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Java Technology
Java SE 6 Update 4 Available for Download
Integrates JAX-WS 2.1 Along with Hundreds of Bug Fixes and Other Features
The current version of Java SE 6 is Update 4 that not only comes with 377 bug fixes, a time zone update, and a command-line option allowing explicit System.gc() calls to run concurrently and unload eligible classes, but it also has integrated JAX-WS 2.1 in the JDK.
Test the Newly Released Java Kernel
For Java SE 6 Update N Early Access

An updated Java Kernel has been released for testing in Java SE 6 Update N Build 10. The Kernel installer can be downloaded from that also has posted a list of summary changes, including bug fixes, for this update.

Gosling on JavaFX, High-tech, and Other Aspects of the IT World
Still Plenty of Work for the Talented Developer

Writing for the JavaFX project is a wish for the "Father of Java" and Sun Fellow as well as Sun VP James Gosling, who is more involved in overseeing its development. Gosling told Kathleen Richards of Redmond Developer News in an interview that JavaFX will be a strong competitor for Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe AIR.

Easing JavaServer Faces Component Authoring
Use JSFTemplating and Woodstock to Write a Component With Just 2 Files

Find out how to use the open source projects Templating for JavaServer Faces Technology (JSFTemplating) and Woodstock to write a JavaServer Faces component with only two files, namely an annotated UIComponent Java file and a template file.

Using Key Frame Animation in JavaFX
A Solution Better than the 'dur' Operator

Like most users of the animation framework in JavaFX, Chris Oliver finds the "dur" operator that was added to F3 some while ago a bit lacking and has turned to Key Frame animation as an alternative. His blog on the subject discusses using Key Frame animation for describing animations programmatically.

The Evolution of the Java Platform Micro Edition
A Review of the Activities of the Mobile & Embedded Community

Terrence Barr provides readers with a helpful rundown of the activities underway in the open source Mobile & Embedded Community, explaining where the Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) is in its productive evolution. His article urges greater participation in the understanding that open source is all about involvement.

Reconciling the Disparate 'Views' of Solaris 10 OS and the Service Processor
Consider the Role of Fault Management Architecture

Bob Hueston's blog discusses Fault Management Coordination Between Solaris and SCF. He explains that the Solaris OS sees one set of errors and the service processor (SP) sees another (though both views can be caused by the same hardware fault). Because of this, it is necessary to coordinate the Solaris and SP views if diagnosis and recovery are to be achieved.

Newly Released: "Solaris Application Programming"
Optimizing Performance from Solaris Applications and Systems
Senior Engineer in Sun's Compiler Performance Engineering group Darryl Gove authored the recently released book "Solaris Application Programming" that is described as a comprehensive guide to optimizing application performance in Solaris environments.
A How-to on Upgrading Solaris 10 OS with Non-global Zones
Uses Solaris Live Upgrade

Pallavio Madhusudhan and Arindam Sarkar present a detailed how-to on "Using Solaris Live Upgrade with Non-global Zones." As a preliminary caution, the authors recommend a complete system backup before beginning.

Blog Offers Comprehensive Information on Patches and Patching
From Understanding the Basics About Patches to Applying Which Ones to What System

A Sun blog entitled "Patch Corner" covers everything you need to know about patches, and in particularly keeping updated with the latest patches for the Solaris OS. Some recent blog entries offer the basics in learning to understand patches, specifics on core Solaris packages and patches, and important information on patching Solaris 10 OS.

What to Do when a File Won't Open with the Serviceability Agent
Have a Go Using the dbx Debug Tool in Sun Studio

Yumin Qi shows readers how to debug a core file without the Serviceability Agent. The recommended solution involves using JVM and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). Specifically, Qi discusses using the dbx debug tool that is part of Sun Studio software.

Suspend and Resume on Solaris x86 Machines
Blog Series Explains How to Test for Supporting Drivers, Enable Feature

Did you know suspend and resume is available for some Solaris x86 machines? To find out if yours might be one of them take a look at a Sun blog that explores Solaris suspend and resume, showing readers how to enable the feature on their machines if they have supporting hardware drivers.

Get Answers From Sun Experts About Developing/Deploying Java SE Apps on Solaris
Pose Your Questions Beginning January 21st
Anyone with questions on Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) applications in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) can have them answered this month on Sun's "Ask the Experts" forum. Queries on the topic "Developing and Deploying Java SE-based Applications on Solaris" will be taken and answered January 21st through the 25th.
Registration for 2008 JavaOne Conference Currently Underway
Special Discounts Being Offered for Early Registration, Referrals, and Groups
Early bird registration is currently underway for the upcoming 2008 JavaOne Conference scheduled for May 6-9th, and early registrants can save $200 off the on-site registration fee when they sign up by April 7, using priority code J8ROIC.
GlassFish Podcast Features News and Interviews from the Community
Current Featured Topic: GlassFish Artchitect Jerome Dochez On Version 3 and HK2
GlassFish Podcast is a blog site that hosts topics related to the open source application server for Java EE 5. The current featured topic is an interview with GlassFish architect Jerome Dochez who discusses how GlassFish v3 is being built using the HK2 modules sub-system.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 119 Issues 1 and 2; Volume 118 Issues 3 and 4

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 119 Issue 2, were:

  • Examining the Benefits of Hardware Virtualization [19127]
  • Commercial Release of Sun xVM Ops Center 1.0 [19120]
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 on Sun's x64 Systems [19031]
  • InfoWorld 2008 Technology of the Year Awards Recognize Three Sun Products [19266]
  • Update on 2.4 and PDF Import Extension [19180]
  • Save Time by Implementing Scripts to Perform System Checks [19176]
  • The Server/Storage Side of Sun [19175]
  • In Case Santa Didn't Get It Quite Right... [19212]
  • Using Version Control Software on Configuration Files [19152]
  • A Look at 2008 by Some of Sun's Top Brass [19255]
    Glenn Brunette's Top Five Solaris 10 Security Features
    These Are The Ones You Should Be Using
    There are five security controls in the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) that Sun Distinguished Engineer Glenn Brunette identifies as the most direct and of immediate value to users.
    Thumbs Up for Sun Identity Manager v7.1
    SC Magazine Gives it a 5-Out-of-5 Stars in its Overall Rating

    Peter Stephenson of SC Magazine reviews Sun's Identity Manager v7.1, giving the solution a five-out-of-five stars in its overall rating. He praised its focus on compliance and auditing, but criticized its installation and expense. Overall, he concluded, "A good product from a venerable company - can get pricey, but worth the price in very large implementations."

    Ten Steps to Using Project SailFin's Security Features
    Blog Explains Digest Authentication with SIP Applications

    Venu Gopal shows readers how to use digest authentication with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications in part one of an article series he is posting on his blog. Specifically, he shows how to enable SIP Digest Authentication for SIP Servlet Application and authenticate using a SIP Client. He walks readers through a ten-step process.

    Why Enterprises are Turning to Desktop Virtualization
    Data Security, Reduced Costs, Improved User Access
    Keeping data in the datacenter helps protect enterprise information. This is partially why desktop virtualization is intriguing enterprises since it eliminates the need to store data on laptops or PCs. In a Sun Inner Circle feature article, desktop virtualization is explored, including the benefits it can bring to enterprise security, costs, and user access.
    Managing the Future of Digital Information
    Sun CPO Points Out a Few Areas for Consideration
    Developing transparent, open controls on information is vitally important as the world becomes more digitally exposed, says Sun Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy, who outlined three basic steps that may help lead in that direction in a special perspective article for ZDNet Asia.
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