features four tabular presentations that outline Sun certifications and support for Microsoft® Windows® on Sun x64 systems.
Data Center Pulse: A Community for Data Center Professionals
A Chance to Share on What's Really Happening in the Data Center
Data Center Pulse, an exclusive group of global datacenter owners, operators and users, was just inaugurated by Dean Nelson, senior director at Sun in his regular blog, Geekism. The declared goal of Data Center Pulse is to track the pulse of datacenter trends through discussions and debate.
Java Technology
Adventures in Podcasting - "This Ain't Your Dad's Java"
New weekly podcst on Java Technology
David Bryant, (Sr. Director, Java Marketing), reports that he is having a great time as co-host of the weekly "This Ain't Your Dad's Java" podcast. He started the series in July with Eric Klein, his boss and the VP of Java Marketing, Jennifer Winger (Marketing Programs for Java Marketing) who is the show producer. David said, "Our idea is to have episodes more or less weekly and talk about all things Java. We'll share news of what's going on in the Java product group at Sun, have a special guest to chat with us about a topic of particular interest, and introduce cool new Java products from all corners of the marketplace."
Sun Brochure Outlines Benfits of Software Portfolio
Don't Think of Sun as Just a Hardware Vendor: It's Much More
Get to know Sun's software offerings. A great place to start is the new Sun brochure on the company's software portfolio. As an indication of just how broad the range of Sun software solutions is, consider that more than 6600 applications on over 1000 platforms are available for the Solaris 10 OS.
Six-Core Intel Xeon 7400 Processors in Sun x86 Servers
Sun Fire X4450 server and Sun Blade X6450 server module
The Sun Fire X4450 server and Sun Blade X6450 server module, powered by Intel Xeon processor 7400 series with up to six processing cores, run a variety of operating systems, including Solaris 10 10/08, Linux, Windows and VMware.

"Sun's Intel Xeon-based products are seeing strong customer adoption and stellar product reviews," said Lisa Sieker, vice president, Systems Marketing, Sun Microsystems. "Today we're adding new value for customers with Intel's next-generation six-core Xeon chips in our high-density, highly scalable, energy-efficient systems. We also continue to work with Intel to optimize Solaris for Xeon processors."

Sun Volume Servers Product Line Card
Three Page Summary of Sun's 1 to 4 Socket Servers
Sun has produced a nice two-page summary of its 1 to 4 socket servers.

SUN x64 SERVERS (x86 64-bit)

  • Sun Fire X2100 M2, Sun Fire X2200 M2, Sun Fire X2250, Sun Fire X4100 M2, Sun Fire X4200 M2, Sun Fire X4140, Sun Fire X4150, Sun Fire X4240, Sun Fire X4250, Sun Fire X4440, Sun Fire X4450, Sun Fire X4600 M2


  • Sun Fire/Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000 Servers, Sun Fire/Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000 Servers, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120, Sun SPARC Enterprise T522, Sun SPARC Enterprise T514, Sun SPARC, Enterprise T5240

See article for link to PDF of line card.

Provisioning with iSCSI and Solaris ZFS in 10 Minutes
Sun Blueprint provides a streamlined set of instructions for provisioning an iSCSI array
Dominic Kay has written a Sun BluePrint entitled "Provisioning with ISCSI and Solaris ZFS in 10 Minutes that offers a solution to the long-standing problem of using ISCSI interfaces to create configurations that are easy to administer. Kay shows how low-cost devices can be combined with the Solaris ZFS file system to take advantage of file system robustness and ease of administration. The article provides a streamlined set of instructions for provisioning an iSCSI array with the Solaris ZFS file system. Kay includes instructions for both the Solaris 10 OS and the OpenSolaris OS, which uses the COMSTAR framework.
SSD at Sun
By Jörg Möllenkamp
Joerg Moellenkamp, a Senior Systems Engineer at Sun and the author of the "Lesser Known Features of Solaris" tutorials, has posted a excellent presentation called "SSD at Sun" that asks "Why Solid State Disks?"

The 67-page slide presentation is designed to be read on-line. We have also included a link to a technical review on SSDs at by Anand Lal Shimpi.

Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 127 Issue 1 and 2; Volume 126 Issues 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 127 Issue 2, were:

  • Open Source and Storage Combine to Foster Revenue Growth for Sun [20562]
  • Sun xVM Server Software and Sun xVM Ops Center 2.0 Target Windows, Linux UNIX Virtualization Markets [20573]
  • 1-Day OpenSolaris Training [20542]
  • Introducing NFS Fundamentals for the Solaris OS [20512]
  • Sun Certifies Microsoft Windows for xVM Server, Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Support for Sun Ray [20569]
  • Free Download of Logical Domains (LDoms) [20508]
  • Sun Fire X4600 M2 with up to 512Gb of memory [20554]
  • Patching Solaris Using Sun xVM Ops Center [20548]
  • Sun White Paper: Virtualizing the Dynamic Datacenter [20506]
  • Sun White Paper: The Road to Mobile Banking [20550]

The longer version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last four weeks.

    Getting The Best AMD64 Performance With Sun Studio Compilers
    By Stanislav Mekhanoshin, Sun Microsystems, May 23, 2006; updated August 22, 2008
    Stanislav Mekhanoshin is the team lead of the Sun Studio Opteron Performance team, which is based at the Sun Saint Petersburg Development Center in Russia. His article entitled "Getting The Best AMD64 Performance With Sun Studio Compilers" brings developers completely up to date on the means to employ in optimizing the performance of this processor and compiler combination.
    Sun Studio 12 Compilers and Tools: An Overview and Some Compelling Reasons to Use Them
    Designed with the Contemporary Developer in Mind
    Given the decreased emphasis on faster processor speeds and the increasing number of multithreaded parallel programming applications being developed to run on multicore hardware platforms, along with the diverse open-source solutions that are now available, it is fortuitous that Sun Studio 12 software is available because it was designed for the current development scene.
    GlassFishESB: Open Source Distribution and Support
    All the Features You're Accustomed to in an Open Source Package
    GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and its open source counterpart, Open ESB, have a staunch fan in Sébastien Stormacq, senior software architect at Sun Microsystems. In a recent blog he informs readers of the availability of and support for GlassFishESB.
    Install Sun xVM Hypervisor and Use It To Configure Domains
    A 19-page Technical Brief by Simon Hayler, UK Systems Practice
    "Install Sun xVM Hypervisor and Use It to Configure Domains is a Sun technical brief written for users new to the Sun xVM hypervisor. Readers will learn how to install, configure and use the Sun xVM hypervisor product/technology. This brief is based upon the Sun xVM hypervisor components contained within the Solaris Express Community Edition.
    Configure and Use ZFS-hosted iSCSI Guest Storage within the Sun xVM Hypervisor - Part 1
    A two-part Technical Brief by Simon Hayler, UK Systems Practice, Sun
    In Part 1 of his technical brief "Configure and Use ZFS-hosted iSCSI Guest Storage Within the Sun xVM Hypervisor" Simon Hayler has written a guide for readers familiar with the Sun xVM hypervisor who have followed the instructions in his earlier "Install the Sun xVM Hpervisor and Use It to Configure Domains" [20596].
    Configure and Use ZFS-hosted iSCSI Guest Storage within the Sun xVM Hypervisor - Part 2
    A two-part Technical Brief by Simon Hayler, UK Systems Practice, Sun
    Part 2 of Simon Hayler's technical brief on the Sun xVM hypervisor deals with configuring and using ZFS-hosted iSCSI guest storage within the Sun xVM Hypervisor. As with Part 1, [20597] the brief is written for users familiar with the Sun xVM hypervisor who have used the “Install Sun xVM Hypervisor and Use it to Configure Domains” technical brief to install domains.
    Solaris How-To Guides
    Infromation and Demonstrations on Different Sun Topics
    This article provides "howto" guides and information on the following topics:

    Crypto Activation CD for UltraSPARC T2 and T2 Plus-based Servers
    Download Contains Latest Revisions
    There is now a download available that provides the latest revision of the Crypto Activation CD for UltraSPARC T2 and UltraSPARC T2 Plus processor-based Sun servers. The UltraSPARC T2 and T2 Plus processors support 10 industry-standard security ciphers, including those approved by the NSA, via the on-chip, integrated cryptographic accelerators.
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