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31 Dec 2007
Enabling Solaris CIFS Service in Workgroup or AD Domain
Here's How to Accomplish This in 10 Minutes

Did you know in about 10 minutes you can enable the new Solaris CIFS/SMB server in workgroup mode? Tim Thomas recently did just that and links readers of his blog to instructions on getting started using the CIFS service in OpenSolaris (Build 79).
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31 Dec 2007
Integration of OpenSolaris Application Runtime Platforms and NetBeans
NetBeans and OpenSolaris Wiki Page to Resolve Any Issues

The wiki has created a page specifically designed for investigating, documenting and improving the integration between NetBeans and the application runtime platforms available in Open Solaris, including PHP, Ruby, and Java.
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31 Dec 2007
Don't Wait for a Download of VMware Image of OpenSolaris
Follow this Procedure to Install the OS on a Virtual Machine

When a pre-installed VMware image of OpenSolaris is made available for general download, Christopher Kampmeier's blog "Installing OpenSolaris Developer Preview on VMware Workstation 6 and Ubuntu 7.10" will become redundant but, until then, it is a handy how-to that lets users gain the use of this tool.
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