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Java Technology
Learn How to Start Using JRuby and the Java Platform
Article Explains the Basics
A Sun Developer Network article can help you start using JRuby scripts with Java applications and the NetBeans IDE. Monica Pawlan outlines the basics in this article beginning with setting up JRuby along with examples, figures and links for even more information.
Join the New Project OpenJFX Community
Help Create the Future of JavaFX Script
Project OpenJFX is a new community focused on JavaFX Script - a highly productive scripting language for creating rich media and content for deployment on Java environments. This community will be sharing early versions of the JavaFX Script language and collaborating on its development. Plans are for JavaFX Script code to eventually be open sourced.
Sun Fire X4600 Server Review Concludes it is Fast, Powerful and Beautiful Happy with Performance, Speed and Design
The testing crew at were excited to get a Sun Fire X4600 server to test, and they discovered that the system "pack more power than we knew what to do with". The review by Charlie Schluting dissects the server inside and out.
Sun Blade News: Benchmarks, a Podcast and Review
Sun Blade X6220, Sun Blade X6250 Benchmark Results; Blade Server and Virtualization Podcast
Recent Sun Blade news includes some world record results of benchmark tests for the Sun Blade X6220 and the Sun Blade X6250 modules. There is also a podcast from InfoWorld that discusses blade servers and virtualization.
What is "True Virtualization"?
Looking at Sematics and Comparing Technologies
Bob Netherton's blog entry of June 11, 2007, explores what is meant by the phrase "true virtualization".
Top 100 Articles from May 2007
Volume 111

This is a list of the first 20 of the 100 most popular articles from May, 2007:

  • Technical Details of the New SPARC64 VI Processor [18041]
  • Solaris 10 OS Successfully Booted on Rock Processor [18046]
  • Setting Up a Samba Server Installation to Share a Solaris 10 OS File System [18154]
  • Sun StorageTek LTO 4 FC Tape Drives Announced [18107]
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise Family Architecture White Paper [18122]
  • Sun Gains Market Share for Fifth Straight Quarter [18149]
  • Technology Brief on Advantages of SAS over SCSI [18128]
  • Demos of What JavaFX Software Does [18094]
  • Solaris IP Filter Firewall [18140]
  • Rock Processor Test Shows Sun is on Schedule in Development [18045]

  • Zone Enhancements in Solaris Container Manager 3.6.1 [18138]
  • Fibre Channel SANs [18027]
  • Benchmark of Pro/E Shows Solaris 10 OS Outperforms Linux [18032]
  • Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.31 Available for Download [18145]
  • New Podcast Available on Virtual Desktop Solution from Sun [18146]
  • Solaris Containers Podcast -- Paul Steeves, Sun Director of Solaris Marketing [18169]
  • Setting up Single Sign On (SSO) [18072]
  • Save on Sun 19-Inch Flat Panel TFT LCD Digital Monitor [18038]
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration and Capacity on Demand with Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers [18026]
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise Technology Refresh Plan [18037]
    Top Ten Articles for last Issue
    Volume 111 Issue 5; Volume 112 Issues 1, 2 and 3

    Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 112 Issue 3, were:

    Top Ten Articles for Vol 112 Issue 3

    • Sun ODF Plug-in for Microsoft Office Download Free of Charge [18208]
    • Sun Named to Leaders Quadrant in Gartner Report [18263]
    • Documentation for the Sun Blade 6000 Modular System [18262]
    • Financial Benchmark Testing Shows Sun Fire x4600 Server Very Fast Processing Speeds [18267]
    • Sun's Project Blackbox Tested in Earthquake Lab [18249]
    • Real-time Capabilities of the Solaris Operating System [18184]
    • Easy Bulk Registration of Systems with Sun Connection Inventory Channel [18211]
    • New Language Extensions in the Sun Studio 12 C Compiler [18215]
    • Project GlassFish - V3 Technology Preview Available [18247]
    • PBX Solution from Sun and Mitel for Multi-Tenant Customers [18265]
      Using the Sun Java EE Engine in a JBI Application
      Transaction Support, Security and Cluster Support Explained
      Learn how to use the Sun Java EE Engine in a Java Business Integration (JBI) composite application. A technical article on the Sun Developer Network (SDN) explains the concepts and features of the Sun Java EE Engine, transaction support, security and cluster support and GUI and CLI interfaces.
      Sun Grid Module Suite for NetBeans IDE
      Access the Sun Grid Compute Utility at from Within NetBeans IDE
      With the Sun Grid Module Suite for NetBeans IDE, you can access the Sun Grid Compute Utility at directly from within NetBeans IDE. It enables the development of Java applications for the Sun Grid Compute Utility.
      Create a Blog with Ruby
      Quick Tech Tip for Ten Minute Exercise
      If you want to set up a blog using Ruby and NetBeans IDE 6.0 Preview (M9), then see the new tech tip on the NetBeans site. The tip walks you through creating the Ruby on Rails project, configuring the database and more.
      Solaris ZFS vs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux EXT3 White Paper
      Performance Comparisons Between Leading Solaris and Linux File Systems
      A Sun white paper examines performance characteristics of and differences between Solaris ZFS and the ext3 file system used in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Enterprise Server environment. Results show the Solaris ZFS does better in storage and data requests, and also reveal ext3 file system mount options require a choice between data integrity and performance.
      Deferred-Activation Patches for Handling Large Patches
      For Installation on Solaris 10 OS Release

      Lynne Thompson's June BigAdmin tip explains a new patch installation utilities that have been changed to handle large patches being installed on Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). These are "deferred-activation" patches.

      Sun Explorer Data Collector 5.9 Diagnostic Data Collection Tool
      Download and Documentation Information
      The Sun Explorer Data Collector 5.9 diagnostic collection tool is available for download from the Sun Download Center. It is made of shell scripts and a few binary executables, running on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) for SPARC and x86 Platforms.
      How To Install Solaris 10 11/06 OS
      "Cheat Sheets" for First Time Users and Sys Admins of Many Systems
      If you need to install or to upgrade to the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), some "cheat sheets" are available on the Sun BigAdmin site to help you. The cheat sheet instructions are organized based on what you need to do.
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