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Sun Builds New Energy Efficient Datacenter
APC's InfraStruXure Cooling Solution Cuts Costs, Environmental Impact
Sun has teamed up with APC, a leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, to design part of Sun's new energy efficient datacenter in Santa Clara, California. The datacenter, commissioned as part of Sun's Eco Innovation Initiative, features a rack-based datacenter that leverages a flexible, scalable APC InfraStruXure InRow cooling solution that will enable Sun to effectively reduce the cost and environmental impact of maintaining its high density IT systems.
    Sun Sees Red Shift in IT Infrastructure Market
    Company Develops Strategy for Addressing Exponential Demand
    The Red Shift, best known in the field of astronomy as the measure of an expanding universe, has been adopted by Sun as a measure of growth in IT. Mike Douglas, Sun VP for global field marketing, explained, "...growth in IT is less from computing and more from social networking." To accommodate this evolving market, Sun has applied the red shift.
    Treating Storage as If It Were a Utility
    The Celeste Project: Failed Backups? Not Anymore.

    What good is a backup system that doesn't produce a particular file on-demand? Or, more to the point, what can developers do to eliminate this possibility? That's the question Glenn Scott, Sun Labs senior researcher, and his team asked as they launched the Celeste Project. The answer, rather, the solution, turned out to be the Celeste Project.

    Cooling, Cabling, Powering the Datacenter
    Modular Approach Saves Money

    Concerned about the costs of datacenter power usage, cooling requirements and cabling? Dean Nelson has some answers for you and, as he says, "This is not rocket science." Nelson, director of Global Lab and Datacenter Design Services at Sun, shared his ideas on the subject with Al Riske. Nelson and his team have saved Sun millions and are now doing the same for customers.

    Curriki's Quest for Credibility
    Site Seeks Contributions from Textbook Publishers, ex-Teachers as Reviewers
    According to Victoria Shannon in her International Herald Tribune article "A group approach to teaching teachers," is the "Wikipedia of curriculum" and the brainchild of Scott McNealy and Andy Bechtolsheim, Sun chairman and co-founder, respectively. But, she writes, how can Curiki avoid the stigma that attaches to Wikipedia, which often posts specious, unvetted entries, since Curriki also solicits contributions from users?
    Free and Open Source S/W
    OpenSPARC T2 RTL Released
    Sun Announces GPL Licensing, New OpenSPARC Centers of Excellence
    The OpenSPARC T2 RTL (register transfer level) processor design has been released under the GPL 2.0 license and is now available for download from the project site. The OpenSPARC T2 processor is based on the UltraSPARC T2 processor - an eight core, 64-thread processor.
    New Features in Recently Released NetBeans 6.0 Excite Community
    Take a Tour of the IDE in Screencasts
    The recent release of NetBeans 6.0 gives users a newly written editor infrastructure, support for Ruby/JRuby/Ruby on Rails, a new Visual Game Designer, updated Data Binding support, integrated Profiling, new productivity features, a simplified installation process, and more. A number of screencasts tours viewers through some of the latest features in the IDE.
    Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Has Been Open Sourced
    Source Code Available from OpenSolaris HA Clusters Community

    The Sun Cluster Geographic Edition has joined the ranks of Sun's open source solutions, reports Nick Solter, HA Clusters community facilitator and Sun Cluster developer, in the Sun Cluster Oasis blog.

    Download A Point of Control (APOC) Source Code
    Available Under CDDL/GPLv2 Dual License Model on
    APOC, or A Point of Control, is the open source version of the Sun Desktop Manager. It gives users the ability to manage desktops and desktop applications in large scale deployments from a central location, and enables system administrators to deliver securely configured open source desktop environments tuned to the needs and privileges of specific users, roles, groups, or hosts within the organization.
    Before Investing in Microsoft Office 2007, Check Out 2.3
    Improved Features, Free Download Make the Office Suite More Than Competitive
    eWeek's Tiffany Maleshefski gave 2.3 a try and came away favorably impressed. Her review reports several significant improvements, notably an easier upgrade path for current Microsoft Office users, improved security measures and a variety of features in the word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database applications.
    Sun HPC ClusterTools 7.1 Available to Download
    Integrated Toolkit Seen as Important Asset to Developers

    Sun HPC ClusterTools 7.1, an update release based on Open MPI 1.2.4, is now available as a free download. Major new features include Open source MPI (message-passing interface), uDAPL/Infiniband support, improved memory pool usage, simplified system administration tasks, support for the Allinea DDT debugger, and more.

    BigAdmin XPerts Offer Advice on Solaris Patching
    Learn More About How, When, If, and Why to Patch

    The latest BigAdmin Xperts session focuses on Solaris Patching with community questions being addressed by the named Sun experts Enda O'Connor and Arindam Sarkar. Some of the questions currently posed and answered discuss when to patch servers, suggestions on reducing downtime for patching, and should all patches be installed.

    Podcast on the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant
    Migrating from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10

    Vice President of Global Systems Engineering Hal Stern talks to Joost Pronk, product manager for virtualization in the Solaris group and Dan Price, staff engineer and lead on the containers project in the Solaris kernel group about the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant in an Innovating@Sun podcast.

    Questions Answered Regarding Solaris on IBM Hardware
    Get General Information About the Sun-IBM Agreement

    With the recent demonstration of OpenSolaris running on IBM's z System mainframe, questions have once again arisen regarding the Sun-IBM agreement. Taking a look back to the August 16th announcement, questions posed then and answered by Sun may satisfy today's inquiring minds.

    NetBeans 6.0 TechTalk
    NetBeans Technology Evangelist Brian Leonard Discusses IDE's Features is hosting a Techtalk on NetBeans 6.0 with Brian Leonard, Sun senior software engineer and NetBeans technology evangelist. Topics discussed include installers, code editors, integrated profiler, and Ruby language support, among others.

    Webcast Covers CMT Developer Tools for Sun Studio 12
    Learn How to Install and Use ATS, BIT, Discover, and SPOT

    Learn about installing and using the CMT Developer Tools for Sun Studio 12, ATS, BIT, Discover, and SPOT, during a webcast presentation delivered by Darryl Gove in compiler performance engineering at Sun. The presentation is part slideware and part demonstration.

    Two Sun Sessions Presented at VMWorld Conference Now Accessible Online
    Offered as High-Quality MP3s and PDFs

    Sun delivered two presentations at VMworld 2007, which are now available online as high-quality MP3s and PDFs. The presentations are Sun Virtual Desktop Solutions in Theory and in Real World Deployments and Proven Virtualization Scalability with VMware Infrastructure 3.

    Panel Discussion on Privacy in the Participatory Web Era
    Video Presentations Cover the Event and Privacy Experts' Recap

    Two video presentations covering a Sun-sponsored panel discussion on privacy in the participatory Web era held December 12th are accessible from the Sun website. The first webcast covers the event "Privacy and the Network of You" and the second recaps key ideas from the panel discussion.

    Edugaming Teaches Sun New Hires
    Employee Orientation Geared to Entertain While Educating

    Sun is using "edugaming" to school its new hires about the company, according to Kotaku's West Coast Associate Editor Michael McWhertor, who says the Sun Learning Services program is "worth a look for the in-game music alone."

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