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The System News Program For Sun Resellers
Sell more Sun Products by providing better service to your customers and prospects
December 1, 2007,
Volume 117, Issue 4

If you first provide value to your customers and prospects they will respond in kind when they have needs that you can satisfy

System News, Inc. (SNI) offers sponsored versions of the "System News for Sun Users" newsletter to Sun Resellers. Resellers can offer subscriptions to their customers and prospects. The sponsored newsletter will have the Reseller's Brand and will be integrated into the Reseller's Web site.

The purpose of a sponsored version of the newsletter is to drive the sale of Sun products. That goal is achieved with:

  • Communications
  • Calls To Action
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Lead Generation


SNI includes at least 20 news items each week, typically grouped into 4 to 6 sections. Each subscriber can choose which sections are included in their copy of the newsletter. That allows one newsletter to serve a broad audience, from developers to CIOs.

With the System News program, you provide comprehensive product, technology, company and partner news to your Customers and Prospects. Each week, you can add in additional articles of your own.

The newsletter headlines are available in an RSS feed which can be used as a delivery option by some subscribers and used to generate fresh content on the main page of the Reseller's Web site.

Calls To Action

  • 3 or 4 Sun "promo" articles are included each week in the newsletter
  • Sun's "Web Events" are promoted
  • Sales Reps or Publication owners can add in a call to action any week
  • Logins, HTML newsletter opens, following links etc., which are responses to a call-to-action, are tracked
  • Content can be added to promote other marketing activities
  • Weekly frequency can make calls-to-action more effective with repetition and more targeted messaging

Customer Relationship Management

  • Communications are sent to the customer from the Rep who owns that relationship
  • The Rep can track which articles their subscribers are looking at
  • The Rep will learn when a subscriber leaves an account
  • There is value for the Rep and the Reseller when they keep their name in front of the customers and prospects every week
  • Customers can be re-assigned to a different Rep as required by the Reseller

Lead Generation

New prospects can sign-up for the newsletter on the Reseller's web-site. The registration will cause and email to be sent to the marketing contact who can assign that lead to the appropriate sales representative.

Value Proposition

SNI now charges $79 for a full annual subscription to "System News for Sun Users". For people involved with using, buying, managing, or selling Sun products, the annual subscription fee is small compared to the time they will save when they become subscribers.

When Resellers have events or other marketing activities, promotions etc., they will need a vehicle to communicate to their existing customers and prospects.

When Resellers gather new leads as a result of their marketing activities, a free newsletter subscription can be used to maximize the value of those leads.

Sun Resellers can grow their "house list" of customers and prospects by offering a free subscription to their branded version of "System News for Sun Users".

More Details

For more details, see the Web site.

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