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Sun Adds Two New Servers: Sun Fire X2250 and Sun Fire X4250
Intel Xeon-based Processors Power New HPC Products
Sun has extended its family of Intel Xeon-based Sun Fire servers with two new offerings for High Performance Computing (HPC), Web 2.0 and back office computing workloads, including the fastest 1U server for HPC workloads and the most expandable 2U enterprise-class system based on Intel Xeon processors. The Sun Fire X2250 and Sun Fire X4250 servers, powered by one or two dual- or quad-core Intel Xeon processors 5200 or 5400 series, run a variety of operating systems, including the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), Linux and Windows.
Continued Growth and Adoption of Sun Ray Thin Clients
New Customer Deployments and Support for both Sun VDI Software
Sun has nearly doubled shipments of its Sun Ray thin clients during the Q2 of 2008 , compared to Q1 2008. Sun Ray unit shipments are growing faster than the thin client industry at large, underscoring the increased appeal thin client and desktop virtualization solutions are experiencing among businesses and organizations.

Contributing to this growth is strong market demand for Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 2.0, which now ships on approximately 25% of Sun Ray units since being introduced in March 2008, in addition to the choice Sun Ray thin clients offer customers, enabling them to display Solaris, Windows or Linux desktops on the same device.

Sun Ray virtual display clients, Sun Ray Sofware and Sun VDI Software 2.0 are key components of Sun's broad desktop virtualization offering, which are a set of core desktop technologies and solutions within Sun's xVM virtualization portfolio.

Revolution for Open Storage, Solaris ZFS;
20% Growth in registered members of OpenSolaris Storage community
The adoption numbers for the OpenSolaris Storage community that showed over 20% growth in registered members in just six months. The community now has over 40 projects that range from a peer to peer distributed storage system to the latest drivers for storage connectivity. This growing and diverse community support for the Open Storage eco-system is comprised of Enterprise, Web 2.0 and high performance computing developers and researchers as well as storage administrators and architects from around the world.

Anyone can join the Open Storage community.

Sun Boosts Partner Advantage Program
New Marketing and Business Incentives
As part of Sun's commitment to its Partner-first strategy, there will be enhancements to the Sun Partner Advantage Program that will provide new resources to accelerate business growth and momentum for channel partners in the US. Sun augmented its Partner Growth Fund (PGF) with a new Demand Generation component to enable partners to earn additional marketing funds and bolstered its incentive program for those partners that are broadening Sun's footprint by selling Sun solutions to new customers.
Sun Convergence - Web 2.0 client
For Sun Java System Messaging Server, Sun Java System Calendar Server, and Sun Java System Instant Messaging
Sun Convergence is a Web 2.0 client for Sun Java System Messaging Server, Sun Java System Calendar Server, and Sun Java System Instant Messaging. Convergence ships as part of Sun Java Communications Suite 6 and utilizes Ajax. Also, convergence is designed to avoid potential complications brought in by plug-ins such as Flash. It focuses on using the capabilities common within the most popular types of web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Apple Safari.
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    A Tutorial on the Sun Studio Performance Analyzer
    Tweaking the Message Passing Interface Feature
    The Sun Studio Performance Analyzer can shed light on a variety of questions concerning your system that range from whether tuning Message Passing Interface (MPI) code could produce significant performance improvements, to how long it might take for program performance to equilibrate, to whether processes that send messages synchronize with processes that receive them. These are only a few of the several issues Performance Analyzer can illuminate. The tutorial focuses on guiding readers through some of the basic new features of the Performance Analyzer.
    NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta
    6.5 Reasons to Love it
    Java developers now have a scripting language with Groovy. Also NetBeans will support Groovy and the Grails framework. Also available is support for Hibernate in 6.1 as an add-on via the Update Center. In 6.5, Hibernate is now built-in to Java EE/Web bundle. New features in 6.5 includes support for reverse engineering, SQL query execution support, and refactoring of Hibernate mapping files.
    NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta is Now Available as Free Download
    New Features for Java and PHP Developers
    The NetBeans community has made available to users a free, unrestricted download of NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta in keeping with its goal of providing a superior environment designed to reduce development time. The simplified installation and configuration of NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta gives users easy access to the enhancements and features of this newest version that supports Java technology, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, C/C++, and now PHP.
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