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Sun xVM Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 1.0
Securely Access Centralized Desktops from a Wide Range of Client Devices
The newly available Sun xVM Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 1.0 enables users to access a Windows, Linux or UNIX desktop environment, running as a virtual machine in the datacenter, from nearly any type of client device on the network. It can deliver virtual desktops to PCs, thin clients, Sun Ray virtual display clients and even some mobile devices.
OpenSolaris Developer Preview Ready for Download
Binary Distribution for Those Wanting to Develop and Test
As promised, the OpenSolaris Developer Preview (Project Indiana) has been released for preliminary study of the binary distribution of OpenSolaris. This preview release is intended for anyone who wishes to help develop and test the distribution. An official release of the distribution is planned for the first half of 2008.
Sun's First Storage-Server Hybrid to be Released
Expected First Quarter of 2008 Under FishWorks Label
Robert Nieboer, Sun's Asia-Pacific technology evangelist, told an audience at an open source storage event that the company plans on offering its first server-storage hybrid product in the first quarter of 2008 under the label FishWorks ("Fish" refers to "fully integrated software and hardware"). The initial FishWorks products will be aimed at small- to medium-sized enterprises.
Sun in Florida : Solaris and Java Developers Update Nov 13, 14, 15
Seminars in Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale
Sun Microsystems will be hosting events in the Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale area for developers who use Solaris and/or Java to create software. The 2-hour sessions will be held at Sun's office locations. They will include lunch with Solaris and Java experts presenting up-to-date tools, tips, and techniques.
SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin's Blog Recap
Recent Blog Entries of Interest to Sun Users
SNI Editor-in-Chief/CTO John J. McLaughlin posts items of interest to Sun Users on a regular basis on his blog. A quick recap of John's posts for the last week, include Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07 for VMware, Sun xVM Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 1.0, OpenSolaris Devekoper's Preview (Project Indiana), and an update on the OpenSolaris Storage Community.
New Java Web Services Courses
Covers Creating, Developing and Securing Web Services

Developers with advanced certification in Java technology earn 15 to 25 percent more than the average IT professional, according to Certification Magazine. To increase your earnings potential, Sun offers a range of Java training, including three new Java web services courses: Creating Web Services Using Java Technology; Developing Java Web Services; and Developing Secure Java Web Services.

Sun Training Guide - Handy Reference
Comprehensive Listing of Sun Courses, Sun Certification Program and Paths

Staying current on the latest technologies can enhance professional credibility and increase the possibility for advancement. Sun offers extensive training and certification courses on its software technologies and hardware products. For a comprehensive listing of Sun courses currently available, take a look at the Sun Training Guide.

Solaris Associate Seminar Course Introduces the OS and its Advanced Features
For Developers and Administrators New to Solaris Operating System

If you are brand-new to the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and want to learn more about it and its advanced features and capabilities, the Solaris Associate Seminar course could be the right next-step for you. According to Stacy David Thurston, the full course will consist of three days' worth of material with the first day spent on introducing the Solaris desktop and applications, the second introducing the Solaris Environment and the third covering advanced features of the Solaris OS.

Sun eLearning Certification Success Packages
Courseware for System Administrators and Developers

Certification advances professional credibility and can increase earnings potential for everyone in the IT industry. Right now, Sun is offering system administrators and developers a chance to become certified under its eLearning Certification Success Packages that makes courseware available to you 24x7 via your personal computer or online access.

Free and Open Source S/W
The Outlook for Open Source from Sun's Perspective
Project Leaders Provide Updates on their Efforts

Sun recently convened an Open Source Worldwide Panel hosted by Ian Murdock, the company's chief operating systems platform strategist, that considered the future of Open Source technologies. Panels were also held on PostgreSQL, Project OpenJDK, Sun's Image Package System and OpenSolaris.

Downloads of 2.3 Reach for Million Per Week
Sun Now Offering Suite with Java Auto Updates
Since 2.3 was released in September, downloads have skyrocketed to nearly a million per week and this number could continue its rise with Sun offering the free download to users receiving regular Java updates.
The Present and Future of Open Source
James Gosling Shares His Views

For James Gosling, the important thing about open source is community engagement. At least that's what he told Tim Scannell in an interview for "A lot of our customers and the people we work with are just really smart and really good people," he continued. Gosling was careful to position Sun as a "supplier to other technology companies," which puts the corporation squarely in the business of supplying the infrastructure that underlies numerous applications developed by others.

Latest Available NetBeans Build: Version 6.0 Beta 2
Released Under Both GPL2 and CDDL.
NetBeans latest build, NetBeans 6.0 Beta 2, comes bundled with MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers, and adds improvements to Ruby code completion and Woodstock 4.1 Build 14. The Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) is now dual-licensed under GPL v2 with ClassPath exception and the Sun Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) license.
Sun Report Builder (SRB) Extension Enhances
Upgrades Base's Reporting Features; Documentation Lacking
Dmitri Popov's article entitled "Sun Report Builder: Better reporting in" focuses on the improved utility provided to Sun Report Builder (SRB) in its new extension, which is a result of collaboration with Pentaho.
McNealy Identifies Advantages of Open Source Technology
Sharing Technology is Beneficial to All
There are some distinct advantages for open source technology, said Scott McNealy, speaking at the NICSA Technology Summit 2007 in Las Vegas. The Sun Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of Sun Federal, Inc., said sharing of technology is beneficial to providers and users if it is done correctly.
Project Open Provisioning Toolkit (OpenPTK)
New Community Project for Identity Management
Project Open Provisioning ToolKit (OpenPTK) is an open toolkit bridging specialized user interfaces and access points to identity solutions. This community project launched earlier last month with the release of OpenPTK version 1.0 that comes with a consumer Java API, web services (.wsdl), HTML Taglibs and JSR-168 portlets with user self-service, administration and command line interface (CLI) examples.
What's in the Pipeline for Storage Products at Sun
Products and Predictions of Sun's Forthcoming Technologies
Chris Mellor kept his ear to the ground at Sun's Denver forum, where he gleaned plenty of information on the forthcoming releases of disk and tape storage products. He calls his Techworld report "Sun's storage product roadmap."
Programmer's Usage Model for the Sun StorageTek 5800 System (Honeycomb)
Introduction to the System's Programming Model
Read an introduction to the programming model for Honeycomb and the Sun StorageTek 5800 system in a recent Sun blog. This piece is part of the Sun StorageTek 5800 API Programming Guide. Content covers the 5800 Client API along with its data model, metadata model, query model and query integrity model. Information on deleting objects and the 5800 System virtual view model also are discussed.
Sun StorageTek IBM LTO4 SCSI for SL500 & L180-700-1400 Tape Libraries
Increased Native Capacity and Performance Over LTO 2 & 3 Drive Technologies
New Sun StorageTek IBM LTO4 SCSI drives are available for the Sun StorageTek SL500 Library System and Sun StorageTek L180/700/1400 Tape Libraries. LTO4 tape drives have a 800GB/cartridge native capacity to back up more data at twice the transfer rate as a single cartridge, and 120MB/sec native throughput for double the read/write speed of LTO3 tape drives.
Sun StorageTek SAM-QFS Wiki
Site for Documentation, Patches and Updates on Latest SAM-QFS Release

For the latest information on the Sun StorageTek SAM-QFS 4.6 release and future releases, check out the Sun StorageTek SAM-QFS Wiki that offers information on patches, the latest hardware qualifications and links to documentation. The wiki also hosts the SAM-QFS Weblog.

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