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Women in I.T. - Katy Dickinson of Sun Labs
Successfully Working as a Minority in a Competitive Profession
Although women comprise only 21.7 percent of computer software engineers, Sun has proven to be a workplace where women can thrive. Katy Dickinson, Sun's director of business process architecture, CTO organization and Sun Labs, is one of four women IT professionals who shared her experience as a woman and minority in the IT profession.
Schwartz on Sun's Open Source Business Strategy
Community Leading Sun to Commercial Success
With Sun giving away more of its software, how is it that the company is experiencing a significant growth in its software business? Jonathan Schwartz explains this and more in a recent interview with Matt Asay, who's blog is hosted on CNET Blog Network.
Life Science Research on the Bio Cluster Grid
Version 1.5 Now Available
Marc Hamilton's Weblog highlights the Bio Cluster Grid developed at Sun's Asia Pacific Science and Technology Center (APSTC) in Singapore where the SARS genome was decoded. Researchers can get more compute power through the grid and work with one of the many high-powered bioinformatics applications on the grid.
Java Technology
Proposed Changes to the Java Programming Language
Principles for Evolving the Java Language
Based on concerns that changes to the Java programming language will make it more complex, a new article by Danny Coward on the Sun Developer Network addresses the concerns and possible changes. Possible enhancements include property support, closures and more.
Java Increases and .Net Declines in SOA Platform Deployments
New Evans Data Survey Reports
Java and .NET deployments for SOA are virtually tied, reports a new Evans Data survey of developers and IT managers actively working on Web Services. The survey found SOA deployments on the Java platform went up slightly while planned builds of SOA implementations on .NET decreased.
Dual-Core AMD Processor in Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server
AMD Opteron Model 8222 (3.0GHz Dual Core) Now Available
Sun Fire X4600 M2 server is now available with the dual-core AMD Opteron model 8222 (3.0 GHz) 95 Watt processor. This next-generation AMD processor delivers both 32- and 64-bit enterprise-class computing.
Training Course on the Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server
Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Web-Based Class

A Web-based course on the Sun Fire X2200 M2 server provides details on installation, maintenance and troubleshooting the server. Learn about the architecture and how to install and configure the server. The course is three-days long and available online 365 days once you've registered.

New Configurations for Sun StorageTek 2540 and 2501 Arrays
DC Power Option, Integrated Services (Sun System Packs)
Sun is now offering Sun StorageTek 2540 FC Array and 2501 SAS Expansion Array configurations with Integrated Services (Sun System Packs). These configurations are available with a new DC power supply option and come in multiple "fixed" standalone system combinations with dual RAID controllers and expansion array configurations with dual SAS I/O modules.
Two Storage Downloads for Sun StorageTek 6000 Arrays
RDAC Driver for Linux and Multi-Path Device Specific Module

Two new downloads for Sun StorageTek 6000 Arrays are available from the Sun Download Center: the Sun StorEdge RDAC Driver for Linux 2.4 Kernel (09.00) and Linux 2.6 Kernel (09.01); and the Multi-Path Device Specific Module (MPIO DSM).

Sun Datapath Policies for Disks and Disk Arrays White Paper
Policies for Fibre Channel and iSCSI
A new white paper from the Sun Storage Software Team explains policies for datapath interfaces (not physical interfaces) for disk and disk array implementations to address problems that cause a lack of interoperability with disks and arrays.
Applications Built on NetBeans Platform: Featuring Boeing
Engineering Analysis of Aircraft
Boeing has built an engineering analysis application on the NetBeans platform that evaluates load and fuel management and more. It started with an application called Mass Toolkit (MassTk) that analyzes mass properties of aircraft and was built from other legacy applications at Boeing before they started using NetBeans.
Post Questions to MSA Experts Starting August 20
Mobile Service Architecture (MSA) JSR 248
Ask your questions about the Mobile Service Architecture (MSA), JSR 248, to Sun experts all during the week of August 20th to the 24th. JSR 248 will continue the work of JSR 185.
NetBeans IDE Testing Tools: JUnit, XTest, Jemmy
New Keyboard Shortcuts in NetBeans 6.0

Some testing tools available to NetBeans users have been gathered together in one place, Geertjan's blog; he made the list from a conversation with Jiri Skrivanek, a member of the QE group and creator of some of the tools. Some of the modules highlighted are JUnit, the Jemmy library, Jelly tools and XTest.

Integrating Sun Java System Access Manager and Microsoft SharePoint
For Single Sign On

Learn how to integrate Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 with the Sun Java System Access Manager for single sign-on (SSO) in part two of a three part Sun Developer Network article series focusing on interoperating Sun and Microsoft for web authentication.

Download OpenSwing 1.2.1
Open-source Swing Framework Updated
The open-source Swing framework known as OpenSwing is now available in version 1.2.1 and can be downloaded for free from the Web site. OpenSwing can be applied both to rich client applications and web-based Java applications/Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).
Logical Domains: Create 64 with New UltraSPARC T2 Processor
Boot Linux and Solaris OS Together
Check out two Flash demos that show logical domains in action: One shows Linux and Solaris booting together, and the other shows just how many logical domains can be created with the UltraSPARC T2 processor.
Basics and Alternatives to Installing & Managing Sun Java System Identity Management Suite on Solaris 10 OS
Troubleshooting and Best Practice Guidelines (80 pages)
As a supplement to the standard documentation on how to install and configure the Sun Java Identity Management Suite on the Solaris 10 Operating System, a new guide presents some alternative approaches to take advantage of the Solaris Zones and Service Management Facility features.
Using PAM for Authentication on Solaris OS
Rich Teer Explains Pluggable Authentication Modules Framework

Rich Teer brings his Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) knowledge to explaining the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) framework in a technical article available on the Sun Developer Network (SDN).

Developers Guide to Solaris 10 OS
User and Sys Admin Commands, System and Libarary Calls, Device Drivers and More

Jyothi Srinath of Sun has gathered some documentation for people new to the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), particularly Solaris 10 OS. There is a link to a developers guide for Solaris OS and more.

Solaris 10 OS Security Features Applied to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
Protecting Card Holder Data
A new Sun white paper presents security features of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and related Sun technologies, describing how they can be used by organizations to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
The Importance of Security Information Management (SIM)
Sun Blogger Details Intricacies in Maintaining a Secure System

Sun blogger Kuldeep Singh makes a case on the importance in implementing Security Information Management (SIM) software in his August 7 entry that examines the hazards and hassles of maintaining truly secure information systems.

Solaris 10 OS DTrace Security Vulnerability
Also Security Vulnerability in Solaris 10 BIND

Two Solaris OS related security announcements: Solaris 10 Systems May Panic or Hang When Running Certain DTrace D Programs, and Security Vulnerability in Solaris 10 BIND. See the article for details and links to SunSolve.

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