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Sun Cluster Support for ATCA CP3010 SPARC Blade and Netra 240
Double Your Environment's Capacity and Efficiency at Half the Cost
Sun Cluster 3.1 and 3.2 now support the ATCA CP3010 SPARC Blade and the Netra 240 server, allowing customers to deploy this open blade architecture into their existing environment without requiring proprietary I/O and management tools.
Sun Streaming Software V1.6 Released
New Availability and Manageability Features Included
Sun Streaming Software V1.6 is now available along with new service offerings to ensure customers get the system installed and running as quickly as possible. Multiple availability and manageability features highlight this latest version that include automatic failover, graceful shutdown and monitor/report information.
New Configurations and Lower Price for Sun Fire X4500 Server
Featuring AMD Opteron and 12 TB Storage
The Sun Fire X4500 server is now being offered by Sun at a reduced price and with a new configuration. It features 12 TB of storage on an internal disk and has a 4 RU factor. It runs on an Opteron processor (2.8 GHz).
Remanufactured Sun Fire E25K High-End Data Center Servers Available
Fixed Configurations Built with Same Quality Standards as New Sun Products
If you are in the market for a Sun Fire E25K server, look at the remanufactured servers available as part of your search. Sun has some remanufactured Sun Fire E25K servers with fixed configurations available.
Two New Low-end LTO Tape Libraries
Sun StorageTek SL24 Tape Autoloader and SL48 Tape Library
The new Sun StorageTek SL24 Tape Autoloader and Sun StorageTek SL48 Tape Library are Sun's new low-end LTO tape libraries that provide high-capacity automated backup with easy-to-use features. They offer a variety of drive types and interfaces so customers can select the capacity, performance and price point for their needs.
Sun StorageTek Enterprise Backup Software (EBS) V7.4 with Recovery Workflow Improvements
Additional Flexibility, Central Administration Improvements

The newest version of Sun StorageTek Enterprise Backup Software (EBS) V7.4 provides additional flexibility and improvements in recovery workflow. It is also localized in Japanese.

Software Features From Legacy Arrays Can Now Be Transferred
Licenses from Sun and Former Sun StorageTek Arrays Eligible

Customers will now be able to transfer licenses on software features from legacy Sun and former-STK arrays to the current Sun StorageTek mid-range storage arrays: ST6540 and ST6140. Legacy arrays qualified for this transfer include the Sun StorEdge 6130, Sun StorageTek FlexLine FLX380, FLX280, FLX240, FLX210 and D178.

Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 113 Issues 1, 2, 3, and 4

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 113 Issue 4, were:

  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 Server Outperforms IBM and HP [18390]
  • Get LDOMS Up and Running on Sun Fire T2000 Server [18376]
  • New 24.1-inch, 4th Generation LCD Monitor Being Introduced [18409]
  • Expanding Solaris Containers Abilities and Tightening Security [18387]
  • Solaris 10 OS Certified on Two Intel Servers [18403]
  • Migrating to Solaris 10 OS [18401]
  • SCP and RCP Protocols [18378]
  • World Record Sun Fire T2000 for 2-node Configuration with 1-Socket Application Server [18388]
  • Sun Blade T6300 Sets World Record [18402]
  • Sophisticated Sun Fire X4500 Video Surveillance Solution [18368]
    ZFS Now Stores Redundant Copies for Data
    Data Protection Policy Can Be Set on Per-file System Basis
    New features of ZFS are available in OpenSolaris build 61 (or later), including a new data protection policy on a per-file system basis that goes beyond what is offered on the underlying device or volume. Richard Relling explains this latest ZFS feature in his Sun Weblog.
    Updated LDoms Guide Incorporates Feedback from Customers and LDoms Team
    Concepts and Architecture, Implementation and Management
    In March we published an article about the beginner's guide to LDoms [17757], but since then the guide has been updated. Use the updated guide instead of the previous edition. It incorporates feedback from LDoms experts within Sun as well as customers.
    Updated Solaris Bootcamp Presentations
    From Bob Netherton, Technical Specialist, Solaris Adoption Team
    Bob Netherton, technical specialist from the Solaris Adoption team, has posted recent presentations he has made at Solaris Bootcamps. The topics are what's new in Solaris 10 11/06 Operating System (Solaris OS), ZFS and virtualization technologies.
    Extended FILE Facility for 32-bit Applications -- Runtime and Programming Solutions
    Overcoming Limitations of 256 File Descriptors

    Sun software engineer Giri Mandalika explains the runtime and programming solutions that were introduced under the extended FILE facility on Solaris 10 OS and later versions. This facility allows well-behaved 32-bit applications to use any valid file descriptor with the standard I/O functions instead of being limited to using only the file descriptors 0 through 255 with the standard I/O functions in the C library.

    Analyze Off-CPU Time Using DTrace
    Tech Tip from Brendan Gregg

    Brendan Gregg posted a blog entry on using DTrace to analyze off-CPU time. He wanted to solve the problem of the 20-second wait when running gnome-terminal. See his blog for what he tried, what worked and what didn't and what the reason turned out to be.

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