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Sun xVM Ops Center to be Released January 8th
Source Code for CAC to be Released to December 10th
The first commercial release of Sun xVM Ops Center is expected to be available on Jan. 8, 2008, and its open source version hosted on will be receiving code releases from Sun, starting with the contribution of the Common Agent Container (CAC) source code on Dec. 10, under the GNU General Public License version three (GPLv3).
Open Source Community Innovation Awards Program
Sun to Award Open Source Developers Cash Prizes for Innovations
Sun's newly announced Open Source Community Innovation Awards Program will recognize some of the most interesting initiatives within Sun-sponsored open source communities with prizes totaling approximately $1 million (USD) a year. Specific program details are to be announced January 14th.
OpenSolaris on IBMÂís z System Mainframes
Videos Demonstrate Sun's OS Adaptation to Big Blue's z System
A new IBM-tuned version of OpenSolaris is expected to be ready soon, according to David Noyes, president and CTO of Sine Nomine Associates, who demonstrated the enterprise-level system running on a System z mainframe during the Gartner Data Center Conference 2007.
Sun's Eco-Friendly Servers Win Australian Telco From HP
Environmental Concerns Play Central Role in Contract Decision
Sun has won a million dollar (AUD) contract to provide eco-friendly server hardware to Macquarie Hosting. The Sydney, Australia-based Web host and division of Macquarie Telecom, selected Sun over its incumbent supplier Hewlett Packard (HP) in large part due to Sun's ability to significantly reduce the organization's carbon footprint.
Good News from Sun
Monthly Sun Marketing Update
The "Good News" from Sun for December 2007 includes the company delivering its 7th straight quarter of revenue growth in the server market, its fourth consecutive quarter of profit and sixth consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth, Dell offering rack or blade servers with the Solaris OS or OpenSolaris, among others. Also see Sun's competitive advantage, customers' business results using Sun technology, plus much more.
SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin's Blog Recap
Recent Blog Entries of Interest to Sun Users
SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin posts items of interest to Sun Users on a regular basis on his blog. A quick recap of John's posts for the last week, include How Much is that Power in the Cabinet?(Sun Blade 6048), DTrace Documentation/Wikis and Sun's VMworld 2007 Sessions On-line.
A Top 10 List of Emerging Storage Technologies
Sun Strategist Investigates the Latest Trends
Sun Market Strategy & Intelligence professional Taylor Allis listed the top 10 emerging technologies in the storage arena recently identified by his team as an end of the year assignment. The list contains open storage platform, virtualization, thin provisioning, data deduplication, data encryption, and five others.
Sun StorageTek VSM 5 Offers 53% More Throughput Than Original Release
Continued Investment in Research & Development Enhances Sun's Storage Portfolio
Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 5 has improved its throughput by 53 percent and the virtual tape library now performs a sustained write at 613 MBps, up from 400 MBps 15 months ago, said Jay Wallace, marketing director for Sun mainframe storage.
New Features Offered with Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Value System
12TB Capacity Option, Secure Tape, iSCSI Support
New features are now available for the Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library - Value (VTL-V) product line. These include a new capacity option for 12TB of storage using 48 - 250GB SATA disk drives, secure tape to encrypt data on virtual volumes, and iSCSI support to use native IP interface in target mode.
Fixed Storage Solution Involves StorageSwitch, StorageTek 5800 System
Offers Enterprise-class Reliability, Scalability, Functionality, Flexibility
The StorageSwitch File System Gateway (StorageSwitch)is a multifaceted, robust filesystem gateway offering unlimited scalability, enterprise-class reliability, complete flexibility and advanced functionality, is ideal for managing fixed-content information, whatever the source, wherever the destination.
Implementing Storage Resource Broker with Sun StorageTek 5800
Creates New Category of Fixed-Content Storage Systems
Coupled with the Sun StorageTek 5800 system, Nirvana's Storage Resource Broker (SRB) enables an enterprise-wide, unified view of all data, no matter its location, data type or storage device, resulting in a genuine Global Namespace. This implementation, which gives users the ability to store objects in what is essentially a new category of storage systems, one that is optimized to store large amounts of such digital content as x-ray scans, photographs, images, research data sets, and the digitized books such as are available from the Google books projects.
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