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Free and Open Source S/W
MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition 6.3 Announced
Offers Disk-based Data Support, Geographic Replication, Online Schema Management
The next release of MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition 6.3 - a real-time, shared-nothing clustered database system that has been especially designed to meet the high-availability, scalability and low latency requirements of telecom applications - was announced by Sun during the NXTcomm 2008 tradeshow held this past week in Las Vegas. Open sourced under the GPL license, MySQL Cluster is available for Solaris, RHEL and SUSE Linux, and Mac OS X.
Open Source Community Gets Source Code for Solaris Cluster Core
Sun's Open Source High Availability Cluster Offering
Under the name "Open High Availability Cluster," over two million lines of source code for the complete Solaris Cluster core are now available to the open source community. A podcast by Meenakshi Kaul-Basu provides details of the release. Extension Repository Numbers Over 100
Multi-platform Accessibility Draws Much Positive Response
More than 100 extensions are now available in the Extension Repository, including template packs, a report designer, tools for professional writers, translation, presentation compression functionality and others. One of the most recent releases is the PDF Import Extension that allows users to import and modify PDF documents in Draw and export them to the Open Document Format (ODF).
Screencasts Introduce Open Enterprise Service Bus (OpenESB)
Tutorial Employs Banking Application as Example
Jason Baragry has created a series of screencasts that introduce OpenESB. His screencasts show the Open Enterprise Service Bus (OpenESB) as an effective tool for building a simple composite application that shows multiple Service Engines and Binding Components. The goal is to reinforce the concepts of Java Business Integration (JBI).
Simple API for Workflow Plug-in Discussed on Screencast
Performs Human Workflow Interactions with Workflow Engines
There is a voice-over screencast that will inform viewers about the features of the Simple API for Workflow (SAW) Plug-in, a feature in OpenPortal that is intended to offer a generic workflow API to perform human workflow interaction with various workflow engines.
Healthcare Solutions Provider's Benchmark Shows Off Sun Technologies
Sun Fire X4600, Solaris 10, PostgreSQL, ZFS Tested
Tolven Inc. is an open source healthcare solutions provider that recently completed a benchmarking exercise using PostgreSQL 8.2.6 (32-bit) on the Solaris 10 and using ZFS on a Sun Fire X4600 Server. The aim of this benchmarking exercise was to determine the scalability and performance characteristics of the Tolven open source healthcare information technology solution.
How to Upgrade From LDoms 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 to LDoms 1.0.3
Supplements Administration Guide Directions

Upgrading to Logical Domains (LDoms) 1.0.3 from 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 is the subject of Jason Beloro's blog, which provides a step-by-step how-to, offering clarifications to the information available in the Administration Guide.

Download API Specifications for LDoms and UltraSPARC Hypervisor
Ideal for OS and Firmware Engineers Involved with the UltraSPARC VM
The 293-page API specification for Logical Domains (LDoms) and the SPARC hypervisor is now available from The specification details the UltraSPARC virtual machine environment together with the calling conventions and detailed specifications of the virtual machine interfaces provided to a LDom.
Mac OS X v10.6 to Support Solaris ZFS File System
Looks Like a Win-Win for Both Sides
The news is that "Snow Leopard," also known as the Mac OS X v10.6, will support the Solaris ZFS file system when it is released in about a year's time. Apple's Web site is hosting the announcement: "For business-critical server deployments, Snow Leopard Server adds read and write support for the high-performance, 128-bit ZFS file system, which includes advanced features such as storage pooling, data redundancy, automatic error correction, dynamic volume expansion, and snapshots."
Webcast: Solaris HPC Developer Tools
Learn How to Maximize Performance for MPI Builds
A recent Sun webcast features Darrel Gove, senior staff engineer at Sun, and Rebecca Amey, Sun director of the HPC software, who discuss the HPC Developer Tools software and its relevance to single core users and those interested in running clusters.
BigAdmin XPerts: Solaris 8 and 9 Containers
Have Your Question on These Technologies Answered by Sun Expert
BigAdmin XPerts section is hosting a session on Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 Containers, which means anyone with questions regarding these two Sun products can get answers from an assigned expert. In this case, it is 10-year Sun veteran Jeff Victor, who is a systems engineer currently serving as a technical specialist advising customers about server virtualization technologies.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 124 Issue 1 and 2; Volume 123 Issues 3 and 4
The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 124 Issue 2, were:

