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A Look at 2008 by Some of Sun's Top Brass
Technology Evolution and Changing Trends
A number of Sun executives shared their views with the media at last month's Innovation and Trends Dinner, including Greg Papadopoulos, John Fowler, Bob Worrall, Chris Melissinos, and Subodh Bapat.
The Server/Storage Side of Sun
How Things Look from John Fowler's Desk
It isn't that virtualization is a new technology -- IBM developed it back in the 1960s, after all -- but that it has come to the x86 market. That's what has given rise to some confusion in the minds of users, says Sun Executive VP of Systems John Fowler in a recent interview.
Carbon Neutrality Alone Is Not Enough
Sun Eco Responsibility VP Dave Douglas Urges 'Carbon Advantage'

Dave Douglas, Sun VP for Eco Responsibility, aired his take on the issue of carbon neutrality in a recent Business Week article. His point, which he clarified in a subsequent blog, is that carbon neutrality alone fails to do the necessary job of addressing a corporation's responsibility to the environment that it inhabits and affects.

Transactional Memory: The Possible, Simultaneously and Quickly
Sun Contrarian Mark Moir Explains the Thinking Behind 'Rock'
According to Al Riske, transactional memory involves making sure the right operations take place at the right time...and quickly. His interview with Sun contrarian Mark Moir delves into the subject and its timeliness as a technology, given the emergence of multicore microprocessors, such as Sun's Rock, which hardwires support for transactional memory into its design for higher speeds.
In Case Santa Didn't Get It Quite Right...
Go for the Sun Spot Development Sensor and Robotics Kit
According to Galen Gruman of Infoworld, Santa didn't quite get it right, leaving some geeks a bit disappointed with what they found under the tree. He suggests the indulgence of getting the "must-have" Sun Microsystems Project Sun Spot Development sensor and robotics kit.
Free and Open Source S/W
Update on 2.4 and PDF Import Extension
Progress Continues on These Future Releases
GullFOSS, the Engineering blog at Sung, recently posted two announcements of interest to the open source community. The first highlights the upcoming feature release, noting some of the key features and enhancements. The second focuses on the PDF import extension that has reached a noted milestone - the ability to import typical PDF documents with good layout fidelity in Draw and Impress.
pgAdmin III Now Part of OpenSolaris/Solaris
Solaris Express Developer Edition (SXDE) Build 79 and Solaris 10 OS Update 5
pgAdmin III is now part of the OpenSolaris/Solaris from Solaris Express Developer Edition (SXDE) build 79 and the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), Update 5, reports a Sun blog. This feature-rich open source administration and development platform for PostgreSQL is considered one of the most popular.
Sun Passes Liberty Alliance's Full Matrix SAML 2.0 Interoperability Testing
Sun Java System Federated Access Manager 8.0 Only Solution to Pass Every Requirement
Sun is one of six companies that has passed Liberty Alliance's full matrix SAML 2.0 interoperability testing and the US GSA SAML 2.0 profile, meeting the prerequisite interoperability requirements for participating in the US E-Authentication Identity Federation.
NetBeans Technology Evangelist Gregg Sporar Presents Five "Live" Demos
NetBeans 6.0 Highlighted in SYS-CON Webcast

There are many of them out there, but it may still be worth your time to watch a SYS-CON.TV webcast with NetBeans Technology Evangelist Gregg Sporar, who gives an in-depth glimpse into the many new features of NetBeans 6.0 in five "live" demos.

DTrace (Un)conference Set for March 14th in San Francisco
Sign Up on Conference Wiki and Share Your Experiences with DTrace

March 14th is the day and San Francisco is the place for the first DTrace (un)conference: dtrace.conf(08) where interested technologists will come together to share their latest applications with the dynamic tracing framework. Attendees will be given the opportunity to speak for at least fifteen minutes on what they are doing with DTrace.

Understanding the Variations in the Solaris OS Versions
Sun Net Talk Discusses Solaris 10, SXDE, and Project Indiana

In the 10-minute webcast "Sorting Out Solaris Releases" Dan Roberts, director of Solaris & OpenSolaris Marketing, and Larry Wake, Solaris Group marketing manager, discuss the different versions of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) with particular emphasis on variations between the Solaris 10 OS and the Solaris Express Developer Editon (SXDE).

Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 119 Issue 1; Volume 118 Issues 2, 3 and 4

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 119 Issue 1, were:

  • Sun's Comeback One of the Most Underreported Stories of 2007 [19218]
  • Enabling Solaris CIFS Service in Workgroup or AD Domain [19203]
  • Don't Wait for a Download of VMware Image of OpenSolaris [19196]
  • IDC's Top 10 Storage Predictions for 2008 [19225]
  • A Review of the News from 2007 [19232]
  • What's in Stor[age] at Sun for 2008? [19182]
  • Sun StorageTek 5800 System Architecture [19161]
  • Good News from Sun [19095]
  • Sapotek Pleased with Shift from Red Hat to Solaris 10 OS [19164]
  • TOP500 List Is Really TOP100/TOP400 [19198]
    Examining the Benefits of Hardware Virtualization
    Compares Application and OS Level Virtualization
    Chien-Hua Yen argues in the Sun BluePrints "Solaris Operating System Hardware Virtualization Product Architecture" for the use of hardware virtualization vs. either the application level or the operating system level. This is because hardware level virtualization provides stronger isolation of operating environments and enables a system to run multiple OS instances, requiring less sharing of system resources than OS level virtualization.
    Using Version Control Software on Configuration Files
    How Not to Lose Track of Changes
    In the BigAdmin wiki, Joseph Kwan offers three reasons to use version control software on configuration files: it keeps the system tidy, properly documents changes over time of configuration files, and makes it easier to keep track of changes. He adds a not unimportant fourth reason, which is that users also have a means to roll back a configuration file to a previous state.
    Sun Service Tag Service Now Available for Windows and Linux
    Keeps an Inventory List of System and Software Information, Eases Management Complexity
    If you haven't already heard, Sun Service tags are available for Linux and Windows along with the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). So now Sun Inventory (formerly known as the Sun Connection Inventory Channel) can be used to track, organize, and report on just about any x86 or SPARC server running these major operating systems.
    Save Time by Implementing Scripts to Perform System Checks
    Tech Tip Offers Three Scripts to Ease Daily Checks of Systems Running Solaris

    If you're a systems administrator who is not using checkdisk script and other automated scripts for system checks, then take some time to read Victor Feng's tech tip that explains how to use three different scripts for automating system checks on systems running the Solaris 8, 9, and/or 10 Operating System (Solaris OS).

    How to Install, Create, and Enable DB2 UDB V9 for HA in the Solaris Cluster 3.2 Environment
    Using Solaris ZFS as a Failover File System

    The BigAdmin feature article "Implementing IBM DB2 UDB V9 HA in a Solaris Cluster 3.2 Environment" provides step-by-step instructions on how to install, create, and enable DB2 Universal Database (UDB) V9 for high availability (HA) in a two-node Solaris Cluster 3.2 environment.

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