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New NetBeans 5.5 IDE Tutorials
Internationalization and End-to-End Application Building
June 11, 2007,
Volume 112, Issue 2

This demo is designed to showcase NetBeans 5.5's end-2-end application development support - Java EE to Java SE to Java MEnet

New NetBeansTM IDE 5.5 tutorials are available online. One covers end-to-end application development and the other shows you how to set up internationalization in NetBeans IDE 5.5.

NetBeans IDE 5.5 End-2-End Demo

The NetBeans IDE 5.5 End-2-End Demo showcases NetBeans IDE 5.5 and end-to-end application development. It takes you through building a demo with JavaTM EE to JavaTM SE to JavaTM ME. It builds an application that determines a discount rate for customers. The application has three client interfaces: a web interface, a rich client interface and a MIDlet interface for a mobile device.

New NetBeans features are also showcased such as refactoring, debugging, HTTP monitoring and profiling.

This demo is intended to be used in conjunction with NetBeans 5.5. See the NetBeans website for steps and links.

Internationalizing a GUI Form in NetBeans IDE

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