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Enabling Solaris CIFS Service in Workgroup or AD Domain
Here's How to Accomplish This in 10 Minutes
December 31, 2007,
Volume 119, Issue 1

The Solaris CIFS service can operate in two modes: domain and workgroup.

Did you know in about 10 minutes you can enable the new Solaris CIFS/SMB server in workgroup mode? Tim Thomas recently did just that and links readers of his blog to instructions on getting started using the CIFS service in OpenSolaris (Build 79).

To do this within the allotted time frame listed above, you will need to be familiar with the Solaris utilities idmap(1M), sharemgr(1M) and sharectl(1M), svcs(1M) and svcadm(1M), zpool(1M) and zfs(1M), krb5.conf(4), and resolv.conf(4).

There are two modes the Solaris CIFS service can operate in. These are domain and workgroup. The instructions advise choosing one depending on your environment and authentication, namely:

  • If you have an Active Directory (AD) domain and want to give domain users access to the Solaris CIFS service, choose domain mode by joining that domain.

  • If you have no AD domains or have no need to support domain users, and you want to use local Solaris users to access the CIFS service, choose workgroup mode by joining the workgroup.

The OpenSolaris document explains how to join a workgroup or an AD Domain, and once that is completed, you are ready to create and access CIFS shares. Visit OpenSolaris to learn how.

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