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Interview with Charles Nutter of Sun about Progress of JRuby Project
Working with the Community
June 11, 2007,
Volume 112, Issue 2

JRuby is an 100% pure-Java implementation of the Ruby programming language

Core developers Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo joined Sun in September 2006 (see article [16989]). Kirk Pepperdine of talked with Nutter about the progress of JRuby since then, the JavaTM Virtual Machine (JVMTM), NetBeansTM IDE and more.

JRuby is a 100-percent pure JavaTM implementation of the Ruby programming language.

Nutter and the JRuby team are working on the 1.0 release. JRuby 1.0.0RC3 was released June 2, 2007. It will probably be the final release candidate before version 1.0. The team is looking for feedback on it. It is available for download from this site.

Sun has not made any changes to the licensing or development process for JRuby, Nutter said. He and Sun have been working with the community and with the C implementation. "...projects like JRuby and others that they have started to take in house and started to support officially are sort of teaching them the way that you work with open source communities a little bit more closely. But in general, Sun has been very supportive of this process. They've let us continue to develop JRuby the way we were before, just giving us more time, and Sun experts and engineers as resources to help with the process."

On the topic of JRuby and the JVM, Nutter said, "...anything we need that the VM doesn't provide, we build our own library or wrapper to provide that feature. But as we narrow things down and as we make JRuby a tighter and faster and a more efficient implementation, we start to see the places where a VM actually could help or make things more optimal or more efficient. And that's where we start to feed that information back into the process, so that we actually have the narrowest possible use cases for what changes need to go into the VM in the future."

Read more of the conversation about JRuby and the JVM, Rails, the NetBeansTM IDE and more.

(Trademark Note: The terms "Java Virtual Machine" and "JVM" mean a Virtual Machine for the Java platform.)

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