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VMware Infrastructure Product Suite on Sun x64 Servers
Sun to Offer Full Support for New Offering
The VMware Infrastructure product suite will now be available on Sun x64 servers with full support from Sun under an OEM agreement to extend the companies' virtualization offerings. VMware Infrastructure will appear as a datacenter virtualization run-time and management stack on Sun x64 systems.
Sun Elects to Support VMware on Its Hardware
Techworld Looks Behind the Scenes
Manesh Dubash of Techworld needed an answer to the question of just why Sun would choose to feature the VMware product suite on its hardware and to offer full support, especially when it had a virtualization solution of its own. Ben Lenail of Sun provided an answer, which was that the deal gives Sun parity with such mainstream server vendors as HP and Dell.
Sun Channel Chief Makes CRN's List of Who You Should Know
Cites Enhanced Partner Advantage Program as Top Accomplishment for the Year
Sun's Vice President of Global Partner Sales Jesse Chavez ranked 14th in CRN's list of 25 channel chiefs that it believes you should know. In a brief questionnaire, Chavez answered various personal and business related questions, including naming the Sun Partner Advantage Program as the major accomplishment for the company's channel over the past year.
Sun Startup Essentials Adds New Systems to Program
Tune-in to Sun Net Talk to Learn More About the Program's Basics
Starting February 29th, the Sun Startup Essentials Program was to begin offering the following new systems to its qualifying members: Sun Fire X4140, X4240, and X4450. Listen to Juan Carlos Soto, vice president of Sun's Global Market Development, on the particulars of the Sun Startup Essentials Program in an 11-minute Sun Net Talk, where he provides full details on the program's membership rules and benefits.
Briefs on Recently Released Solutions, Partnerships
Some of the latest partner activity at Sun over the last few weeks includes Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL Version 2.1, Imation to Support T9840D Tape Drive, VMware Infrastructure Product Suite on Sun x64 Servers, New Inline Data De-Duplication Solution for Sun's Channel, Solaris 10 on SPARC Now Supported by Layer 7 Technologies, SugarCRM Stack Installers for Solaris and OpenSolaris, and much more.
Jonathan Schwartz on Sun-MySQL and Open Source Software
Sees Gains for Both Parties in Acquisition
Hard on the heels of Sun's acquisition of MySQL, Matt Asay of CNET News had 15 minutes to sound out Jonathan Schwartz on several items of interest concerning the company.
Telcos Need to Do More than Provide Bandwidth
Scott McNealy Suggests Becoming Internet Destinations Themselves

Chairman of Sun's Board of Directors and Sun Federal Scott McNealy suggests that telecos need to acquire Internet destination sites in order to avoid becoming mere bit providers of bandwidth. In an interview with PC World's Agam Shah, McNealy asserted that eBay, Google and, possibly, Microsoft/Yahoo are ready examples of how destination sites are taking over telcos.

Save 30% on all Sun Microsystems Press Books
Get the Latest Editions on New and Classic Titles
Get 30 percent off all Sun Microsystems Press Books. Recently published books now being offered at this special discounted rate include "Solaris Application Programming, 1/e"; "Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, Volume 2: Advanced Technologies, 2/e"; "Core JavaServer Faces, Second Edition"; and many more.
Sixth Annual MySQL Conference & Expo
April 14-17, 2008, in Santa Clara, Calif
MySQL AB former CEO Marten Mickos and Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz are headlining keynote addresses for the sixth annual MySQL Conference & Expo scheduled for April 14-17, 2008, in Santa Clara, Calif. Approximately 2,000 open source and database users from around the world are expected to attend this year's event.
Sun Modular Datacenter on United States and European Tour
Get a First-Hand Look at Project Blackbox as it Visits a City Near You
The Sun Modular Datacenter (Sun MD), formerly known as Project Blackbox, is currently on tour in the United States. The virtualized datacenter configured in a 20-foot long shipping container is designed to maximize compute density while minimizing energy and space requirements. Come see it for yourself.
Innovating@Sun Podcast: Building with Fortress
New Programming Language for HPC with High Programmability
In the latest Innovating@Sun podcast, Dr. Eric Allen, principal investigator in the Programming Language Research Group at Sun Labs, discusses the features and benefits of Fortress 1.0 - Sun's new programming language for high-performance computing.
Single Citizen View and Ecologically Friendly Datacenters
Webcasts Offer Concise Directives for the Governent Sector
Goodwin Ting in Sun's Global Government, Education, and Healthcare division presents two Sun Net Talks addressing the governmental concerns of creating a single citizen view and eco-innovation initiatives specifically for the government sector. They run 10 and eight minutes, respectively.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 120 Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4

During the last quarter (Dec 07, Jan 08, Feb 08), the web site for this newsletter had 130k unique visitors who viewed 281k pages.

