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SAM-QFS Code is Now Open Sourced
Available Under the OpenSolaris SAM-QFS Project
SAM-QFS code is now part of the OpenSolaris community. The current development source is available as a gzipp’d tarball accessible from the OpenSolaris SAM-QFS project page. Sun StorageTek QFS is the only shared file system Sun offers which can be shared or combined with Sun StorageTek SAM to provide a complete data management solution for managing data throughout its lifecycle across tiers of storage.
Solaris and AMP - a New Recipe for Success
Same Familiar Web Apps, Just on a More Secure Open Source Platform with Scalability
Have you had a go at AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) with the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS)? The package is designed to offer the same Web applications users are familiar with, but on a more secure open-source platform with greater scalability. To make things even easier, Sun has provided five easy steps for facilitating the quick development of web applications.
Open Source as a Datacenter Tool
Looks Like a Good Choice to Forrester Research

Computerworld's Julie Sartain reports on the increasing role of open source solutions in the datacenter. Forrester Research suggests that the built-in support community around open source tools far exceeds in number those dedicated to supporting proprietary solutions.

Free and Open Source S/W
x 3.0 Moving to LGPLv3
Offers Stronger Protection Against Software Patents
When the beta release of (OOo) 3.0 becomes available later this year, it will be licensed under the Lesser GPL (LGPL) 3.0, which Sun says is more flexible and protective against software patents. Currently, OOo is covered under LGPL 2.1.
March 26th is Document Freedom Day
Global Day for Document Liberation
March 26th has been declared Document Freedom Day (DFD). This global day for document liberation was selected to provide a global rallying point for the promotion of Free Document Formats and Open Standards. Find out how you can become part of Document Freedom Day by joining a DFD team or registering one of your own. Writer Gets Some New Add-ons
Improves Functionality, Makes OOo More User Friendly

Some of the newest add-ons for (OOo) extend or modify the functionality of Writer, including Pagination, CropOOo, TestFonts, Text Clipboard, Template Changer and Alternative dialog Find and Replace for Writer. Each installs from Tools > Extension Manager and can be installed either to the current user account or globally on one's system. Find out what each of these add-ons can bring to your OOo experience.

Release of FreeBSD Version 7.0
Offers First Official Implementation of ZFS

According to the FreeBSD Project, the newly released version 7.0 offers the most significant introduction of new technologies since 5.0 was issued. Version 7.0 is the first official implementation of ZFS outside of Solaris and it includes DTrace. It also includes SMP and kernel scheduler improvements that enhance performance and introduces "gvirstor" - the FreeBSD GEOM Storage Virtualization Layer.

Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 2.0
New Template-Based Pools of Virtual Machines Simplfiies Management
Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 2.0 is now available for purchase at US$149 per concurrent user with one year of service. This end-to-end software establishes and manages virtual desktop sessions on any operating system, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and even Windows Mobile. A free trial of the software can be downloaded.
Installing VirtualBox on Solaris 10 OS
Downloads for VirtualBox, Binaries 1.5.6 and the Binaries Open Source Edition
VirtualBox is open source software, a full virtualizer for x86 hardware that enables developers to more efficiently build, test and run applications on multiple platforms. Learn how to install the VirtualBox on the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) from the UNIX System Administration: Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Tru64, BSD blog, which provides illustrations and code instruction to successfully complete this procedure.
Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL Version 2.1
ZRM Server Now Available on Solaris 10 OS
New version 2.1 of Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL now offers native support for the Solaris 10 Operating System and includes a comprehensive plug-in architecture for snapshot technologies like Linux LVM, Windows VSS snapshot, Network Appliance SnapManager, Veritas VxFS and Solaris ZFS, enabling MySQL database administrators to backup production environments without application downtime or interruption to online data access.
MySQL Products and Services Offerings
Comprehensive Set of Software, Tools, Services
Sun has announced the flagship offering 'MySQL Enterprise', which is a comprehensive set of production-tested software, proactive monitoring tools and premium support services available now.
Sun Streaming Software v1.10
Free Installation Services with Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Switch Purchase
Sun Streaming Software has a new release - Version 1.10 for the Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Switch and for the Sun Streaming System - with the added features Integration with Edge Caching and a Continuous Live Streaming Capability.
Custom Sun StorageTek 2500 Arrays with an ATO Ordering Model
Includes the Sun StorageTek 2540, 2530, 2510, and 2501
Customer can now custom order some aspects of the Sun StorageTek 2500 Arrays via an ATO Ordering Model. Eligible arrays include the Sun StorageTek 2540, 2530, 2510 and 2501, which can have custom drive quantities between five and 12 drives, AC or DC power supply options and single or dual controller models.
Sun Releases Common Array Manager v6.0.1
Solution Enables Users to Manage Diverse Sun Storage Products
The new version of Common Array Manager (CAM) software, v6.0.1, provides users with a common, simple-to-use interface for Sun's modular array family, along with many other new features. The software is now available and is delivered on CD with all support Sun StorageTek Modular Array.
Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Plus System 2.0 for 1202, 2600, 3600 Models
Hardware and Software Now Available
Hardware parts for the Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Plus (VTL Plus) System 2.0 were to be general available on March 19th for the VTL Plus 2.0 1202, 2600, 3600 models. With the StorageTek VTL Plus 2.0, Sun says customers can improve the performance and reliability of existing backup and recovery application processes by presenting a variety of virtual tape drives, libraries and tape cartridges to those applications.
Sun StorageTek 1U Rackmount Media Tray with HP LTO3 HH SAS/SCSI Tape Drive
Impressive Performance in Reduced-Size Footprint
The Sun StorageTek 1U Rackmount Media Tray with HP LTO3 HH SAS/SCSI Tape Drive offers a tape backup and archive option for customers looking for a lower solution price point, exactly in the gap between DAT and full-height LTO technology.
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    Free Download of NetBeans 6.1 IDE Beta
    Features Rich JavaScript Editing Features, Tighter MySQL Integration, and More
    NetBeans 6.1 IDE Beta is available now via download, offering features for JavaScript development and tighter integration with MySQL database capabilities.
    Book Samples Available for Newly Published NetBeans IDE 6 Book
    Zip File Can Be Downloaded for Adam Myatt's "Pro NetBeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition"
    A Sun blogger has discovered a zip file that can be downloaded with all the samples in Adam Myatt's book "The Pro NetBeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition." This book is focused on enabling the rapid development of Java front ends of applications using API buttons, functions and features mostly based in the Java SE 6 platform.
    Filebench 1.1.1 Released
    Adds "Run to Completion" Modes of Operation
    Filebench 1.1.1 is now available, making it "much nicer for workloads that are designed to do X amount of work (as opposed to workloads that ask how much work can get done in X amount of time)," writes Sun's Eric Kustarz, who notes that the workloads bringover, createfiles, copyfiles and deletefiles have been updated to take advantage of this.
    Getting Your Feet Wet with DTrace
    Jim Laurent Suggests Several Useful Tools
    Jim Laurent uses an illuminating metaphor in writing about DTrace in his blog, where he likens the facility to a CAT scan that in turn allows users to see things as doctors, who heal the sick, rather than as coroners, who search for causes of death. His blog highlights a number of tools that can make using DTrace somewhat less formidable than starting with only the 400 page instruction manual.
    Free Sun Management Center 4.0 Version 3 Download
    Adds Support for Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5240 Servers
    The Sun Management Center (MC) 4.0 has a new release meant to replace version 2. The Sun MC 4.0 Version 3.0 adds support for Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5240 Servers and comes with add-on software and documentation.
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