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Sun/Microsoft Alliance Produce Two New Joint Projects
New Interoperability Center and Sun Infrastructure Solution for Exchange Server
The Sun/Microsoft Interoperability Center has officially opened. The Center's primary focus is on optimizing Microsoft applications on Sun x64 systems and storage. Sun and Microsoft also have released the Sun Infrastructure Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, which is designed to help enterprise customers to better manage e-mail growth and realize the benefits of Exchange Server 2007.
Virtual Windows and Linux PCs to be Offered by Sun
Sun VP of xVM Promises Software and Hardware Packages Coming Soon
Sun Vice President of xVM Steve Wilson says Sun will soon be introducing software and hardware to create virtual Windows and Linux personal computers that can be accessed via desktop machines, laptops and cell phones.
MySQL Business Receives Boost Following Close of Acquistion
Deal and Downloads Confirm Market's Interest in the Sun-MySQL Marriage
Just days after finalizing the acquisition of MySQL, the former CEO of open source database firm MySQL Marten Mickos told Computer Business Review that the deal is already boosting the firm's business. A major European national police agency closed a deal and free downloads of MySQL have increased by approximately 10,000 per day, he reports.
Sun Earns Spot on Fortune's Most Admired Companies List
Ranked #5 as the Most Admired in the Computers Industry
For the first time, Sun has made the full list of America's Most Admired Companies for 2008 by Fortune Magazine. The company earned an overall rating of 6.39, placing in at number 5 on the Most Admired in the Computers Industry. This annual list is derived from a survey conducted by Fortune and its survey partners Hay Group who question more than 3,700 people from dozens of industries on companies they admire most.
Sun Web Infrastructure Myth Busting Challenge
Four Chances to Set the Record Straight and Win Up to a $1000 in Gift Certificates
Put your myth busting skills to use and become eligible to win a $250 gift certificate every month for the next four months in the Sun Web Infrastructure Myth Busting Challenge. From now through June 30, 2008, a myth of the month will be presented, and interested participants will be challenged to debunk this myth, which may be keeping organizations from selecting Sun as their choice for building a web infrastructure.
Sun Contributes Talent, Technology, Time to Third TED Prize Winner's Wish
Supporting President Clinton's Goal of Rwandan High Quality Health System
Sun, in its third year supporting a Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Prize winner, is working to build the computer network infrastructure needed for "Centers of Excellence," which will serve as models and training centers for the expansion of the current Rwanda Rural Healthcare Project and electronic medical record system into four Rwandan Provinces. This year's TED Prize Winner President William Jefferson Clinton is looking to scale up a sustainable, high quality rural healthcare system throughout Rwanda.
System News For Sun Users Blog Recap
Recent Blog Entries of Interest to Sun Users
System News posts items of interest for Sun users on a regular basis on the System News For Sun Users blog. Some of those items will become detailed articles in this newsletter. A quick recap of posts for the last week includes NSA to Work with Sun & OpenSolaris to Enhance Security, Sun to Build JVM for Apple iPhone, Two New Milestones Announced in Sun/Microsoft Ongoing Alliance, Virtual Windows and Linux PCs to be Offered by Sun, Sun Already Reaping Rewards from MySQL Acquisition, Sun's Revenue Growth for Disk Storage Systems Rises, Handy DTrace Shell Commands, and more.
Sun StorageTek Crypto Key Management System 2.0
Centrally Authorizes, Secures and Manages All Encryption Keys
Sun StorageTek Crypto Key Management System (KMS) 2.0 is the first key management solution to deliver a single, centralized key encryption architecture for multi-vendor tape drives, including the HP LTO, Sun StorageTek T9840D and Sun StorageTek T10000 products. KMS 2.0 offers enhanced network access and device support, and is designed to support up to 30 times more devices than competing solutions.
Recent Advances in Sun's Open Archive Solutions
Market Grows as Customers Discover Increasing Archival Need

The demand for open archive solutions is growing, Leslie T. O'Neill notes in a recent " "What's New" feature that considered the changing nature of the market. Dave Kenyon, Sun's VP of Storage Product Management and Marketing Operations, characterized it as a three-faceted one that involves "...storing the exploding amounts of data generated on the network, retaining the data long enough--often forever--to comply with burgeoning government regulations and business requirements, and being able to efficiently search and retrieve that data, all within flat IT capital and operating budgets."

Top Ten Articles for last Issue
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Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 120 Issue 4, were:

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    "Governance, Risk, and Compliance: A Practical Guide to Points of Entry"
    White Paper Suggests Taking Implementation One Step at a Time
    For an enterprise to answer and implement the numerous possible initiatives in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) it is first necessary to know what is necessary and what is possible. The authors of the white paper "Governance, Risk, and Compliance: A Practical Guide to Points of Entry" break these initiatives down into their components in order to consider them singly in the order of easiest to most difficult to plan for and implement.
    NSA to Work with Sun, OpenSolaris Community to Enhance Security
    Based on Flux Advanced Security Kernel (Flask) Architecture
    United States' National Security Agency (NSA) will be working with Sun and the OpenSolaris community to develop security enhancements to complement the security benefits of the mandatory access controls provided by the Solaris Trusted Extensions feature. The plan is to integrate an additional form of mandatory access control (MAC), based on the Flux Advanced Security Kernel (Flask) architecture.
    How Automated Role Management Can Save Businesses From Disaster
    Three Areas Identified Where ID and Role Management Can Help Enterprises
    Why is identity management infrastructure and in particular automated role management critical to businesses today? John Barco, director of product marketing and product management for Sun, and Sachin Nayyar, CEO and founder of Vaau, explain how three major business disasters can be avoided with the implementation of these types of solutions.
    Outsourcing Identity Management Infrastructure
    And Not Just Login Sessions
    Identity management infrastructure doesn't always have to live in-house, write Eve Maler and Marina Sum in a Sun Developer Network piece, where they suggest that user login sessions and even user attribute data might handily be given to an external source. In a nutshell, they are encouraging the distribution of identity information and tasks across security domains, which gives deployers the latitude to focus on their actual business.
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