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Sun & Mitel Produce World's First Unified Voice / Data Ultra Thin Client Desktop
Interview with Scott McNeally of Sun and Terry Matthews of Mitel; Plus Product Demo
Scott McNeally and Terry Matthews of Mitel answer questions put to them by Andy Canham of Sun on the subject of their companies' most recent collaboration, the world's first converged voice and data desktop for the thin client.
xVM VirtualBox 2.0 and New Enterprise Support Subscription
Sun xVM VirtualBox Surpasses 6.5 Million Downloads Worldwide and 15,000 Downloads a Day
Sun announced Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0, a high performance, free and open source desktop virtualization software, and Sun xVM VirtualBox Software Enterprise Subscription, a new offering for 24/7 premium support for enterprise users. Enterprises will be able to fully reap the benefits of the xVM VirtualBox platform and deploy it across their organizations with guaranteed technical support from Sun. xVM VirtualBox software is the first major open source hypervisor to support the most popular host operating systems (OS), including Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Solaris and OpenSolaris.

Sun's xVM VirtualBox software has received awards and positive reviews from top industry experts. Most recently, the software won InfoWorld's 2008 Bossies (Best of Open Source Software) Awards in the "Best of open source platforms and middleware: Desktop virtualization" category. xVM VirtualBox software was chosen for its OS support and seamless Windows support.

IDC: Sun is #1 UNIX in Storage Units shipped for the 19th consecutive quarter
Tied for UNIX terabytes shipped;

In the IDC Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker for Q2CY08, Sun showed strong results for disk storage systems sales. Sun outpaced all major storage vendors to see a 29.2% year-over-year increase in factory revenue for the second quarter of 2008, outperforming the market by nearly three times.

The second quarter's worldwide disk systems results shows continued strength, with the total market increasing to $6.9B in revenues, up from a 10.9% increase from Q2 CY07.

Sun disk storage systems outgrew the market in many major revenue categories for Q2 CY2008.

Good News from Sun
Monthly Sun Marketing Update - September 2008
The "Good News" from Sun for September 2008 includes

Free and Open Source S/W
Open Source Project Now Powered by Sun
New release of Open Source TWiki with improved usability
TWiki version 4.2, from TWIKI.NET, includes a new WYSIWYG editor that is easy to use and can significantly reduce the learning curve for first time users. It also offers support for a SQL like query language to aide the end-user in building wiki applications.

This software release coincides with the open source project migration to a new Sun Fire T5220 server, a Sun Fire X4450 server and a Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Gateway System contributed by Sun Microsystems.

"The development community and TWiki users everywhere are benefiting from Sun's support and participation of the project. The improved performance we are delivering is very helpful to the open source developers and TWiki users around the world who are working on this Web 2.0 project," said Peter Thoeny, Community Leader, Founder and CTO of TWIKI.NET.

Setting Up MySQL Cluster Software Using Solaris Zones Partitioning Technology
Sun BigAdmin Paper
"Setting Up MySQL Cluster Software Using Solaris Zones Partitioning Technology" is a Sun BigAdmin paper by Hashamkha Pathan that describes how to set up MySQL Cluster software in a Solaris Zones environment, as if it were running on independent physical servers. This setup is useful for replicating an environment in-house without using multiple physical systems. Pathan shows that it is also possible to extend the setup to use Solaris Zones on different physical systems.
Sun Secure Global Desktop Software Version 4.41
Provides Secure, Remote Access to Virtual desktops or Server-based Applications from a Browser or SGD-enabled Device.
Sun Secure Global Desktop Software provides secure access to centralized Windows, UNIX, Mainframe and Midrange applications from a wide range of popular client devices, including Microsoft Windows PCs, Solaris OS Workstations, thin clients and mobile devices.

Sun Secure Global Desktop Software 4.41 is available for download with such features as new new command for securing an SGD server; pull-down header for kiosk mode applications: service tag support; active directory authentication log filter; and active directory SSL security without client certificates.

