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Sun xVM Hypervisor: A Panacea?
Not Quite, Avers Rich Green
No, virtualization is not the cure for every data center problem, Rich Green assured Martin Courtney in an IT Week interview. With hypervisor, one must still manage both the underlying hardware and the OS, in addition to dealing with limits involving the computer resources hypervisors consume.
Big Changes Seen in Online Gaming
Project Darkstar's 'Chief Instigator' Shares his Views
Sun Labs' Project Darkstar, now in open source release, is expected to have a significant impact on the online gaming world. With Project Darkstar, developers can enjoy a "...Java technology-based infrastructure software designed for latency-critical, massively scaled online applications such as online games," explains Jeff Kesselman.
'Best-Ever' Internet Security Practices for Solaris 10 OS
Sun, CIS, NSA, DISA Collaborate on Latest Recommendations
Glenn Brunette's Security Weblog directs readers to the Center for Internet Security document "An Overview of Solaris 10 Operating System Security Controls," which complements the earlier Solaris 10 Security Benchmark from the CIS. That Level 1 document did not offer content or recommendations concerning the security controls available in the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) that are outside the realm of system hardening.
Don't Underestimate ZFS
More Than Just Your Father's File System
If you've been regarding ZFS as merely a speedy file system, Tom Yager suggests you alter your thinking because, in his view, "Sun's ZFS is close to perfect, but widely misunderstood," as he writes in his InfoWorld article. Learn how much more ZFS can do for you.
Myth Buster Jim Laurent Takes on Solaris 10 OS Detractors
See Who's the Last Man Standing

Dragon Slayer Jim Laurent takes on an even dozen myths about Solaris on x86 and x64 platforms. With his broadsword, he slays each and every one, leaving the air cleared and the reputation of the Solaris OS unsullied.

Solaris Still a Strong Contender in the OS Market
Gartner Report Finds Much to Praise in Sun's Strategy
George J. Weiss of Gartner finds much to praise in Sun's recent recasting of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) in the report "How Sun is Recasting Solaris and What it Means to Users." Weiss writes that Sun's efforts over the past few years to drive new marketing programs, functionality, system certifications, packaging, support and developer programs have eclipsed the competition, which remains market-constrained by RISC/Itanium platforms.
StarOffice and StarSuite 7 Reach End of Life (EOL)
Version 8 or 2.3 Recommended Replacements

StarOffice/StarSuite 7 have reached their end of life (EOL). The last order date is scheduled for January 11, 2008, with a last ship date of April 11, 2008, and end of service life set for April 30, 2013. Replacement products recommended are StarOffice/StarSuite 8 or 2.3 Office Productivity Suite.

10GbE Ports on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220
Two Methods Available for Customer Preference
10 GbE ports can be used with the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220 servers by either plugging in a dual--port PCI-e Network Interface Unit (NIC) or using the on-chip dual 10GbE Network Interface Unit (NIU). There are important tuning parameters for both the NIU and PCI-e 10 GbE options.
New Capacity-On-Demand Uniboards with 1.95GHz UltraSPARC IV+ Processors
For Sun Fire E4900-E25K and Sun Fire 4800-15K

Just made available this week, new Capacity-On-Demand (COD) Uniboards with 1.95GHz UltraSPARC IV+ processors. Available as both factory-configured and add-on options, these boards may be used with the current generation of Sun Fire E4900-E25K servers as well as appropriately upgraded previous generations of Sun Fire E4900-E25K servers and Sun Fire 4800-15K servers.

New Riser Cards for Sun Fire V215 and V245 Server
Provides Enhanced I/O Configurability

New riser cards for the Sun Fire V215 and V245 servers change the characteristics of the I/O subsystem for more flexibility in configurations. Two of the new riser cards provide an effective means to change I/O slots from PCI-X to PCIe, while two other ones, PCI-X riser cards, support adapters such as the X1256A-2 serial asynchronous adapter, SAI/P.

Download Hardware Certification Test Suite (HCTS) 4.0
Certify Systems and Controllers for Solaris OS on x86 and x64 Platforms

Sun is offering a free download of the Hardware Certification Test Suite (HCTS) 4.0. This GUI-based application allows users to certify their systems and controllers for the Solaris Operating System on x86 and x64 platforms

End of Life for Sun Blade X8400 Server Module DDR1-400 Memory
Last Order Date Set for January 9, 2008

An end of life announcement has been issued for the Sun Blade X8400 Server Module DDR1-400 Memory. The last order date is set for January 9, 2008, with a last ship date scheduled for April 8, 2008 and end of service life for April 8, 2013.

Live Sun Net Talk Chat: New Sun SPARC Enterprise Systems Q&A
November 13th at 12 Noon EST/ 9 a.m. PST
Join a live Sun Net Talk Chat to find out how Sun's revamped lineup of Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers can meet your organization's needs when it comes to virtualization, scalability and datacenter efficiency. This Q&A chat will allow participants to ask questions and get specific answers on these solutions. This event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13th, at 12 Noon EST/ 9 a.m. PST.
Webinar: Exploring The Next Generation IDE in Sun Studio Software
One Hour Webinar Available for Playback
Learn about developing applications for C, C++ and Fortran using Sun Studio 12 IDE, in this one-hour webinar that includes tips for creating and configuring projects, navigating and editing source files, using runtime checking to automatically detect runtime errors (memory access, memory usage, memory leaks) and debugging with the dbx debugger.
Podcast Series Covers Topics on Virtual Desktop Solutions
Find Out What's Happening in the Industry

With virtualization all the rage, take a listen to four Sun podcasts that address the technology. Hosted by Chris Kawalek, a product manager for Desktop Virtualization, these podcasts bring together the Sun Virtual Desktop team, customers, partners and colleagues to discuss the latest in desktop virtualization.

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 and GCCfss Tops Competitors on SPEC CPU2006
Beat All Competitors' Single Chip Results
The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 server beat all competitors' single chip results on the SPECint_rate2006. When running at 1.4 GHz using the GCC for SPARC Systems (gccfss) compiler, the Sun UltraSPARC T2 server delivered a result 78.0, which is 28 percent better than the results of IBM POWER6 running at 4.7 GHZ with a proprietary compiler.
Sun Fire X4100 and Paraccel Set TPC-H World Records
In Performance and Price/Performance
Sun Fire X4100 server has set world record performance and price/performance results on the TPC-H benchmarks using Paraccel Analytic Database. The Sun Fire X4100 cluster achieved a QphH@1000GB of 315,842, nearly five times the previously reported best performance, and a $/QphH@1000GB of $4.57, which is about twice as good as the previously reported best price/performance.
AMD Opteron 8224SE (3.2GHz, 120W) Processor Available for Sun Fire X4600 M2
Fastest AMD Opteron Dual-Core Processor Available
AMD Opteron Model 8224SE processor (3.2GHz, 120W) is now available as an XATO and X-option for the Sun Fire X4600 M2 server. This processor is the fastest AMD Opteron dual-core processor available. It supports up to 128GB of memory using 32 x 4GB DIMMs with up to 8 x 3.2GHz dual core processors, Sun reports.
How Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) Pack 3.0 Works on Sun Servers
Article Series Details Tasks of This Monitoring Tool
Pavel Bures is hosting a series of articles on his blog covering the architecture of the Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM) Pack 3.0 and how it works in conjunction with Sun servers. MOM is a monitoring tool to help manage large numbers of servers. Sun provides a plug-in for MOM on its servers that support the Windows 2003 Operating System.
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