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Profits Nearly Double During Sun's Second Quarter Fiscal 2008
Final Financial Results for 2QFY2008 Released
Final second quarter fiscal year 2008 financial results for Sun show net income to be $260 million, or $0.31 per share, which is nearly double when compared to Sun's net income from last year at this time with $133 million, or $0.15 per share. GAAP net income for the second quarter of fiscal 2008, which ended December 30, 2007, included a $32 million restructuring charge.
Schwartz Addresses Questions on MySQL Acquisition
Responds to Speculation on the Price Tag, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and More
Sun's announcement last week that it was buying MySQL raised many questions and has the industry speculating on the who, what, when, and whys of the acquisition. Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz decided to directly answer some of these, including questions about its commitment to PostgreSQL, relationship with Oracle, MySQL licensing, among others.
Status of Lustre Since Sun's Fall Acquisition of Cluster File Systems
Progress Continues With Focus on Integration, Innovation, and Transparency
The next release of Lustre will be version 1.8 and plans are for it to be accessible to users by the summer. It is expected to introduce user space servers for Linux and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), running with ZFS/DMU. These details were revealed by Lustre Group Director of Engineering Peter Bojanic, who highlighted what Sun's Lustre team has been doing over the past three months since the acquirement of Cluster File Systems.
Newly Released Publication on Redshift
Sun Insiders Offer Perspectives in this New "Primer" on the Phenomenon
Interested in learning more about Redshift? Take a look at a 22-page PDF Sun recently released exploring the phenomenon. Noted as a kind of "primer," the publication hosts writings on the topic from a few Sun insiders who reveal how network scale computing is changing the face of IT. Sun CTO and Executive VP of Research and Development Greg Papadopoulos and Sun's Chief Operating Platforms Officer Ian Murdock comment as do a few others.'s 2008 Product of the Year Awards
Sun Products Win With Votes in Six of 11 Categories
Sun products took six wins in's 2008 Product of the Year awards. The Java SE 6 JDK and NetBeans IDE were named as winners in the Framework and Development Tool categories, respectively. The Java SE 6 JDK not only was named as the favorite in the Framework category, but also received the largest number of votes when all of the categories were combined.
Sun Targets $90 Million SOA Market in India
Joins IBM Global, Oracle, BEA Systems in this Field

A new venture for Sun is the launch of service-oriented architecture (SOA) computing solutions in the Indian market, which seeks to have contracts with as many as a dozen clients by mid-2008. Sun sees a $90 million, growing market for SOA in India, where the company will join competitors IBM Global Services, Oracle, and BEA Systems.

System News For Sun Users Blog Recap
Recent Blog Entries of Interest to Sun Users
System News posts items of interest for Sun users on a regular basis on the System News For Sun Users blog. Some of those items will become detailed articles in this newsletter. A quick recap of posts for the last week includes Sun Blade X6250 Aces FLUENT Benchmark Test Suites, Webcast: UltraSPARC T2 and its Architecture, Sun xVM Ops Center Resources, and Using MySQL in NetBeans IDE.
Free and Open Source S/W
MySQL CEO Sees Bright Future with Sun
Deal Validates Open Source Model of Business
One happy camper in the wake of Sun's acquisition of MySQL is CEO Marten Mickos, who told CMP Channel's Nathan Eddy that he saw Sun as having the attributes of a startup though it ranks among the Fortune 500.
Everything Looks Good About Sun-MySQL Deal Says OSA President
Sartorio Sees a Bright Future for Open Source Business
Like MySQL CEO Marten Mickos [19317], Dominic Sartorio, president of the Open Source Alliance, is supremely enthusiastic about Sun's acquisition of the open source company. "Finally we have a billion dollar open source valuation. Now we're moving," Sartorio told CMP Channel's Nathan Eddy.
ODF Alliance Reports 18 Factual Errors in Recent Burton Group Report
An ODF Paper Clarifies Flaws, Corrects Errors Point-by-Point
The ODF Alliance is responding to the Burton Group's report "What's Up, .DOC? ODF, OOXML, and the Revolutionary Implications of XML in Productivity Applications" in a PDF paper that refutes 18 points made by the IT consulting service.
Open Document Format: The Real Story
Clearing the Air, Dispelling Myths
Erwin Tenhumberg took on the challenge of myth busting the Open Document Format (ODF) in his blog, where he noted others, like David Faure with the free software project KDE, to help bring the truth about the open standard format.
Using as a Conversion Engine
Easily Convert Document Formats
Are you aware that can be turned into a conversion engine and used to convert the formats of documents? No Thick Manuals has an entry that explains how to use the open source office suite as a conversion engine. This feature is ideal for converting files from a system without
The Open Service Availability Framework (OpenSAF) Foundation
Open Source Project Developing a Base Platform HA Middleware
The Open Service Availability Framework (OpenSAF) Foundation was officially announced this week with the activation of its website where visitors have free access to OpenSAF release 1.0. This open source project whose objective is to develop a high availability base platform middleware based on Service Availability Forum specifications, is supported by a number of telecommunications and enterprise computing companies including Sun.
Sun and IBM Bet on India as Fertile Open Source Market
Even Microsoft Warms to the Idea...Sort of

With both Sun and IBM committing substantial sums to the development of open source projects in India, speculation is rising over whether that region might become the spearhead of the global open source effort. Sun Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps appears to think India is the correct bet, given his comment that, "(India is) where I expect the greatest open source community growth to come from in the near future."

Investigating the Capabilities of the Lustre File System
Architecture, Networking, High Availability, and the Competition
Two recent publications provide information on several aspects of the Lustre File System. These papers cover basic information about Lustre architecture, networking, high availability, and comparison with other shared/cluster file systems.
Multiple Library TCP/IP Host Interface for the Sun StorageTek SL8500
Hosts Up to Four Libraries in a Pass-Through Port Complex
You can now get a Multiple Library TCP/IP Host Interface for the Sun StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System. The TCP/IP interface to HSC or ACSLS can host up to four libraries in a pass-through port complex providing additional redundancy for a library complex. With these additional connections, if the master library went down, another library in the complex will be able to take control.
Enhancement Release of Sun StorageTek 9900 Business Continuity Manager
Version 5.5 Offers Functionality Improvements

Sun StorageTek 9900 Business Continuity Manager version 5.5 is an enhancement release for the Sun StorageTek 9910, 9960, 9970, 9980, 9985, 9990, 9990V and 9985V system platforms. Features and enhancements include support of HUR 6x6 Extended Consistency Group, ISPF improvement, PPRC migration feature, and YKLOAD improvement.

On-Demand Webcasts Focus on Sun Storage and Virtualization
Learn More About Sun's V TL Solutions and Sun Virtual Storage Manager
Sun Net Talks have two recent on-demand webcasts focusing on Sun storage and virtualization. The first is a 14-minute webcast discussing how Sun Virtual Tape Library products can help solve many of the issues found in IT environments today, while the second highlights the features of the Sun Virtual Storage Manager in an 11-minute webcast.
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