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Environmental Defense Fund Honors Sun's Open Work Program
Cited for Ecological and Economic Efficiencies
An Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) report singled out Sun's Open Work program as a recent innovation that demonstrates environmental efficiency as well as economic savviness. Sun's inclusion in the report "Innovations Review: Making Green the New Business as Usual" was announced at an EDF event held in San Francisco last week with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz in attendance.
Women Impacting Sun's Success
Five Female Employees Earn Prestigious Awards
Women have had a substantial impact on Sun in relation to its growth, profitability and innovation, according to the YWCA of Silicon Valley, which recently honored four female Sun employees with 2008 Tribute to Women (TWIN) awards. Sun also is the employer of an Anita Borg Institute 2008 Women of Vision Award winner. This honor is bestowed on women making significant contributions to technology.
Just Released - New Training Workshop for Web Server Version 7.0
Complete this workshop and get two tickets to TampaÂs Busch Gardens!
Class will be held June 23 – 27th in Tampa, FL at GCA’s headquarter location. Complete this workshop and get two tickets to Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida! (learn about Busch Gardens, Tampa)

This premier workshop demonstrates the new features and provides hands on experience for the cutting edge technology of Sun’s Web Server version 7.0.

Developed in conjunction with Sun, this workshop has been designed for web server administrators, ISP staff who support virtual hosting, technical support engineers, and professional services consultants or developers who need to know more about the Sun Java System Web Server platform. Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe product architecture and new features
  • Install the Java System Web Server 7.0 Software and perform basic administration and configuration tasks
  • Configure and deploy applications on the Web Server Software
  • Administer advanced HTTP features on the web server
  • Implement security for the web server
  • Monitor and troubleshoot the web server
  • Administer and use tools provided with the web server
  • Migrate to Web Server 7.0

For more information or to register, contact Sheri Richardson at 888-422-9786 ext. 210, or Visit GCA today.

Sun IPTV Solution
Delivering a fully integrated, end-to-end video service infrastructure
  • Consolidate onto a fully integrated, high-performance video services platform from Sun, Verimatrix,, and IMAKE Software & Services
  • Experience the industry's highest streaming capacity at the lowest price point
  • Facilitate greater average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Support future innovations by building on an open standards-based solution that can scale to meet changing requirements.
  • Accelerate the delivery of differentiated services
  • Reduce datacenter real estate requirements and utility costs
  • Centralize management by using a single administrative console
  • Secure content and services
Sun and ShareStream
Streaming Media Solution for Educational Institutions
ShareStream provides a secure, feature-rich digital media asset management platform that delivers video and audio assets through streaming, downloads, and podcasts. ShareStream specializes in interoperability with university and college internal systems, such as data services, learning management systems, library catalogs, and university Web pages.
Features of the Sun Fire X4140, X4240 and X4440 Servers
Seamless Upgradeability From Dual-Core to Quad-Core
General availability for the recently introduced Sun Fire X4140, X4240 and X4440 servers with dual-core and quad-core AMD Opteron processors was scheduled for May 22nd. These 2-socket and 4-socket x64 Opteron servers allow customers to run existing 32-bit applications on the same hardware as they migrate to their choice of next generation 64-bit applications. Find out more about each server's specific features.
Intel Xeon-based Sun Fire X4450 Server Sets SPECjbb2005 Benchmarks
Leads 4-Socket and Single JVM x86 Performance
The Sun Fire X4450 server powered by four quad-core Intel Xeon X7350 processors, the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and the Java SE 6 Update 6-P now holds the 4 chip multi-JVM world record and the single JVM x86 world record.
World Record TPC-H Results with SPARC Enterprise M9000 and StorageTek 2540
Sun Bests HP, IBM Contenders in Performance Benchmark
The Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 configured with SPARC VI processors, Sun StorageTek 2540 Arrays, and running Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) combined with Oracle 11g achieved the world record TPC-H performance of 118,573.3 QphH@1000GB for non-clustered systems and $23.38/QphH@1000GB. BM Seer concludes that this new record proves the M9000 can handle the increasingly large databases required of DSS systems.
Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server with AMD Opteron Quad Core Processors
Configurations, Options and Upgrade Kits Announced
Customers can now order the Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server with AMD Opteron quad-core processors featuring a native multi-core design with directly connected cores, I/O and memory controller for increased system performance over dual-core processors, particularly in floating point applications. Users can benefit from its Direct Connect Architecture which eliminates the bottlenecks inherent in front-side bus architectures.
Sun Blade X8450 Server Module
Delivering Four-Socket Performance in a Totally Modular chassis.
The Sun Blade X8450 server modules are fast, expandable and energy-efficient enterprise class x64 servers that run the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux, Windows and VMware operating systems. It is the first four socket Intel blade designed for the Sun Blade 8000 and 8000 P Modular Systems.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 123 Issues 1 and 2; Volume 122 Issues 4 and 5

