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Sun's GNU/Linux Offerings
A comprehensive systems approach to GNU/Linux-based operating systems.
Coming from the same roots, Solaris and Linux are complementary and a natural fit to work together. With Solaris Containers for Linux Applications you can run Linux applications unmodified on x86 Solaris servers. The Solaris Operating System is an ideal platform for today's heterogeneous compute environments.

For customer who choose Linux, Sun has a very competitive set of hardware, software and service options.

Eco Innovation in the Datacenter
A Slide Deck by Angis MacDonald
Angus MacDonald, chief technologist for Sun Microsystems, Australasia, has put together a slide presentation that he calls "The Future of the Eco-Datacenter," which investigates the increasingly pressing conjunction of ecology and economy as it affects the datacenter. He talks about the tension between demand and capacity and ways around these conflicts, such as increasing utilization, improving space efficiency and cutting energy costs.
Retirement? Not for Scott McNealy
InfoWorld Has a Chat with Sun's Most Passionate Advocate
In a recent InfoWorld posting, Zack Urlocker interviewed Scott McNealy, though much of the two-part article deals with the role at Sun of Andy Bechtolsheim.

Selling, selling, selling (to paraphrase the real estate industry) is paramount in McNealy's view of every executive's job. "I don’t know anything that you do that doesn’t require selling," he contends. And this extends even to recruiting the best people to your company, he continues.

Selling calls for travel, McNealy added, noting his more than 150,000 airline miles that he logs every year on behalf of Sun.

The New Model for Software: Sun's Rich Green on Open Source
It's All Open Source and the Choice Is the Customer's
When Rich Green, Sun EVP for software, sat down for an interview with Al Riske, he demonstrated two attributes the writer says he is noted for: congeniality and impatience. Both were in evidence as the pair discussed the open source marketing strategy at Sun. Looking into the activities of Green and his team, Riske discovered that, as he writes, they "...aren't simply throwing source code over the wall and waiting for good things to happen."
White Paper: MySQL Workbench: A Data Modeling Guide for Developers and DBAs
Versatile Tool for Creating and Modifying Corporate Databases
"MySQL Workbench: A Data Modeling Guide for Developers and DBAs" looks at the various types of data modern businesses need to manage, examines the reasons why a model-driven approach to data management is necessary, and outlines the benefits such an approach provides. It also highlights how the MySQL Workbench product from MySQL can be an indispensable aid in the hands of experienced data modelers, developers, and DBAs who are tasked with managing the complex data management infrastructure of a dynamic and growing business.
White Paper: MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Technical Overview
A Tool for Proactive Management of MySQL Database Environments
MySQL Enterprise Monitor provides you with the following benefits:

  • Get a consolidated view into the health of all your MySQL servers
  • Monitor over 600 MySQL and operating system variables with the Enterprise Dashboard
  • Monitor MySQL sessions, connections, replication latency and more with 20+ graphs
  • Gain immediate visibility into your replication topologies through auto detection and grouping
  • View real time master/slave performance using the MySQL Replication Monitor
  • Customize the MySQL Enterprise Monitor for your specific needs using customization options
  • Get notified of issues before they become costly outages using threshold driven alerts

The white paper "MySQL Enterprise Monitor: A Technical Overview" provides a comprehensive functional and technical overview of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor and the distributed, web-based application that is used to service the comprehensive feature set. The MySQL Enterprise Monitor proactively monitors enterprise MySQL database environments and provides expert advice on how enterprise customers can tighten security and optimize the performance and uptime of their MySQL powered systems.

Streaming Software Release V2.0
New Release Includeds Features Supporting Experimental Configurations
Sun has released the Sun Streaming Software Release 2 (AKA v2.0) and Transitioning Sun Streaming Software v1.8. By using the Capacity-On-Demand pricing model, Sun allows customers to purchase a lower streaming capacity at a lowered price, providing a lower entry price point for the system.

The Sun Streaming System delivers quick-to-market, personalized video services on the most reliable, efficient, and scalable IPTV platform available. Sun's flexible x64 portfolio of servers and storage systems lets you enter emerging markets at a low cost for first-subscriber roll-outs and rapidly scale as subscribers and services grow. Deployed as edge servers, or as a centralized or hybrid networking model, the Sun Streaming System gives you video caching, streaming, and optical transport – all in an integrated IP streaming system.

Sun Announces Sun Grid Engine 6.2; Transitions Sun Grid Engine 6.1
Scalable Up to 63,000 Cores for Easier Cluster Management

Sun has released Sun Grid Engine 6.2, the Distributed Resource Management software that provides customers with interoperability capability with an open source project (Grid Engine Open Source) as well as superb, rock solid support for the integrated solution from Sun for all existing hardware and software investments because of binary compatibility for investment protection. Sun Grid Engine leverages all other hardware and operating systems regardless of manufacturers and does not lock them in.

Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 1.0
New Java-based Core Directory Server Developed by Open Source Community,
Leveraging two years of open source development, Sun OpenDS SE 1.0 -- Sun's first commercial Directory Services offering based on the open source OpenDS Directory Services Project -- is a full Sun-licensed product with support offering including a subscription model and a first-time support offering for this next-generational set of Directory Services.
Sun SPOT- Sun Small Programmable Object Technology
A Video Introduction by Roger Meike
Roger Meike, Sun Labs Director, introduces viewers to the Sun SPOT in a brief video that considers the variety of components in the device (3-D accelerometer, temperature and light sensors) programmed in Java, powered by its own battery and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Sun Tech Days: A Worldwide Developer Conference
Tentative 2008-2009 Schedule
The 2008-2009 Sun Tech Days World Tour will kick off in September in São Paulo, Brazil. The Tech Days Tour will bring educational opportunities to 13 cities. It's an opportunity for those who develop in Java, Scripting, MySQL, on OpenSolaris, with NetBeans or RIA's. This conference features expert speakers and will provide opportunities learn, to network, to find peers in your community.
Extremely Fast Pattern Matching on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220/T5240
Sun Iron Beats IBM Cell Broadband Engine
BM Seer reports in his blog on benchmarking results that pitted the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220/T5240 against the IBM Cell Broadband Engine in a pattern matching operation. For this benchmark, both IBM and Sun used the Aho-Corasick algorithm for string searching.
Sun Fire X4150, X4250, and X4450 Server Architecture
Breakthrough Density Using Sun and Intel Technology - White Paper - August 2008
The Sun white paper "Sun Fire X4150, X4250 and X4450 Server Architecture: Breakthrough Density Using Sun and Intel Technology" explains how Sun, in response to the increasing pressure being applied to IT departments to deliver new services and satisfy escalating resource demands for new applications and users, has introduced the Sun Fire X4150, X4250, and X4450 servers, which offer incredible system density, with robust compute, memory, networking, storage, and I/O expansion in small, compact 1U and 2U form factors.
Sun X4150 provides power in a slim case
A Personal Experience with the Sun Fire X4150 Server
Martin MC Brown blogs his experience with the Sun X4150 on computer world describing his experience as long term test.

"My test unit has two quad core Xeon CPUs, 16GB of RAM and four 76GB SAS drives, and it saps about the same amount of power as a T1000, that is, in terms of the electrical power required to run the machine. But it is, in fact, a significantly more capable machine in some respects, albeit for a different target audience and range of applications." Brown Said in his blog.

Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Prime (VTL Prime) System
An easy-to-use, scalable, all-in-one, de-duplication solution
The StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Prime (VTL Prime) System is an addition to the VTL product portfolio, and the first data de-duplication solution from Sun. VTL Prime provides a way to synchronize and consolidate the backup process for remote-office and large enterprise environments.
Five Filesytems from Sun Meet Different Needs
ZFS, NFS, QFS, Lustre, SAM
ZFS is commonly used for local I/O in a Solaris-based platform. The architecture can support very large amounts of storage and is considered easy to administrate. while focusing on data integrity, every block is check-summed to prevent silent data corruption.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 126 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Volume 125, Issue 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 126 Issue 3, were:

  • Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software as a Service [20382]
  • Revolution for Open Storage, Solaris ZFS; [20486]
  • "Virtualization For Dummies" Special Edition [20440]
  • Sun Adds Two New Servers: Sun Fire X2250 and Sun Fire X4250 [20476]
  • Steve Wilson Demos xVM Server for Redmonk Analysts [20449]
  • Continued Growth and Adoption of Sun Ray Thin Clients [20484]
  • Sun xVM Ops Center Manager and the Sun Virtualization Portfolio [20448]
  • Sun Convergence - Web 2.0 client [20351]
  • Sun Fire X2250 Servers and Options: A Heavy Hitter [20334]
  • Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 [20467]

The longer version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last four weeks.

    Setting Up OpenDS 1.0.0 as a Naming Service OpenSolaris
    Article explains how to configure Open DS as a naming service for clients running OpenSolaris and Solaris
    OpenDS is an open-source, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory-server project that is written entirely in the Java programming language. The project, which just shipped its release 1.0.0, is gaining momentum with an ever-growing community of committers, contributors, and users.

    Mazen Arakji and Ludovic Poitou wrote an article explaining how to install and configure OpenDS as a naming service for UNIX clients that run OpenSolaris Operating System. The procedures in this series also apply to the Solaris 10 OS. Part 2 will steps you through the advanced configurations: setting up the directory service for UNIX user authentication, configuring for Digest-MD5 or CRAM-MD5 authentication, configuring clients, and so forth.UNIX user authentication, configuring for Digest-MD5 or CRAM-MD5 authentication, configuring clients, and so forth

    Image Packaging System
    Best Practices for Multi-OS Platform Distros
    "Image Packaging System Best Practices" provides the latest information on adopting the open source Image Packaging System (IPS) in support of multi-OS platform binary software distributions. Projects delivering IPS packages for the OpenSolaris environment are encouraged to consult the "Getting Started with Image Packaging System" information on
    Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit (JET)
    Part of the "Less Known Solaris Features" Series

    Joerg Moellenkamp writes, "How can you prevent the subtle variances between your systems? The most obvious way is the automation of the installation. Let do the computer, what a computer can do at best: Repetitive tasks with the same quality over and over again. Jumpstart and Jet have several ways and means to do an automatic installation, thus making the live of the admin much easier after you've done the initial setup. And in this tutorial I want to show you that this setup is really easy."

    As part of his on going series, "Less Known Solaris Features", Joerg explains how to do that with Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit (JET).

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