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Upgraded Infrastructure of Humanitarian New Website Provides Better Information Access for Aid Workers
Sun Technology to Boost Website and Handle Increases in Traffic
Servers, software and services from Sun will be used to improve the infrastructure of the humanitarian online news network AlertNet. They will consolidate from 13 servers to 11 Sun Fire T2000 servers with the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) to help manage spikes in traffic to the web site.
Cluster File Systems (CFS) To Integrate Lustre with OpenSolaris ZFS
Bringing New Levels of Data Integrity and Scalability
The open source Lustre network file system from the scalable cluster file system technology company, Cluster File Systems, Inc. (CFS), of Boulder, Colorado, will now use the OpenSolaris ZFS disk file system on Lustre servers running Linux operating systems.
Oracle Certifies RAC 9i/10gR1/10gR2 64-bit on Solaris 9 and 10 OS SPARC
Installation Guide Available
Oracle has certified RAC 9.2/10gR1/10gR2 64-bit on Solaris 9 and Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) SPARC platform running Sun Cluster 3.2 software. An installation guide is available online.
Deploying SAP Systems with Solaris 10 OS Zones
Script for Automating Zones
A recent Sun blog posted a presentation about how to install SAP systems to get the benefits of Solaris 10 Operating Systems (Solaris OS) zones. Also find a script that automates the creation of a zone.
Project Blackbox Has Its First Customer - Stanford University
Linear Accelerator Center Adds More Power to Its Subatomic Particle Research
Project Blackbox has been touring the country and the world to show off what it can do. Now, the first customer will be getting their own. Stanford University just got the first black box shipping container for their Linear Accelerator Center.
HPC Talks Online from Dresden June 2007
TSUBAME, Sun Visualization System Case Study, and Niagara 2 Processors
Josh Simons gathered links to many HPC Consortium talks and posted them on his blog. Talks he links to cover topics such as TSUBAME, the Sun Visualization System, and two talks on the Niagara 2 processor performance.
Sun Net Talk On Demand: Sun Delivers Microsoft Interoperability Year 3
Success Stories of Sun and Microsoft on Sun Ray Thin Clients and More
Hear from Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos and others in a new Sun Net Talk On Demand about the three-year Sun/Microsoft interoperability partnership. Discussion centers around customer successes from the joint use of Microsoft and Sun servers, thin clients and storage; and Project Tango; and Java technology and .NET compatibility.
New Features in Sun Management Center 3.6.1 Software
Failover HA Solution, Linux Agent Support for OPL, Xen Qualification
The newest version of Sun Management Center software, version 3.6.1, expands monitoring and management into the realm of x86/x64 systems through the x86 config reader, which allows you to deploy the Sun Management Center server within a non-global zone. Learn about this and other new features in a new white paper.
Project D-Light: New Sun Studio Express Plug-In
For Profiling and Seeing Runtime Application Behavior
Quickly profile and peer into the runtime behavior of your systems with Project D-Light, a free download from the Sun site. Project D-Light is a new feature added to Sun Studio Express. This plug-in uses an intuitive drag and drop interface.
Sun Software Quarterly News Spring 2007 Highlights Recent Wins
Gartner Report, Revenue News, Solaris OS Registered Licenses and More
The Spring 2007 Sun Software Quarterly News report lists milestones achieved, business case studies showing successful adoption and implementation of Sun software, and other facts about the state of Sun's software strategy.
Zero Servers -- Is It Possible to Rely on Online Services for Applications?
SaaS as a More Efficient Model
Robert Worrall, Sun CIO and senior VP, asserts that the IT shop of the future will focus more on business than technology. Worrall recently talked with Paul Krill of about this trend and how this will affect Sun's business model.
Disk Allocation: What Space Are You Really Using?
A Sun Study Finds Wasted Space
Thinking about adding capacity to your IT infrastructure? See this blog for insight on assessing what space you have and how it is being used (or not used). Randy Chalfant of Sun asserts that on average 40 percent of space is used for inert data that has not been accessed in six months.
    Tunables for the Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation Suite
    White Paper Presents Examples
    If you are a SAN architect who needs to adjust certain values to optimize failover times or array performance, this guide explains what to adjust and how. The paper presents three general matrices describing the various types of tunables and/or default values related to performance, failover times, and error recovery and logging.
    Drivers for Sun StorageTek L- and SL-Series Libraries Available
    Sun StorageTek Tape Drive T9840 Family Drivers Available for Download

    New drivers are available for download for Sun StorageTek L-Series libraries and for the Sun StorageTek Tape Drive T9840 family. See the Sun Download Center for details and links.

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