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Jonathan Schwartz Explains Sun's Interest in MySQL
Profitability, Business Model Made for an Attrractive Acquisition
Jonathan Schwartz explained his enthusiasm for MySQL to the audience at Sugar CRM recently, saying that the company's rapid growth rate and its revenue model made it an attractive candidate for acquisition, even at the price of $1 billion.
Sun Shines for MySQL
CEO Mikos Likes What He Sees
Marten Mickos, MySQL CEO, is happy with the acquisition of his company by Sun and explains why going to work for Sun had compelling attractions.
Java Technology
Sun Da Vinci Machine Designed to Encompass non-Java Languages
Aims to Make Their Use on the JVM Easier
InfoWorld Editor Paul Krill reports on the expanded coverage in the works for the Sun Da Vinci Machine, "a multi-language renaissance for the Java Virtual Machine architecture" whose aim is to develop prototype Java virtual machine (JVM) extensions that will run non-Java languages while also providing architectural support.
Java Application Platform SDK Update 4 Released
All-in-One Bundle for Quick Deployment of Enterprise Java Technologies
Get the latest technologies from Sun Java System Application Server (GlassFish), Portlet Container, Sun Java System Access Manager, and Open ESB in the production-ready release of the Java Application Platform SDK Update 4. This update focuses on streamlining enterprise application development and improving developer productivity.
Using Compiled JavaFX Script Technology to Develop Rich Internet Apps
Even the Novice Can Achieve Remarkable Results
Readers with an interest in using compiled JavaFX script technology to create rich Internet applications will want to read James L. Weaver's article on the subject. JavaFX Script, Weaver writes, is a simple, elegant scripting language for leveraging the power of the Java platform. His series of 18 articles covers compiled JavaFX Script, demonstrating the ease of using it to create rich and responsive GUIs, even by users lacking an in-depth knowledge of programming.
Developing Java Real-Time System for Linux
Dealing with Latency Problems Under Garbage Collection Load

Sun's Roland Westrelin blogs that Sun has just produced an early access release of the Sun Java Real-Time System (RTS) on Linux. Westrelin explains that part of his role in this development involved the need to examine the futex subsystem since Java RTS on Linux relies only on the POSIX APIs, making it necessary to use pthread mutexes and condition variables, and to build pthread synchronization primitives on top of the futex mechanism.

OpenCable Project Joins
New Resource for Tru2way Application Developers
The website will play host to the new OpenCable Project focused on further expanding tru2way technology, which is based on Java specifications. Tru2way is the consumer-facing brand name for interactive digital cable services delivered over the cable video network, such as interactive program guides, interactive ads, integrated telephony, games, chat, web browsing, and t-commerce.
Sneak Preview of 2008 JavaOne Conference Sessions
Java University Also On Tap, To Precede May 6-9th Conference
The 2008 JavaOne Conference, scheduled for May 6-9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, has accepted about 350 sessions out of almost 1,700 submissions. Sun also announced that the Java University program will be held on Monday, May 5. This program offers technical training courses on the latest development topics presented by Sun certified instructors.
Free and Open Source S/W
Linuxworld Picks Top Leaders in Open Source Business
Who Will Matter Most in 2008
IDC is forecasting that the Open Source business, "reached $1.8 billion in 2006 and will grow to reach $5.8 Billion by 2011." LinuxWorld has published an article listing open source business leaders who they think will matter the most in 2008, which includes Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz.
PostgreSQL 8.3 Released
Major Performance Enhancements, New Features and Options
The release of PostgreSQL 8.3 earlier this month brings major performance enhancements to the high-performance object-relational database management system, including Heap Only Tuples (HOT), spread checkpoints and background writer autotuning, and an asynchronous commit option for faster response times on some transactions.
Solaris 10, RHEL 5, MS Windows Compared
Laurent Updates Comparison Chart, Adds Windows 2003
In December, Sun Microsystems Federal's Jim Laurent created a comparison chart between the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and Red Hat EL 5, highlighting important aspects of the two open source development models. The chart has since been updated with new information on the operating systems, and Microsoft Windows 2003 Datacenter Edition added as an additional OS to compare.
Solaris is One Top Three Strategic OSes for European Financial Services Market
Forrester Reports Findings on Surveyed Financial Services Companies
A Forrester report issued last month shows the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) is one of the top three strategically positioned OSes in the European financial services market. Authored by Jost Hoppermann with Gene Leganza and Olesia Klevchuk assisting, the 16-page PDF's results are based on surveyed enterprise architects, IT planners, and strategists within financial services firms in 13 European countries.
How-to Set Up JumpStart with the Solaris 10 OS for SPARC Platforms and ZFS
Lucas Williams Reports on a Trouble-free Install Experience
Lucas Williams reports on "Setting Up JumpStart With Solaris 10 OS for SPARC Platforms and ZFS" in his recent BigAdmin piece. He used a single Sun Enterprise 3500 server running Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and a single client machine, a Sun Netra X1 server. Although he used the Solaris 10 08/07 release, Williams writes that this procedure will work with versions going back as far as 03/05.
Moellenkamp on Less Known Solaris Features
Role-Based Access Control, Privileges, and the Solaris OS
Joerg Moellenkamp has written an extensive tutorial on Role-based access control (RBAC) and privileges. To ease readers into the learning piece, the author divided his "course" entitled "Less Known Solaris Features" into four parts: Introduction, RBAC, Privileges, and Epilogue.
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