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Rabobank Improves Data Center Performance by Working with Sun
Sun Services and Best Practices Applied with High Performance Results
Rabobank desired to reduce time spent on maintenance and improve performance in their IT department and Sun Microsystems made it happen. By working side by side, this team was able to reduce infrastructure service maintenance by 33 percent and boost data center availability to 100 percent.
    Interview with Dave Douglas on Sun's Eco Challenges
    Reducing Data Center Space and Paper Use
    In a recent interview with Dave Douglas, Sun's vice president of Eco-Responsibility, talked about how Sun is cutting costs and saving energy, from small initiatives to large ones.
      Version 6.0 of N1 Service Provisioning System Now Available
      Version 5.1 Issued Last Order Date
      Version 6.0 of the N1 Service Provisioning System (SPS) is the latest edition of the software that offers an SPS Modeler, improved usability, UI enhancements, upgrades and more. Additionally, Sun Software Support is available for the Master Server and Remote Agent components of N1 SPS 6.0.
      Questions Answered About Sun & IBM Solaris OS Announcement
      Support, Patches, Certification and More
      Since Sun and IBM announced their joint agreement to have the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) supported on IBM System x servers ([18517]), many people have questions. A new FAQ list posted on the Solaris OS site answers: "Why would Sun want to do a deal with a direct competitor to its hardware business?"
      Solaris 8 and 9 Join 10 in Access to Sun Connection Update Manager
      Tech Tip Shows How to Optimize Sun Connection Cache

      Sun Connection Update Manager, which notifies users of the latest updates like patches and features, is now available for versions 8 and 9 of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), and will continue to be an option on the Solaris 10 OS. Download is free from the Sun website.

      New Addition to Sun Configuration Diagram Templates
      Sun SPARC M5000 Server Details Added
      The latest update to the Sun Configuration Diagram Templates includes the Sun SPARC M5000 server (updated August 2007). The diagrams are in StarOffice software presentation format, so you can simply cut and paste to document a configuration.
      Benchmark Shows Off UltraSPARC T1 for Database-, Application- & Web Tier
      Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000 Server and Oracle Database
      The BM Seer blog reports that the Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000 server "is the performance leader in Two-Tier SAP-SD Standard Application Benchmarks on single processor systems as of August 22nd, 2007."
      ZFS Snapshot to Amazon S3
      Using a Storage Utility vs Building One Yourself

      Paul Monday provides an example of the planning process he went through when considering using a storage utility or building his own. He selected the ZFS file system and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for a storage utility.

      Manage Many Multi-pathing Instances with Sun StorageTek HiCommand Global Link Availability Manager
      Load balancing, Path Failover, Failback, Path Health Checking

      Version 5.7 of the Sun StorageTek HiCommand Global Link Availability Manager (GLAM) includes new features such as enhancements to usability, IO Count and IO Error Display, Host Tree Path Status Icons and network scan with scheduling feature. Also new is version 5.9 of Sun StorageTek Dynamic Link Manager (SDLM) Advanced for Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Windows, AIX, HP-UX and Linux.

      300GB 15K Hard Disk Drives for the Sun StorageTek 9900 Series Systems
      For High Performance at a Higher Capacity

      New 300GB 15K Drives for the Sun StorageTek 9990, 9985 and 9990V systems provide high-speed retrieval for archives. These drives can be optimized with the storage system for high performance at a higher capacity for applications that require high performance and reliable high availability.

      Top Ten Articles for last Issue
      Volume 114 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4

      Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 114 Issue 4, were:

      logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for each of the last 4 issues.

