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Sun's Approach To Intelligent Power Monitoring
Remote Management Without Infrastructure Cost or Modifications

With over half of every dollar cost of every server being spent on power and cooling, and with the power and cooling capacity of datacenters at design limits, clearly a solution is in order that will address the utilities cost. Sun is at work on power monitoring and power management technologies to address these critical issues. These are reviewed in the white paper "Sun's Approach to Intelligent Power Monitoring" by Subodh Bapat and others.

Benchmarks: An Overview and a Defense
Benchmarking Calls for Some Care in Application
As a contributor to the development of the SPECjAppServer benchmarks, Tom Daly has developed an interest in defending their utility, which is exactly what he did in a recent blog devoted to explaining the value of SPEC benchmarks in determining performance measurement. Daly does not profess a blue skies view of SPEC benchmarks but he does have a stake in establishing their value and in making that plain to readers with some remarks about their background, their principal benefits, and their shortcomings.
Java Technology
Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2
Implements the Java Message Service API

Sun Java System Message Queue is a full featured Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) product which implements the Java Message Service API. It is included in Sun Java System Application Server and in the GlassFish application server. It is the JMS Provider implementation in the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Reference Implementation as the provider for MDB asynchronous messaging.

The Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 spans the range of light-weight message buffering to world-wide deployments which require high performance, and high reliability.

Callidus Picks Sun to Run Sales Performance Management Software On-demand
A Gartner Case Study
This Gartner Case Study explores how Callidus, which offers sales performance management software, went about taking its applications on-demand, with emphasis on the infrastructure and services required to run in a high-volume production environment with very high utilization rates and uptime. Gartner looks at how Callidus went about choosing an infrastructure and IT services provider to operate its software as a service (SaaS) "backroom." Callidus chose to have Sun Microsystems provision and operate a private IT utility service.
Sun Convergence - Web 2.0 client
For Sun Java System Messaging Server, Sun Java System Calendar Server, and Sun Java System Instant Messaging
Sun Convergence is a Web 2.0 client for Sun Java System Messaging Server, Sun Java System Calendar Server, and Sun Java System Instant Messaging. Convergence ships as part of Sun Java Communications Suite 6 and utilizes Ajax. Also, convergence is designed to avoid potential complications brought in by plug-ins such as Flash. It focuses on using the capabilities common within the most popular types of web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Apple Safari.
Sun Fire X2250 Servers and Options: A Heavy Hitter
"Entry Level" But in Price Alone
The Sun Fire X2250 server demonstrates Sun's commitment to deliver one of the most compelling entry-level HPC 1U rack-mount servers in the industry. The Sun Fire X2250, with no redundant PSU & fans, is a 2-socket server based on Intel's "Stoakley" platform.

Within its 1U form-factor, the Sun Fire X2250 supports leading operating systems and applications, the fastest processor speed grades available, and the fastest memory available. All of this makes the Sun Fire X2250 ideal for companies with massively parallel technical computing workloads.

Sun Fire X4250 Intel Xeon Based x64 Server
Standard Configurations and Options Announced
With the introduction of the RoHS Compliant Sun Fire X4250 Intel Xeon-based x64 Server Standard Configurations and Options, customers have available a two-rack enterprise-class server that is fast, expandable and energy efficient and that offers both Dual-Core and Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors that range from 50W to 120W to meet the various requirements of customers. The revenue release date for this offering was July 25, 2008, and the general availability date July 25, 2008.
Sun Fire X4150 x64 Rack-Mount Servers
Overview of Standard Configurations and Transitions
Standard configurations of the Sun Fire X4150 x64 Rack-Mount Servers are available through Sun. The X4150 powered by Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, is a 1RU 2-socket x64 server. With Sun's design principles, the Sun Fire X4150 server is for performance, expandability, and energy efficiency for Solaris, Linux, Windows, and VMware applications. For maximum compute density, leading storage capacity, and networking connectivity in a single rack unit, the Sun Fire X4150 has a lot to offer.
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The longer version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last four weeks.

    A Tutorial on the Sun Studio Performance Analyzer
    Tweaking the Message Passing Interface Feature
    The Sun Studio Performance Analyzer can shed light on a variety of questions concerning your system that range from whether tuning Message Passing Interface (MPI) code could produce significant performance improvements, to how long it might take for program performance to equilibrate, to whether processes that send messages synchronize with processes that receive them. These are only a few of the several issues Performance Analyzer can illuminate. The tutorial focuses on guiding readers through some of the basic new features of the Performance Analyzer.
    NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta
    6.5 Reasons to Love it
    Java developers now have a scripting language with Groovy. Also NetBeans will support Groovy and the Grails framework. Also available is support for Hibernate in 6.1 as an add-on via the Update Center. In 6.5, Hibernate is now built-in to Java EE/Web bundle. New features in 6.5 includes support for reverse engineering, SQL query execution support, and refactoring of Hibernate mapping files.
    NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta is Now Available as Free Download
    New Features for Java and PHP Developers
    The NetBeans community has made available to users a free, unrestricted download of NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta in keeping with its goal of providing a superior environment designed to reduce development time. The simplified installation and configuration of NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta gives users easy access to the enhancements and features of this newest version that supports Java technology, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, C/C++, and now PHP.
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