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Sun Modular Datacenter To Power GreenLight Project
MD20 to Provide Power for Photonics Research
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced the award of a $2 million grant over three years to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to fund its GreenLight project, which will connect scientists and their labs to more energy-efficient "green" computer processing and storage systems using photonics -- light over optical fiber. The NSF infrastructure grant allows UCSD to purchase two Sun Modular Datacenter S20s (Sun MD), one which has already been installed; the second will be installed in the third year of the GreenLight project.
Scalable, Energy-Efficient Modular Cooling Systems
More than One Way to Chill a Goose (or a Datacenter)
At the recent 2008 Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Sun Microsystems hosted a comparative demonstration of four commercially available, energy efficient modular cooling systems for data centers [20368]. Each was designed with different goals, which made direct comparisons of the systems difficult and that each assessment used system-specific inlet air temperatures, supply water temperatures, and server loads. The goal was not so much to compare the modular systems against one another but rather against conventional cooling systems.
Free and Open Source S/W
Open Office Enterprise Subscriptions
Support is More Reliable Than Ever
StarOffice software is supported under Sun Software Service Plans, which include two levels of support that cover extended business hours or around-the-clock service for mission-critical deployments. With this support, you'll always have access to the latest software functionality with upgrades and patches included for covered software.Sun aims to increase the support available to customers using OpenOffice, an open sourced word processing program.

The new software subscription part numbers for and change of support and services associated with them provide a revenue opportunity to Sun and Sun Resellers while the list pricing for customers remains the same. The price is now per user per year while the previous support part numbers were listed per user per month.

Dual Head Presentations with StarOffice 9 and Sun Presenter Console
StarOffice 9 Beta better known as OpenOffice 3 Beta 2 are now available as free downloads.
The OpenOffice Presenter Console extension supports presenters by showing information that is not visible to the audience. A typical environment would be a laptop showing the Presenter Console and a connected beamer showing the actual presentation to the audience. Initially the Presenter Console extension shows a live preview of the current slide, a preview of the next slide and tool bar with navigational buttons and the current and elapsed time
Leading Online Advertising Firms Selects MySQL Database
Gorilla Nation Media and Other Leading Vendors Rely on MySQL
Leading online advertising representation firm Gorilla Nation Media has selected a MySQL Enterprise database subscription to help power its business intelligence platform. With more than 66 million unique visitors per month, Gorilla Nation turned to Sun to help support the exponential growth of its business by improving performance and lowering costs. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database.

Free downloads of MySQL are available.

Sun Grid Engine 6.2 and Transitioning Sun Grid Engine 6.1
Sun Grid Engine 6.1 Transitioned
Sun Grid Engine software is a highly scalable distributed resource management (DRM) system that allows administrators to accurately model compute resources and business policies in order to achieve optimum utilization of resources and a higher level of productivity for users.

Bob Porras - Vice President, Solaris Data, Availability, Scalability & HPC, says, "What is really exciting is the new Service Domain Manager capability of Sun Grid Engine 6.2, click here to see a demo of managing elastic resources. Totally applicable to your cloud including and other cloud resources. Dynamic, on the fly and transparent to your workload. Check it out! "

Vendor Focus for Sun Microsystems' Software
Gartner Analysts Scrutinize Sun's Sofware Offerings
Considering an software solution from Sun? Then you might find it useful to have a look at "Vendor Focus for Sun Microsystems' Software," a review of the company's offerings by Gartner Research. In overview, the authors make the following points: Through acquisitions, Sun is rapidly growing into a multi-product vendor that uses an open-source technology base; Sun is a leading supplier of open-source software and contributor to many additional open-source project; and Sun has struggled in the past with software acquisitions and has to prove itself successful with its recent acquisitions.
Sun Blade X8440 Server Module With Quad-Core AMD CPUs
With DDR2-667 Single-Rank DIMMs
The Sun Blade X8440 Server Module supports up to 4 quad-core AMD CPUs, with up to 128GB of memory and up to 192 GBb/s of I/O.

  • X8440: Up to 4 AMD Opteron Dual-Core (8200 Series) or 4 Quad-Core (8300 Series) Processors
  • Up to 4 sockets/16 cores/16 threads per Server Module (using quad-core processors)
  • Up to 128GB memory, 32x DIMM slots per Server Module
  • Up to 192Gb/s I/O per Server Module

The Sun Blade X8440 Server Module Standard Configurations are similar to the existing Sun Blade X8440 Server Module Standard Configurations with the exception that they now use DDR2-667 Single-Rank DIMMs.

Sun StorageTek ST9900 TrueCopy Async software
For ST9985V and ST9990V

TrueCopy asynchronous software enables replication with full data integrity beyond the distance limitations of synchronous copy to ensure data at a secondary site is safely beyond a wide-area disaster's impact zone. Moving data to a secondary site for switchover of primary processing can eliminate scheduled downtime and is critical when an unexpected event compromises your primary site.

Unlike traditional data recovery processes that are labor-intensive and can span several days, recovery based on TrueCopy software can help businesses resume operations rapidly, almost from the point where they broke off.

TrueCopy Asynchronous is complemented by TrueCopy Synchronous.

NFS v.4 Ushers in a Parallel Universe
Drew Robb Reviews New Features, Performance of an Updated Stalwart
Drew Robb, writing for, declares "NFS Enters a Parallel Universe," claiming that Version 4.1 of NFS (network file system), having undergone a profound overhaul, promises higher than ever levels of performance and security, particularly in enterprise data centers. For corroboration, Robb refers readers to Henry Newman's article, "The Future of NFS Arrives".
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  • Facebook Application for Fans of the 2008 Summer Games [20411]
  • Chill-Off! SVLG Data Center Energy Summit: Modular Datacenter Cooling Systems [20368]
  • Sun Java System Mobile Enterprise Platform 1.0 [20399]

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    Top 25 Articles for July 2008
    Volume 125 -June 30th - August 3rd - 5 Issues
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    • Gartner Vendor Rating for Sun Microsystems: Positive [20234]
    • Migrating Solaris 8 and 9 Systems to Solaris 10 OS Containers [20083]

    • A Hands on Introduction to ZFS Pools, Part I [20243]
    • Using Wine to Run Windows Programs in OpenSolaris 2008.05 [20220]
    • Tech Tips for the Solaris 10 Operating System [20029]
    • Automatic Data Migration (ADM) with ZFS [20253]
    • New GlassFish and MySQL Offering Starting at $65K / Year [20230]

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      Sun Studio Express 7/08 Now Available on Solaris 10, OpenSolaris, Linux
      Download and Provide Feedback to the Developer Team
      A download of Sun Studio Express 7/08, which is now available on Solaris 10, OpenSolaris and Linux (RHEL and SuSE), is available. User comments are invited at the Sun Studio Forum.
      Solaris + AMP: Open Source and Support for all 12 SAMP Components
      Scalability and Performance for the Web Tier
      SAMP, Sun's AMP stack, bolstered by the Solaris OS, Apache HTTP Web server, MySQL, and the PHP/Perl/Python scripting languages, is drawing kudos as a premier open source platform for web tier development and deployment. Adopters are finding the solution easy to use, familiar and cost effective, as well as offering the greatest possible performance, scalability, reliability and security for web application security.
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