      Top Ten Articles for Vol 114 Issue 4

      • Transactional Memory in Sun's "Rock" processor [18516]
      • The Art of System Profiling -- Using the sys_diag v.7.04 Solaris Utility [18525]
      • Sun Type 7 Keyboard - Guide to Special Keys [18510]
      • Using JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit (JET) [18526]
      • Three New, Energy-Efficient Sun Data Centers in US, UK and India [18533]
      • Using ZFS for File Compression [18502]
      • Updated Curriculum Guides for OpenSolaris [18528]
      • IBM Redpaper: How to Install Solaris 10 OS on Supported IBM BladeCenter Servers [18519]
      • Sun Microsystems to Change Stock Ticker Symbol to JAVA [18547]
      • Evaluate Solaris 10 Appliance for VMware and VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) Software on the Sun x64 Platforms [18515]
        Internationalize and Localize Your Portlets
        Technical Article Explains The Basics
        Find out how to internationalize, localize and deploy portlets using the Sun Java System Portal Server in a recent Sun Developer Network article that explains how to display portlet content in different languages and add new language support to existing portlets.
        Using Watchpoints in Sun Studio dbx Debugger
        Learn to Set Watchpoints and Monitor Watchpoint Traps with DTrace
        If you ever wondered how watchpoints in the Sun Studio dbx debugger actually work, then you should see Nasser Nouri's recent article that attempts to demystify this debugging feature. This article also shows how you can trace internal steps of the Solaris kernel by using the DTrace facility and a simple D script.
        Get Focused on Linux - New Video on SDN Channel
        Discussion of Ubuntu 7.04 and Sun's Contributions to Linux
        Sun Developer Network (SDN) Channel TV's Kuldip Oberoi interviewed Sun's Linux Strategist, Barton George, regarding Sun's substantial contributions to the Linux OS. Watch the 12-minute video on SDN TV, where they discuss Ubuntu 7.04, Sun's Java Stack and more.
        Sun Server Virtualization Technology
        Benefits in Using Solaris Containers and Logical Domains
        Solaris Containers and Logical Domains are the focus of a Sun BluePrints article that outlines the benefits in implementing these server virtualization technologies within an IT environment.
        Creating More Than One I/O Domain
        Example Uses a Sun Fire T2000 Server
        The August 16, 2007, blog by Alexandre Chartre explains how to "split PCI with LDoms". Chartre uses a Sun Fire T2000 server as an example to show how to create a maximum of two I/O domains.
        How to Install and Configure Sun Cluster Data Service for MySQL
        Take Advantage of Expanded Support for SMF and Solaris Containers

        Jenny Chen outlines how to set up a two-node cluster of Sun Cluster 3.2 Data Service for MySQL. Steps cover installation and configuration. There are illustrations and code.

        Clarifying Solaris Networking Abstractions
        Blog Hosts Illustration to Show Networking Topologies
        A recent Sun blog helps clarify Solaris networking abstractions and how they relate within and across layers through the use of an illustration and brief explanation of two common Sun networking cards - ce and qfe.
        How to Burn a CD and/or a DVD in the Solaris OS
        Example Included

        Steps to burn a CD and/or a DVD in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) are available on a Sun blog. We're including it here for you.

        Vulnerabilities in ata(7D) Disk Driver May Lead to DoS
        x86 Systems Affected, Patches Available

        A local unprivileged user could cause a Denial of Service (DoS) condition due to security vulnerabilities in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), specifically certain ioctl(2) functions in the ata(7D) disk driver.

        Lightweight Crypto Accelerator of the UltraSPARC T2 Processor
        Modular Arithmetic Unit (MAU) Details and Accessing the Accelerators
        The single, integrated cryptographic unit of the UltraSPARC T2 processor provides the advantage of lower cost because a separate cryptographic processor is not needed and there is no high-performance penalty previously associated with secure operation. Learn more about the processor and its crypto accelerator.
        Vulnerabilities in Solaris 8 rbac(5) May Allow Unauthorized Remote Access
        Solaris 8 OS Without Patches Can Be Affected

        A remote user who knows the passwords for certain roles could gain unauthorized access to a system due to two security vulnerabilities in the Solaris 8 Role Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanism. These vulnerabilities are on hosts with RBAC (5) roles. A workaround is online.

        Vulnerability in JRE Font Parsing Code
        An Untrusted Applet Could Elevate its Privileges

        According to SunSolve, "a vulnerability in the font parsing code in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) may allow an untrusted applet to elevate its privileges." See the SunSolve site for links to the releases not affected.

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