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Competing Loyalties Facing the Open Source Developer
Where's Your Heart? The Project or the Guy Who Signs Your Check?
At the recent FOSS.IN conference on free and open-source software held in Bangalore, India, the elephant in the room was not only visible but also the subject of much spirited comment, reports John Ribeiro, writing for IDG News Service. The elephant's ID? The competing loyalties developers increasingly experience between whatever corporate entity signs their paychecks and the open source projects they are contributing to at any given moment.
The Future for Government and Web 2.0
There's Money to Be Made, but Some Shifts in Thinking Are Necessary
Paul Macmillan, national public sector industry lead for Deloitte and Touche LLP, commented at a recent Web 2.0-themed technology forum in Toronto that, "There is a clear business value in Web 2.0." Learn more about Macmillan's views on Web 2.0 and what other industry members think about its future.
Answers to the Universe's Secrets Sought with Sun IT Infrastructure
Durham University's Institute for Computational Cosmology Studies Dark Matter
The Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC) at Durham University operates the Cosmology Machine (COSMA), a 4.2 teraflops HPC installation with more than 580 servers and 1300 CPUs powered by Sun technology, that runs simulations to quantify the dark energy that makes up 80 percent of the cosmos to determine what happened during the formation of the universe.
Navy Lab Cuts Costs, Adds Efficiency with Sun Ray Thin Client Implementation
Technology Meets Security Requirements
The U.S. Navy's Integrated Warfare Systems Lab (IWSL), part of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), has among its missions the analysis and testing of surface ballistics to certify their readiness for combat, especially in defense against terrorist attack. The Sun Ray Thin Client plays an important, cost-effective role in the fulfillment of this mission.
Java Technology
New Project Hosts 100% Java PDF Renderer/Viewer
Parse PDF Files and Draw Them to the Screen
The new project "PDF Renderer: a 100% Java PDF renderer and viewer" is an open source, all Java library which renders PDF documents to the screen using Java2D. Sun has released the code under the LGPL as part of SwingLabs.
Benchmark Comparisons of Java SE 6 Performance vs. Java SE 5
Tests Illustrate the Range of Performance Improvements
The white paper "Java SE 6 Performance White Paper" gives an overview of the new performance and scalability improvements in Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6, along with various industry standard and internally developed benchmark results to demonstrate the impact of these improvements.
Next Generation Java Plug-In
The Newly Rewritten Java Plug-in Promises Reliability, Portability, and Functionality
A new implementation of the Java Plug-In has been released with the Java SE 6 Update N Early Access. In an interview with InfoQ, Java SE Product Manager Nicolas Lorain discussed the rewrite of the Java plug-in and pointed out three key reasons consumers will want to adopt the new plug-in.
Become Certified in the Latest Java Technology - Java SE 6
No Prerequisites Required for this Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam

Sun reports that the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) is the most popular developer certification in the world, and this certification is now available for the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6. You can update your existing Java certification or start your certification with this latest version of Java technology.

Sun Tech Days are Coming to Atlanta
Register Now for the January 9th and 10th Free Conference Event
Sun Tech Days are coming to Atlanta, Ga., this coming January 9-10. Designed to educate developers on building and deploying Java and Solaris applications, Sun Tech Days are free events that offer hands-on training with real-world examples and practical information. It is considered by some to be a scaled-down version of a JavaOne Conference.
NetBeans 6.0's Matisse GUI Builder
Screencast Demo Shows Off Matisse's Updated Capabilties
Learn more about the new features offered by the Matisse GUI Builder in NetBeans 6.0 via a screencast demonstration presented by NetBeans Evangelist Roman Strobl.
Innovating@Sun: Solaris Port to PowerPC
Sun Labs Tom Riddle Discusses Project Pulsar
Find out why OpenSolaris is ideal for the PowerPC architecture in an Innovating@Sun podcast where Sun Labs Tom Riddle explains this point to Sun Vice President of Global Systems Engineering Hal Stern. Riddle is the principal investigator of the Pulsar Project, which is porting the OpenSolaris kernel to the PowerPC architecture.
Sun Hot Topics Cover the Latest Developments in Emerging Technologies
Audio and Video Presentations

Learn more about virtualization and Sun's approach to virtualization technologies in a "Sun Hot Topics" audio presentation "What is Cool - Virtualization at Sun" with Joost Pronk van Hoogeveen of the Solaris Software team. Other newly listed Hot Topics include "Multi-Thread Coding," "Java DB," "Logical Domain Overview," and many more.

