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The Latest News from Sun Partners
Briefs on Recently Released Solutions, Partnerships

Some of the latest partner activity at Sun over the last few weeks includes Sun and NEC Corp. targeting mid-market and large companies with new HPC professional services, Agfa Healthcare's selection of Sun infrastructure to power its digital imaging platform, Mellanox Technologies' ConnectX 20Gb/s InfiniBand HCA support for Sun’s Blade Modular Systems, BakBone Software's support for the Sun StorageTek 5800 System, and much more.

Sun Startup Essentials Program Expands to UK, Israel
Web Hosting Partner NTT Europe Online Offering Services to Members

Early stage companies in the United Kingdom and Israel can now turn to the Sun Startup Essentials program to help them bring their applications to market quickly and cost-effectively. Sun announced its expansion into the European and Middle East markets along with the addition of the first Europe, Middle East and Africa-based Web hosting partner NTT Europe Online, who will provide its services to members of the Sun Startup Essentials program.

Sun Partner Advantage Program's "Port Now! Hardware Offering"
Learn How to Receive a Free Sun Fire X4150 Quad-Core Server

The Sun Partner Advantage Program is offering commercial developers a free Sun Fire X4150 quad-core server running on Intel Xeon processor with 73 GB disk and DVD drive preloaded with Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) when they commit to commercially release an application on the Solaris 10 OS for x86/x64 platforms.

SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform Powered by Sun's Datacenter of the Future
Helps Manage, Optimize, Enhance SAS/Sun Infrastructures

SAS and Sun have put together a webcast introducing a new initiative the companies announced at the end of November that is designed to help organizations establish an enterprise-wide analytic architecture built on a highly available, scalable, secure and cost-effective platform.

Defending Against the Vulnerabilities in Web 2.0
Sun and Trend Micro Have Their Users Covered

As Gartner sees things, developers working on Web 2.0 are guilty of the same shortsightedness as those who developed Web 1.0: They are leaving security concerns, by and large, to the user in their haste to get applications to market. Fortunately, writes Kat Rollin Sun and Trend Micro are doing their collaborative best to remedy the situation.

IDC Reports Modest 3Q07 Growth in Server Markets
Blade Servers Continue Rise in Popularity
IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker reports 0.5% year over year growth to $13.1 billion in the third quarter of 2007 (3Q07) in the worldwide server market. At the same time, server unit shipment growth of 6.3% year over year in 3Q07 represented a slight decrease over the 7.8% year-over-year growth reported in 3Q06.
Sun Blade 6048 Modular System Standard Components and Features
Separate Hot-Pluggable Compute, I/O, Networking, System Management, Infrastructure
The Sun Blade 6048 Modular System is now available for customers interested in having up to 48 server modules that may be a mix of SPARC, AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon technologies, up to 8 NEMs (two per shelf) and up to 96 EMs (two per server module). This high density blade computing platform delivers up to 71 percent more compute power in a 42U unibody rack design that weighs almost 500 pounds less and provides 20 percent more density than comparable rack/chassis combinations.
1GB DIMMs Configs for the Sun SPARC and Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 Product Families
To Replace Current 512MB DIMMs Configurations

Sun will be replacing four configurations of the 512MB DIMMs in the Sun SPARC Enterprise and Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 families with 1GB DIMMs due to an anticipated shortage in the memory modules. Only the configurations that use the 512MB DIMMs will be retired.

A Top 10 List of Emerging Storage Technologies
Sun Strategist Investigates the Latest Trends
Sun Market Strategy & Intelligence professional Taylor Allis listed the top 10 emerging technologies in the storage arena recently identified by his team as an end of the year assignment. The list contains open storage platform, virtualization, thin provisioning, data deduplication, data encryption, and five others.
Sun StorageTek VSM 5 Offers 53% More Throughput Than Original Release
Continued Investment in Research & Development Enhances Sun's Storage Portfolio
Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 5 has improved its throughput by 53 percent and the virtual tape library now performs a sustained write at 613 MBps, up from 400 MBps 15 months ago, said Jay Wallace, marketing director for Sun mainframe storage.
New Features Offered with Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Value System
12TB Capacity Option, Secure Tape, iSCSI Support
New features are now available for the Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library - Value (VTL-V) product line. These include a new capacity option for 12TB of storage using 48 - 250GB SATA disk drives, secure tape to encrypt data on virtual volumes, and iSCSI support to use native IP interface in target mode.
Fixed Storage Solution Involves StorageSwitch, StorageTek 5800 System
Offers Enterprise-class Reliability, Scalability, Functionality, Flexibility
The StorageSwitch File System Gateway (StorageSwitch)is a multifaceted, robust filesystem gateway offering unlimited scalability, enterprise-class reliability, complete flexibility and advanced functionality, is ideal for managing fixed-content information, whatever the source, wherever the destination.
Implementing Storage Resource Broker with Sun StorageTek 5800
Creates New Category of Fixed-Content Storage Systems
Coupled with the Sun StorageTek 5800 system, Nirvana's Storage Resource Broker (SRB) enables an enterprise-wide, unified view of all data, no matter its location, data type or storage device, resulting in a genuine Global Namespace. This implementation, which gives users the ability to store objects in what is essentially a new category of storage systems, one that is optimized to store large amounts of such digital content as x-ray scans, photographs, images, research data sets, and the digitized books such as are available from the Google books projects.
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