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Sun Java System Identity Manager 7.1 Administration How-to
Manage Resources, Customize Email Templates with Admin Messages
June 25, 2007,
Volume 112, Issue 4

Manage and audit access to accounts and resources with the Sun JavaTM System Identity Manager. Tasks this software handles include allowing access to applications for people inside and outside your company so they can do their jobs. It can also help with changes in roles for employees and others and help when someone forgets a password. With Sun Java System Identity Manager 7.1, you have fully integrated functionality to grant, manage and revoke access privileges across internal and external organizations.

Sun Java System Identity Manager includes three primary graphical interfaces to perform these tasks:

  • Administrator Interface, to manage users, set up and assign resources, define rights and access levels and audit compliance

  • User Interface, is specifically tailored to users without administrative capabilities

  • Identity Manager IDE, used to create and edit forms that establish the features available on each Sun Java System Identity Manager page

Administrators configure the resources in the Identity Manager system. The resources store information about how to connect to a resource or system on which accounts are created. Identity Manager provides resources for a wide range of resource types, including:

  • Mainframe security managers
  • Databases
  • Directory services
  • Operating systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Messaging platforms

Administrators can also add custom resources with the Resource Wizard. For steps of how to use this wizard see Chapter 4 of the documentation for the Sun Java System Identity Manager.

Sun Java System Identity Manager uses email templates to deliver information and requests for action to users and approvers. Some of the templates the system includes are an Access Review Notice, Account Creation Approval, Password Reset, Policy Violation Notice and more. The templates can be edited to customize them to your needs such as to provide specific directions to the recipient, telling him or her how to accomplish a task or how to see results.

The Sun Java System Identity Manager documentation outlines more steps and tasks such as managing users and accounts, data synchronization and loading, reconciliation, reporting, security features of the software, managing server encryption, auditing and more. See the table of contents online for the topics you need.

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