Sun Seeks Bigger Mainframe Storage Market Share
Deals with IBM and Dell Further this Goal
Many people are recognizing Sun's increasing interest in bolstering the company's market share in the mainframe tape storage business. Jay Wallace, Sun's director of mainframe storage marketing, recently announced that Sun is investing a substantial amount of time and money in the next-generation mainframe storage sector and will be coming out with a number of new products.
Sun StorageTek SAM-QFS 4.6 Patch Released
Free Download Now Available

The third patch, 4.6-03, to SAM-QFS has been released and is available for download. In addition to the usual bug fixes, new features include a 256 node for Fibre Channel; new tape drive and library qualifications; and new server architecture support. In addition, a discussion alias "" has been added, and the source for sdu, sls, sfind, and star to the existing Libsam code are also available.

Sun Puts Its Bet Down on Tape Libraries, Drives
Investment Protection Seen as One of Several Benefits

Sun is betting on a future in the tape cartridge format, as is clear from its introduction of the LTO 4 Fibre Channel drive across the complete suite of tape automation libraries. Alex North, Sun's group manager for tape, discusses Sun's tape library portfolio in a recent interview with

Sun StorageTek 2500 Series Arrays Now Have 750GB SATA Drive Options
New 750GB 7.2Krpm SATA-II Drive Configurations Offered
Now available are new 750GB 7.2Krpm SATA-II drive configurations for the Sun StorageTek 2540 FC Array, Sun StorageTek 2530 Array, and Sun StorageTek 2501 SAS Expansion Array in "fixed" standalone X-option system combinations.
Sun StorageTek LTO4 Fibre Channel and SCSI Drive Options
Available for for the Sun StorageTek SL24 Tape Autoloader and SL48 Tape Library
Sun StorageTek LTO4 Fibre Channel and SCSI drive options are available for the Sun StorageTek SL24 Tape Autoloader and Sun StorageTek SL48 Tape Library. These products support HP LTO2 Half Height SCSI, LTO3 FC and SCSI, LTO3 Half Height SCSI and LTO4 FC and SCSI drives.
Sun StorageTek 4Gb FC ATCA Dual Port HBA
Ideal for Sun Netra Carrier Grade Platforms
The Sun StorageTek 4Gb FC ATCA Dual Port HBA is just what Sun telco customers have been asking for to use with the Sun Netra ATCA servers in order to take advantage of the benefits of FC storage consolidation. This HBA accelerates the delivery of the next generation voice, video, and data services.
750GB 7200RPM Low Cost Fibre Channel (SATA II) Drives
For the Sun StorageTek 9985V and 9990V Systems
The Sun StorageTek 750GB 7200RPM Low Cost Fibre Channel HDD, also referred to as Low-cost FC SATA II, is designed for the Sun StorageTek 9985V and 9990V Systems where it can provide high capacity for applications that require capacity and optimized reads for large files.
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Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 118 Issue 2, were:

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    Cool Stack 1.2 Optimizes Web Applications on Solaris 10 OS
    Also Allows Deployment on Top of Java System Web Server 7.0
    Sriram Natarajan and Marina Sum heartily recommend using Cool Stack in its new, free, downloadable 1.2 release. In a collaborative article, they point out that Cool Stack highly optimizes such open-source components as Apache 2, PHP 5, Ruby, and Light HTTPD, making it possible for each to perform efficiently on the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). They note as well that the PHP 5 runtime bundled with Cool Stack 1.2 works with FastCGI, which means users can deploy PHP applications on top of such high performing enterprise-ready web servers as Sun Java System Web Server 7.0.
    Solaris Zones and memcached
    Learn How to Set It Up on Solaris
    With the popularity of memcached growing, the Solaris Developer blog has outlined the steps required in setting up the high-performance, distributed memory object caching system on Solaris Zones. memcached is intended to speed up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.
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