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 120 Issue 4, were:

  • Gartner and IDC Release Reports on 4Q07 Server Market [19499]
  • Running Indiana Preview 2 Under VirtualBox [19504]
  • Sun Completes Vauu, Inc. Acquisition [19501]
  • Download Sun xVM Ops Center Installation Documentation [19511]
  • Consolidate to Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 or T5220 Servers [19503]
  • Sun Completes Acquisition of MySQL; Offers Subscriptions and Services [19531]
  • End of Life for Select Sun Blade, Sun Fire, and Ultra Products [19382]
  • Download Solaris Cluster Express 2/08 from OpenSolaris HA Community [19526]
  • Sun Fire X4150 Sets Single- and Dual-JVM Benchmarks [19486]
  • Solaris OS Support Now Available From IBM [19496]
    Education and Research
    2008 US Education Essentials Matching Grant Program from Sun
    Save up to 60% on Servers, Storage, and Workstation Products
    Through June 30, 2008, save up to 60 percent on Sun's portfolio of SPARC and AMD servers, storage and workstation products through the 2008 US Education Essentials Matching Grant Program, which can help your institution obtain Sun's innovative and open energy-efficient solutions at a fraction of the cost.
    Worldwide Education and Research Conference Looks to Future
    Wide Ranging Array of Views Under Discussion
    The just-concluded Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC) featured a mix of keynotes, panels and in-depth breakout sessions conducted by Sun executives and teachers that examined the state of education, forecast where it is going and predicted how technology will help it get there. More than 500 university CIOs, professors, researchers, and delegates from the ministries of education of nearly 30 countries attended the conference. Themes included The Power of Communities, What's Next? Education 3.0 and Eco-Computing on Campus.
    Universities Around the World Continue to Choose Sun Technologies
    For Advanced Research, Digital Archiving and Campus Infrastructures
    Universities from around the world continue to turn to Sun to help them meet the ever-growing demand for advanced research, digital archiving, and the "always-on" infrastructures required for their campuses. New Sun patrons include St. Francis Xavier University, Durham University, University of Calgary, University of Oxford and SIM University.
    rSmart and Sun to Develop Kuali-Based Enterprise Solutions
    The Two Will Support Entire Kuali Solutions

    Sun and rSmart are working together to develop Kuali-based solutions certified to run on Sun systems and open source infrastructure software, including Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), MySQL, GlassFish, OpenSSO and OpenESB. The Kuali Financial System (KFS) will be the first certified with other supported Kuali solutions to follow, the companies announced.

    New Sun Center of Excellence to be Established in Canada
    In Conjunction with University of Alberta Libraries and The Alberta Library

    A new Sun Center of Excellence (COE) for Libraries will be established in Alberta, Canada, through the cooperative efforts of Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc., the University of Alberta Libraries (UAL) and The Alberta Library (TAL). It will be focused on creating a province-wide digital library and is expected to be operational by summer 2008.

      Virtualization's Breakeven Point
      Lower Than One Might Expect
      When it comes to protestations of too-high entry costs for server virtualization, Gerod Carfantan of VMware is a skeptic. He decided to develop a spreadsheet to find out what the virtualization breakeven point is, in terms of a minimum number of servers required for financial breakeven of virtualization, relative to traditional, physical servers.
      Five Significant Advantages Virtualization Brings to Enterprises
      Benefits Include Cost Reduction, Management Efficiencies

      David Marshall, writing for VMware has published a brief article on "The Five Virtues of Virtualization," that explains how the technology can make a physical resource appear as multiple logical resources and, similarly, also make multiple physical resources appear as a single logical resource.

      Examining LDoms Virtual Disks
      Both the Disk Itself and the Virtual Disk Backend
      A recent weblog of Alexandre Chartre's discusses LDoms Virtual Disks, beginning with the examination of the components of the virtual disk, which are the virtual disk itself and the virtual disk backend. The first is a domain guest and the second a locale where data is stored and where virtual I/Os end up.
      An Introduction to the Features of Sun Integrated Lights Out Management
      Includes Information on Third-party Management Tools

      A recent Sun BigAdmin paper provides readers with an "Overview of Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)." The paper describes ILOM as an advanced service processor used to manage and monitor Sun servers. ILOM includes dedicated hardware and firmware that is preinstalled on a variety of Sun x64-based Sun Fire servers, Sun Blade Modular Systems, and Sun Blade server modules, as well as on some SPARC-based servers.

      Sun Configuration Diagram Templates to Quickly Document a System Configuration
      Additional Article Gives Tips on Using Configuration Diagrams
      Sun BigAdmin has a site devoted to Sun Configuration Diagram Templates to help system administrators quickly document a system configuration. Accompanying the templates, Tom Meier has an article posted on the BigAdmin Website offering users tips on using the Configuration Diagram Templates, which are made with StarOffice software.
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