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Free and Open Source S/W
Stésud Deploys MySQL Enterprise and GlassFish Solutions to Serve ERP Customer Base
Leading ERP Software Company Adopts Open Source Application Server and Database Platform as Best Solutions
The MySQL database and GlassFish application server are the choice of the Belgian company Stésud, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor. With this deployment, Stésud becomes one of the most recent companies to adopt these Sun products as a lower-cost, higher-performance alternative to traditional database and application server software. 3.0
Release Candidate 1 (build OOO300_m5) available
OpenOffice 3.0 Release Candidate 1 (build OOO300_m5) is available for developer critique through the website. The software is not recommended for production deployment at its current stage. It is recommended for new users to chose one of the previously released more stable versions such as OpenOffice 2.0. The new OpenOffice 3.0 Release Candidate 1 (build OOO300_m5) will contain some updated features
Free Download of Logical Domains (LDoms)
Increase Server Utilization, Efficiency, and ROI; Reduce Power and Real Estate Costs
Now it is possible to increase server utilization, efficiency, and ROI while at the same time shrinking server footprint. And users can do this at no cost by adopting Logical Domains (LDoms), one of the enabling technologies for Sun xVM, and the most open virtualization technology available. Unlike proprietary virtualization technologies, LDoms can save users over $3,600 per system without the need for additional hardware to manage or control virtual machines. It's true: The more servers you virtualize, the more you save and benefit.
Sun Fire X2200 M2
Changes to Standard Configurations
The Sun Fire X2250 server demonstrates Sun's commitment to deliver one of the most compelling entry-level HPC 1U rack-mount servers in the industry. The Sun Fire X2250, with no redundant PSU & fans, is a 2-socket server based on Intel's "Stoakley" platform.

Within its 1U form-factor, the Sun Fire X2250 supports leading operating systems and applications, the fastest processor speed grades available, and the fastest memory available. All of this makes the Sun Fire X2250 ideal for companies with massively parallel technical computing workloads.

Sun has changed the memory supplier manufacturing process. Systems now need to contain only single-rank or all dual-rank memory. However, If single-rank and dual-rank memory are mixed in a Sun Fire X2200 M2 server, customers will experience performance degradation by up to 10 percent.

Sun Fire X4600 M2 with up to 512Gb of memory
With Single-Rank Memory DIMMS
The new Sun Fire X4600 M2 servers are identical to the existing standard configurations with the exception that they now use registered single-rank DDR2-667 memory. 4GB (2x 2GB) memory kits, registered single-rank DDR2-667, new XATO and X-options and 16GB (2x 8GB) memory kits, registered DDR2-667 DIMMs, new XATO and X-options are all also available.

The Sun Fire X4600 M2 now can have an unprecedented 512GB memory capacity for processing the most memory intensive workloads.

Hitachi USP V (Sun StorageTek 9990V) SPC-2 Benchmark Results
Top Benchmark 2 Performance Result of Any Storage System in its Class
Hitachi Data Systems announced that its Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V (Sun StorageTek 9990V) attained the highest Benchmark 2 performance result, topping all storage systems in its class by an eight-fold factor. The USP V achieved an aggregated average of 8,724.67 SPC-2 MBPSTM using a single storage controller.
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    Sun Studio Express 07/08 Available For Download
    This release contains support for OpenMP 3.0 API
    The latest preview release of Sun Studio compiler and tools suite for C, C++, and FORTRAN users, Sun Studio Express 07/08, is now available for download.

    This latest release marks an important advance for HPC developers and for anyone interested in extracting high performance from today's multi-threaded and multi-core processors. This release contains support for OpenMP 3.0 APIs, which offers developers a more general approach to multi-threaded programming with task queuing and also integrates with Sun HPC ClusterTools, providing support for performance analysis of MPI applications. Based on the NetBeans 6.1 IDE, developing parallel applications for the multi-core era has never been easier!

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