Top Sun Software Downloads
See which Sun dowloads are most popular
Top Software Downloads

  • MySQL Database
  • xVM VirtualBox 1.6
  • Solaris 10 Operating System
  • Sun Download Manager 2.0
  • Sun studio 12
  • Solaris Express Developer Edition
  • Services Tools Bundle (STB) 3.1
  • Sun Device Detection Tool 2.0
  • Directory Server Enterprise Edition
  • Web Server 7.0 Update 3

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From the Trenches at Sun Identity: Access Management for Web Applications
Marina Sum Interviews Sun's Jamie Nelson
Sun staff writer Marina Sum interviewed Jamie Nelson, director of engineering for access and federation management at Sun, to learn his views on security as it pertains to application development on the web. This interview is part 1 of six, each with a different individual and all part of the From the Trenches at Sun Identity series.
Top Sun Java Software Downloads
See the list of popular Java Downloads
Top Java Downloads

  • Java Software for Web Browser
  • Java Platform, Standard Edition
  • Java SE and NetBeans Cobundle
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) SDK
  • Java Cryptography Extension (JCE)
  • J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.5 First Customer Ship
  • JavaMail API
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 Tools Bundle Update 4

  • Java Application Platform SDK
  • Java Media Framework (JMF) API

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Sun Java System Identity Management Portfolio
Delivering End-to-End Identity Management
Sun has posted a new 6-page data sheet that describes the Sun Java System Identity Management software, including role manager.

One of the big challenges facing IT managers is how to provide access to their employees, their customers and partners in a secure fashion. Sun’s™ identity management portfolio includes everything an organization needs to manage, protect, store, verify, and share identity information throughout the enterprise and across extranets.

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3
The Leading Directory Solution for High-Scale Environments
A directory is a directory is a directory...well, er, sorry Gertrude Stein, but not any longer. Sun has posted a new 4-page data sheet that describes Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition, 6.3. Identity-enabled applications need more than a directory that is only a repository for identity data. Instead, the new directory must provide secure access to numerous repositories while maintaining the highest possible levels of availability and demonstrating the ability to scale to keep pace with ever changing groups of internal and external users.
White Paper: The Solaris Operating System And The New Intel Core Micro-architecture
Two Robust Solutions Designed to Deliver Optimal Performance in Combination
"The Solaris Operating System and the New Intel Core Microarchitecture" is the title of a white paper that offers a high-level overview of key features of the new Intel Core Microarchitecture (formerly code-named Nehalem), and the advantages of running the Solaris Operating System (OS) in this environment. The intended audience includes business decision makers, developers and IT professionals.
Explore Your Storage with FileBench
A Tool for Tailormade Benchmarking Operations
FileBench has kindled the enthusiasm of Ben Rockwood, who writes on how to "Explore Your Storage with FileBench," which he calls one of the most powerful and flexible benchmarking tools around.

Unlike such micro-benchmarking tools as Bonnie++ or IOzone, he writes, FileBench [19937] is an application simulator or workload generator that results in benchmarking results that more nearly approximate the results in an actual production setting.

For all of that, FileBench, which is still in development, is somewhat non-intuitive, Rockwood maintains. His aim is to make using the solution easier through example.

Why you should avoid placing SSDs in traditional Arrays
Read about another approach
Sun blogger Anatol Studler makes that case in a recent blog that you should avoid placing SSDs in traditional arrays.

A traditional array has a controller with a certain fixed amount of compute power and I/O capability. Placing fast SSDs into an array designed for traditional disks is, "is quite surprising to me, as it is comparable to place a 8-cylinder bi-turbo engine with 450HP into an entry level car."

Anatol continues, "Traditional midrange arrays are developed to handle hundreds of traditional (15k RPM) harddisk drives. A traditional harddisk is capable of running about 250 IO/s. Now if we compare this with the actual enterprise class Solid State Disks available on the market, a single solid state disk can do about 50k IO/s read or 12k IO/s write. So in fact it is about 100x faster than a 15k RPM harddisk."

A fast array controller capable of delivering 500k I/Os would hard pressed to keep up with just 10 SSDs.

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  • Rock: A SPARC CMT Processor [20513]
  • Fujitsu Readies Eight-core SPARC64 Chip ("Venus") [20502]
  • Sun's GNU/Linux Offerings [20469]
  • White Paper: MySQL Workbench: A Data Modeling Guide for Developers and DBAs [20498]
  • Sun Ray Connector for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager [20453]
  • SPECjbb2005 Sun Fire X4600 M2 X86 [20481]
  • Extremely Fast Pattern Matching on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220/T5240 [20457]
  • White Paper: MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Technical Overview [20499]
  • Eco Innovation in the Datacenter [20497]
  • Podcast: Towards Cloud Computing with Sun Grid Engine 6.2 [20479]

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