  • How Flash, ZFS and System Innovation Will Revolutionize Datacenters [20140]
  • Creating a 2GB USB Rescue Stick for OpenSolaris and Linux [20105]
  • Solaris Administrator's Perspective on OpenSolaris 2008.05 [20101]
  • VMware Fusion and OpenSolaris 2008.05 [20017]
  • Sun Java System Portal Server 7.2 [20057]
  • Sun Java System Identity Manager 8.0 Released [20131]
  • Sun OutGrew Total Disk Storage Systems Market in Revenue [20114]
  • ArsTechnica Takes a First Look at OpenSolaris 2008.05 [19983]
  • Installing Sun Studio or GNU Developer Tools onto OpenSolaris [20111]
  • Sun CoolThreads Servers Earn Awards from eWEEK and ServerWatch [20138
    Creating a Home NAS Box with CIFS Server in the OpenSolaris OS
    Replaces the Windows Share Machine
    From the Sun Developer Network, here's a how-to on getting the most out of the CIFS server feature in the OpenSolaris OS that involves using ZFS and CIFS to create a home NAS box that replaces a Windows share machine. The operation takes about two hours to assemble the server hardware, install the OS and to configure the storage.
    A Couple of Simple Approaches to Backing Up and Restoring a MySQL Database
    Also Useful for Moving Data to New Web Servers
    There are several approaches to backing up and restoring a MySQL Database, and a few techniques are presented in an entry from the Online Diary blog with the commands necessary to accomplish each. The author notes that these procedures are also useful for moving data to new web servers.
    zembly - First Collaborative Environment Designed for Social App Creation
    Build, Publish, Host a Variety of Social Apps Using a Browser
    zembly is the world's first collaborative environment specifically designed for creating social applications. Through the use of just a browser, zembly allows Facebook apps, OpenSocial apps, Meebo apps, iPhone applications, widgets, Google gadgets and other social Web applications to be collaboratively built and published.
    Easily Add Social Networking to Web Apps, Community Sites with Project SocialSite
    Works With Java, PHP or Ruby
    The new Project SocialSite is ideal for those running web applications or community sites who want to add social networking to create an Open Social container.
    Sun BluePrints: Understanding the Sun xVM Hypervisor Architecture
    The Latest on this New Approach to Virtualization for x86/x64 Systems
    Authors Michael Haines and David Edmondson have spent over a year preparing their important Sun BluePrints OnLine piece, "Understanding the Sun xVM Hypervisor Architecture." (63 pages) During that period, as Xen morphed into the xVM Hypervisor, the authors were aiming at a constantly moving target. A similar evolutionary pace will make it necessary to continue revisions into the future. Here, however, as things stand at the moment, are the secrets of xVM Hypervisor exposed.
    Is ZFS Right for Replication Between Your Remote Sites?
    Here Are Some Questions and Answers to Help You Decide

    There are some questions a users needs to ask before deciding to rely on ZFS for replication between remote sites: How much data can you afford to lose; how much data gets written to the filesystem; and how much data can you send over ssh? What to make of the answers to these questions is considered in a Sun blog that then presents several additional questions to be answered before proceeding to the use of ZFS for replication between remote sites.

    Overview of the Sun xVM Hypervisor
    An Open Welcome To Guest Domains
    Extend server capabilities through the Sun xVM hypervisor software on the x86 family of processor architectures by using virtual machine instances based on the work of the Open Xen Community. A BigAdmin Sun Doc by Penny Cotten covers the basics on Sun's virtualization system.
    Upgrade or Patch: Considering the Solaris 10 05/08 (Update 5) Patch Bundle
    A Useful Alternative for Users Unable to Upgrade

    Gerry Haskins' Patch Corner blog argues for the soundness of using the well-tested Solaris OS patch routine as a means of bringing one's copy up to date in case corporate policies dictate against an outright upgrade. The specific patch he champions is the recently released Solaris 10 05/08 (Update 5) Patch Bundle.

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