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Sun's Comeback One of the Most Underreported Stories of 2007
InfoWorld Documents the Company's Turnaround
Labeled number two of 2007's most underreported tech stories, InfoWorld's Bill Snyder highlights Sun's comeback from the dot-com bubble burst to its "...four profitable quarters in a row plus record margins — as well as a growing list of wins, point to a company on the upswing," he reports.
Sun to Report Second Quarter Fiscal 2008 Financial Results
Conference Call Set for January 24, 2008
Mark your calendars. Sun's second quarter fiscal year 2008 financial results will be released on Thursday, January 24, with the company hosting a conference call beginning at 1:30 p.m. PT/4:30 p.m. ET. Sun's financial results will be posted on Sun's Investor Relations website, which also is where the public can tune-in to the conference call.
    TOP500 List Is Really TOP100/TOP400
    EDC Edges into HPC Share of Implementations
    In his article "The New Face of the TOP500," Gil Shainer of Mellanox Technologies notes the change in the composition of the list, remarking that there has been a shift from pure high-performance computing (HPC) to include enterprise-based solutions such as enterprise datacenter (EDC)-based, interconnected, rack-mounted systems. He goes on to analyze the historical and current technological trends in HPC and provide an updated analysis model for the TOP500 project.
    Good News from Sun
    Monthly Sun Marketing Update
    The "Good News" from Sun for January 2008 includes the Solaris Operating System's (Solaris OS) continued lead in the UNIX system market with almost half of all UNIX server shipments and Sun's maintained number four ranking year over year in overall disk storage systems units shipped. Also see Sun's competitive advantage, customers' business results using Sun technology, plus much more.
    System News For Sun Users Blog Recap
    Recent Blog Entries of Interest to Sun Users
    System News posts items of interest for Sun users on a regular basis on the System News For Sun Users blog. Some of those items will become detailed articles in this newsletter. A quick recap of posts for the last week includes TACC's Ranger Set to Go into Full Production, A Review of the News from 2007, Solaris Application Programming by Darryl Gove, and Sun's Comeback One of the Most Underreported Stories of 2007.
    Sun to Host Free OpenEco Energy Camp
    Set for January 10th in San Francisco
    Sun will be hosting an OpenEco Energy Camp on Thursday, January 10th at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. This free event will provide access to environmental leaders and creative tools in order to inspire ecology leaders, business representatives, open source developers, and anyone else interested in the environment to make positive environmental changes at work and at home.
    Making High Performance Computing Simple
    London Mathematica HPC Conference Set for January 17th
    "Making High Performance Computing Simple" is the slogan for this year's 2008 London Mathematica HPC Conference set to take place on Thursday, January 17th. The conference, of which Sun is a sponsor, will focus on how Mathematica users can easily take advantage of the latest multi-core hardware to make High Performance Computing simple.
    What's in Stor[age] at Sun for 2008?
    EVP John Fowler Shares His Thoughts
    Sun EVP John Fowler shared his perspective on storage issues at the company with recently and spoke of his expectations for 2008.
    IDC's Top 10 Storage Predictions for 2008
    Green Initiatives Behind Many of This Year's Expected Storage Favorites
    IDC's top 10 storage predictions for 2008 address three areas: new data storage models such as object-based storage; green storage technology, which helps companies reduce their carbon footprint and energy expenditure; and new forms of storage delivery such as online storage services.
    Sun-Symantec Project Integrates 5320 NAS Appliance with Enterprise Vault
    Project Also Offers Script to Configure SAMBA, ZFS, SAM-FS on Sun Fire X4500

    A Sun and Symantec project has produced a script and Sun Doc article that may be of interest. The x4500samconfig (tar.gz) script configures SAMBA, ZFS, and SAM-FS on a Sun Fire X4500 Server so it can be used as Network Attached Storage (NAS) for Windows Servers running an archiving application. Tim Thomas explains the project in "Symantec Enterprise Vault Integration With the Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Appliance."

    Sun StorageTek 5800 System Architecture
    The Solution for Unstructured Static Data File Management
    The third generation of fixed content storage systems is now available, notably in the Sun StorageTek 5800 system, an on-line, highly reliable storage system developed to solve the unique problems associated with large-scale file storage applications typically classified as fixed, static, or reference data, which consume greater than 20 terabytes (TB) in storage and scale over time as data collections grow.
    Designing and Developing Digital Repositories Using Open Solutions
    A Strategy for Success
    Given the increasing volume of digital content coming under the administration of libraries and information organizations, new solutions are called for to enable its management. Carl Grant considers some of these, along with strategies that are useful in the planning and development of digital collections in his white paper "Delivering Digital Repositories with Open Solutions."
    Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 5 and Brocade FICON Extension Products
    Sun-Brocade Solution Significantly Reduces Backup and Restore Times

    Brocade is the first vendor to offer read pipelining over the long-distance extended FICON channel with the release of the USD-X and M3000 products. Pair these solutions with the Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 5 (VSM5) and you can significantly reduce backup and restore times as well as improve disaster protection by enabling backup data to be placed at a different location.

    Top Ten Articles for last Issue
    Volume 118 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4

    Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 118 Issue 4, were:

    • Solaris Costs Less, Does More, and Runs More SPARC, X86/X64 Platforms than Red Hat [19156]
    • Sun and NetApp to Face California Judge [19181]
    • Ultra 24 Workstation - A Lot of Power in That Little Box [19004]
    • Try Sun's Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor Based Servers Free for 60 Days [19171]
    • "Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 on Sun x64 Servers" [19148]
    • Increasing Application Performance on NUMA Architectures [19122]
    • "Setting Up a Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Appliance on Microsoft iSCSI Initiators" [19063]
    • Getting Mathematica 6.0 and 6.0.1 to Work on Solaris x86 [19139]
    • Cookbook Shows How to Build Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Demo [19103]
    • "The Craft of System Security" [19160]
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