The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 123 Issue 2, were:

  • Sun Expands Its x64 Server Line [19978]
  • Gartner 2008 Report Examines Sun's Open Source Approach [19960]
  • Tips on OpenSolaris 2008.05, VirtualBox and Mac OS X [19939]
  • OpenSolaris 2008.05 Delivers Some Promising New Features [19861]
  • Schwartz Summarizes Latest Innovations on CNET TV - JavaFX, Project Hydrazine, Insight [19974]
  • Sun Completes Asset Acquisition of Startup Montalvo Systems [19863]
  • Sun Assumes a Distinctive Posture in Virtualization Market [19891]
  • UltraSPARC T2 Processor Scores Well on SPECweb2005 Banking [19925]
  • 3.0 Beta Release [19953]
  • AMD Operating System Research Center Supports OpenSolaris, Sun xVM [19935]
    A How-to on Creating a Java EE Appliance
    Using GlassFish Application Server on OpenSolaris 2008.05
    Interested in learning how to build a Java EE platform-based appliance with the GlassFish application server on OpenSolaris? Marina Sum recaps a JavaOne technical session led by Sun technical evangelists Peter Karlsson and Chuk-Munn Lee that covers the subject and includes "many practical and insightful tips for developers and system administrators alike."
    A Memcached System for Better Performance of Database-Backed Web Apps
    MySQL and Memcached on the GlassFish Application Server
    Pramod Gopinath and Rick Palkovic demonstrate how to use MySQL and memcached on the GlassFish Application Server in an SDN article, where the two develop and deploy a simple example application on a Sun Ultra 40 workstation running the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). The format for commands and path names also can easily be adapted to other platforms, the authors assure readers.
    A Guide for New Solaris OS and SXDE Users
    Creating 'Hello World' with PHP
    Readers with an interest in creating a sample program using PHP on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) with the NetBeans 6.0 IDE will be interested to have a look at this Sun Developer Network article that demonstrates just how easily one can write a "Hello World" program using the web stack integrated with SXDE. This information will be of special interest to readers new to the Solaris OS and to SXDE.
    Solaris Performance Primer Offers Quick Tips for Improving Function
    Blog Series Focuses on Solaris Performance Monitoring Tools
    Sensing a need among "... the unpatient ones who want to solve 90% of the day to day performance issues without long studies," Stephen Schneider has written a series about Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) performance monitoring tools. The "Solaris Performance Primer" is designed to assist users in being able to scale quickly in the web age, where the load can grow by an order of magnitude overnight, he says.
    Prefetch Technologies Shares Its Top Ten DTrace Scripts
    Shared Scripts to Debug and Problem-Solve
    Prefetch Technologies, a site of reference materials for open source utilities, has outlined what it views as the Top Ten DTrace Scripts.
    Sun Third Party Management Integrations
    Making Sense Out of Complex, Heterogeneous Environments
    The Sun Third Party System Management Integrations are designed to help customers with complex, heterogeneous environments overcome the common issues of integration, functionality and support. Sun Third Party Management Integrations address the need to enable the rapid integration of Sun system hardware into a customer's larger data center management scheme. Customers can choose to use all Sun tools, all third party tools, or a combination of both.
    Improvements in ZFS Write Throttle Are On the Way
    To Improve General Quality of Service
    Impending changes are coming for the ZFS write throttling feature that may result in slower microbenchmark times, but is expected to increase the general quality of service. Earlier write throttling operations in ZFS could result in long tx sync times, with consequent problems, including sluggish system behavior, granularity issues, vulnerability to crash loss of cached data, failure to issue I/Os to disk and depleted memory. The upcoming solution resolves these issues.
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