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December 1, 2007,
Volume 117, Issue 4

Customized RSS Feeds

This newsletter consists of a number of article summaries, grouped by named section such as "Storage", "Servers", "Services", and "Software". The newsletter portal is linked to from the articles summaries in the newsletter. The HTML and text newsletter have short articles summaries which are linked to the full articles on the newsletter portal.

Each subscriber has a username (email address), a password and a profile. By making changes to your profile, you choose which sections are included in your newsletter.

When you access the newsletter portal, only the sections that you subscribe to will be displayed.

You also have the choice of viewing the articles using an RSS client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or web sites such as

By using the RSS URL that is included in the HTML newsletter, you will be

  • automatically logged into the newsletter site
  • served only the news articles that match your profile

Note that the RSS URL that is included in your HTML newsletter includes extra characters that will cause you to be automatically logged in to the web site. For this reason, you should not share the HTML newsletter with others.

FireFox LiveBookmarks

The popular web browser FireFox has a feature called LiveBooksMarks. A bookmark can be added that uses an RSS URL. When that bookmark is accessed in the toolbar or through the BookMarks menu, the titles of the current articles will appears as the page names and they can be selected.

RSS Readers

You can use the same custom RSS URL with a RSS client such as Thunderbird.

Change of Email Address or Password

If you login to the newsletter portal and change your email address or password, you will also have to update any of your RSS clients to include your new RSS URL. From the news portal, you can on the link that says "Generate the Custom HTML Email for this Issue". The pages that is generated for you will include a link thats says "customized RSS feed".

Including the Newsletter Titles in your Own Web Site

You may use the RSS feed to create links on your web site to the System News site. For an example, see the Solaris Central web site, right-hand column under the title "Sun News".

OpenSource PHP and Perl script are available that can be run periodically to access the RSS feed and produce HTML that can be included into a Web Site.

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