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Java Technology
Spec Leads Shannon, Chinnici Discuss Evolution of Java EE 6
Extensibility, Alternative Technologies, 'Pruning' Among the Goals

In a conversation with Artima Senior Editor Frank Sommers, Bill Shannon and Roberto Chinnici, spec leads for JSR 316, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6, discuss the key design considerations for the upcoming version of the enterprise Java specification.

Executive Committee Elections for the Java ME and Java SE/EE Complete
New Members Voted in Include Eclipse, Google, Intel and Orange

This year's election for the Executive Committee (EC) on the Java ME and Java SE/EE is complete. Joining the Java Community Process (JCP) ECs are the Eclipse Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, Google, Nortel Networks, Red Hat Middleware, Intel, Orange France, Research In Motion LTD (RIM), Samsung Electronics and Time Warner Cable.

firstPress Publishes First JavaFX Script Technology Book
Dynamic Java Scripting for Rich Internet/Client-side Applications
See how easy it is to develop Rich Internet Applications and rich client-side user interfaces quickly and easily with JavaFX Script in the firstPress publication "JavaFX Script: Dynamic Java Scripting for Rich Internet/Client-side Applications," by James L. Weaver.
Open Source Java Celebrates its One Year Anniversary
The Community Takes a Look Back Over the Past Year and into the Future
It really has been one year since the release of the initial source code for the Java programming language under the GPL v2 license and the launch of the OpenJDK community (for the Java SE implementation) and the Mobile & Embedded community (for the Java ME implementation). The community is taking a look back over the past year and into the future of open source Java.
JRuby 1.1 Beta 1 Released
Test it With Your Applications and Let the Team Know How it Works
Sun's Java-powered Ruby implementation, JRuby, is now available in version 1.1 beta 1, which is the most compatible release with the stable Ruby 1.8 compiler. This is the first release from the open-source JRuby project since its initial version 1.0 was announced in June.
When is the Last Time You Attended a Java User Group?
Yakov Fain Takes Java Developers to Task

A poll indicates more than half of the Java developers never attend their local Java User Group (JUG) meetings, and Yakov Fain takes the non-attending number to task in his Sys-Con Media piece promoting the benefits of JUG membership.

Free and Open Source S/W
Red Hat Joins OpenJDK
Signs Sun's Contributor Agreement and OpenJDK Community TCK License
Red Hat has signed Sun's broad contributor agreement and its OpenJDK Community TCK License Agreement, allowing the open source solutions provider to participate in all Sun-led open source projects and help determine whether an implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) platform, derived from the OpenJDK project, complies with the Java SE 6 specification.
New Version of Cool Stack 1.2 Now Available for Download
Collection of Common Open Source Applications Optimized for Solaris

The release of CoolStack 1.2 comes with updates in its packaging like decomposed CSKamp to CSKapache2, CSKphp5 and CSKmysql32; components, which offer upgraded versions of Apache and MySQL; build that offers ease in customization with a top-level script; and bug fixes.

The Latest News from Sun Partners
Briefs on Recently Released Solutions, Partnerships

Some of the latest product activity between Sun and its partners over the last few weeks include the releases of the Ultra-Fast Data Warehouse powered by Sun and ParAccel, Syncro (Subversion) SVN Client 2.5, CCG's Molecular Operating Environment for Solaris 10, GO-Global for UNIX Version 2.2.6 from GraphOn, Centrify DirectControl 4 and more.

New Products Announced for the Sun Partner Advantage Program
T5120/T5220, X4150 and X4450 Servers Added to Development Hardware Offering
The Sun Partner Advantage program is now offering the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220, Sun Fire X4150 and X4450 servers to its Development Hardware Offering portfolio, which provides exclusively priced hardware systems and discounts to qualified members.
Channel Strives For Consistency in its Global Markets
Global Channel Business More Effiecient , Channel Chief Says
Sun's Channel Chief Bill Cate says the company is streamlining and simplifying its global channel business to make it easier and more consistent worldwide. From instituting compliance guidelines for field organizations to deciding to use the same one word in reference to partners (instead of the 80 different ones previously used), the channel is becoming much more efficient.
2007 Sun StorageTek Ready Partner of the Year: LSI Corporation
Delivers Outstanding Quality and Innovative Storage Systems to the Market
Sun named LSI Corporation as its 2007 StorageTek Ready Partner of the Year, recognizing the organization for its commitment to supporting Sun's systems and the development of storage solutions to meet market demand. LSI is a member of the Sun Partner Advantage Program.
73GB 15K Disk Drive support for Sun Fire X4100 M2, X4200 M2 and X4600 M2
Available as an X-Option and XATO

There is now internal 73GB 15K RPM 2.5-inch SAS hard disk drive support for the Sun Fire X4100 M2, Sun Fire X4200 M2 and Sun Fire X4600 M2, available as an X-option and XATO. The 73GB SAS drive is an enterprise class drive that is ROHS compliant and offers increased rotational speed for improved performance.

Get Higher Density Per RAID Controller or Expansion Unit Tray for 5320 NAS Appliance
New 400GB 10K-rpm Drive RAID and Expansion Unit
You can now get a 400GB 10K-rpm drive RAID and expansion unit for the Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS appliance for higher density and increased Fibre Channel raw capacity. Along with this new product, Sun also is ending the life for the 300GB 10K-rpm drive RAID and expansion unit options for the Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS appliance.
New Array Configurations for Sun StorageTek 6140 and 6540
1,000GB 7.2K rpm SATA-II Drive Configuration Added
Sun is making a 1,000GB 7.2K SATA-II drive available for the Sun StorageTek 6140 and Sun StorageTek 6540 storage arrays. The 1,000GB 7,200 rpm SATA-II configurations allow dynamic expansion to a maximum capacity of 224TB for the 6540 array and 112TB for the 6140 array while requiring no increase in air-conditioning and power requirements compared to the arrays with the 500GB or 750GB SATA-II hard disk drives.
Sun StorageTek 6540/6140 Array Configurations Using 400GB 10K FC Drives
EOL for Configurations Using 300GB 10K FC Drives
Sun has announced the end of life for the 300GB 10,000 rpm Fibre Channel drives from its Sun StorageTek 6140 and Sun StorageTek 6540 storage arrays and recommended 400GB 10,000 rpm Fibre Channel drives as replacement products. The last order date for the 300GB drives is January 11, 2008 and the last ship date April 11, 2008.
Sun StorageTek T10000 Tape Drive Recommended Replacement for T9940
Sun StorageTek T9940 Last Order Date Set for January 11, 2008
Sun is recommending customers consider its Sun StorageTek T10000 enterprise tape drive with Fibre Channel interface with the end of life of the Sun StorageTek T9940 tape drive program. This next-generation of StorageTek tape drives is an ideal complement to Sun's premier StorageTek automated tape libraries.
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