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Eco-responsibility Takes Center Stage at Sun
From Technology to Business Practices - Sun is Leading the Way
Driving eco-responsible business practices and products, Sun vice president of Eco Responsibility David Douglas convinced Fortune Senior Editor David Kirkpatrick that Sun is leading its peers in the scope and seriousness of its multi-tentacled environmental efforts.
Here Comes Sun
Schwartz and Project Blackbox Credited for a New Sun on the Horizon
Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz and Project Blackbox - a prototype of a virtualized datacenter built into a shipping container - are key to the company's reemergence as a major player in the high-tech industry, comments Alan Deutschman with Fast In a recent article, Deutschman retraces Sun's steps from its beginnings to the bust and its current status in the marketplace.
New Podcast Available on Virtual Desktop Solution from Sun
Reduce Management of Desktops with Sun Ray Thin Clients, Sun Secure Global Desktop Software and VMware
If you are looking to reduce the management of the traditional desktop environment, then take a look at a new podcast with Sun's Virtualization Solutions Architect, Matthew Legg, and Virtual Desktop Solutions Architect, Daniel Cifuentes, who talk about virtual desktop solutions, VMware, and the Sun Virtual Desktop Access Kit.
Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.31 Available for Download
Release Notes Outline New Features such as Single Sign-On
Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.31 is available for download. New features include support for connecting to Remote Desktop on Microsoft Windows Vista, audio support for UNIX applications and support for new clients, including Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Vista clients. See the Sun Download Center for the link to get the 4.31 version of the software.
New Web Presentation Explains How to Simplify SOA
Get a Single Business and Customer View with Sun Java CAPS
Learn about SOA from a new video presentation by Sun's marketing team. The presentation covers why businesses should use Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), how it works and how Sun helps simplify SOA with its Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS).
New Solaris Cluster Software Hub on BigAdmin
Find Resources and Contribute Information
Solaris Cluster 3.2 software has a BigAdmin hub website now with information and resources for system planners, integrators and administrators.
Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server Now Supports up to 256GB Memory
AMD Opteron 8220 (2.8GHz) Processor and Support for 8 DIMM Slots per Processor
Now Sun Fire X4600 M2 servers can support up to 256GB of memory in a single system using the new standard configuration (only). There are 2 standard configurations using this new 8-DIMM processor board with the 8220 processor: 4-processor with 16GB and 8-processor with 32GB. XATO option also available.
Sun ALOM-CMT MIBS 1.0 for T1000, T2000, CP3060
For SNMP Monitoring of Sun Fire or SPARC Enterprise Servers
Management Information Base (MIB) modules in Sun ALOM-CMT MIBS 1.0 Revenue Release are provided for download to enable SNMP management systems to monitor and manage Sun Fire or SPARC Enterprise servers.
Sun StorageTek 9990V Enterprise Storage System
Simplified Storage Management with Mission-Critical Availability
Highly demanding storage data centers are ideal environments for the Sun StorageTek 9990V that delivers enterprise-class functionality, integrated storage virtualization, thin provisioning, logical partitioning and universal replication.
Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager White Paper
Advantages of System Architecture Explained
Virtual tape solutions such as the Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) for mainframe environments place disk devices into the backup/restore/disaster recovery path to facilitate tape operations while still maintaining the cost advantage, portability and removable media advantages of traditional tape. Learn about the advantages of the Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager in a recent white paper.
Upgrade to a Cluster Configuration with the Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Cluster Upgrade Kit
Increase System Performance and Data Availability
Customers who purchased a single filer Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS and now need additional performance or higher data availability can take advantage of the StorageTek 5320 NAS Cluster Upgrade Kit. With the kit, a single filer Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS can be converted to a Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Cluster configuration.
Optimizing Storage Environments
Sun Report Identifies Hidden Storage Costs, Offers Solutions
Find out how you can optimize your storage environment and control costs by identifying and solving hidden storage-related expenses addressed in the third report of the Sun's Storage Strategies series that focuses on storage optimization.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 111 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 111 Issue 4, were:

  • Sun Gains Market Share for Fifth Straight Quarter [18149]
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise Family Architecture White Paper [18122]
  • Technology Brief on Advantages of SAS over SCSI [18128]
  • Zone Enhancements in Solaris Container Manager 3.6.1 [18138]
  • New Sun StorageTek 9990V Enterprise Storage System Provides Advanced Functionality [18143]
  • Solaris IP Filter Firewall [18140]
  • New OpenSolaris Project Focused on Open Source Storage [18116]
  • Managing Core Dumps on the Solaris OS [18096]
  • In-memory Replication Feature and Others in GlassFish V2 [18114]
  • Mid-range Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server [18135]
    How to Build Server-Side Mashups Explained
    Security and Design Issues Covered
    If you need to grasp the basics of Mashups, start with a tech article by Ed Ort. The first article explains what a mashup is, some of the common types or styles of doing mashups, focusing on server-side mashups. There will be more articles in Ort's series that will compare and contrast these styles and discuss some of the major design considerations related to each.
    Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.1 for CLDC Download Now Available
    Improved API Implementations and Bug Fixes

    Version 2.5.1 of the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (formerly known as J2ME Wireless Toolkit) is now available. It can be used to develop applications for CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0. The beta was released in April 2007.

    Release 2 of Sun Web Developer Pack Adds Propono and Bug Fixes
    Create Interactive and Dynamic Web Applications for the Enterprise
    Release 2 of the Sun Web Developer Pack includes AJAX technologies (Project Maki and Project Dynamic Faces), the scripting technology Project Phobos, RESTful Web service API, and ROME Propono, an Atom client and server library. Also included are bug fixes to all the existing components and updates to the NetBeans IDE plug-ins.
    Swing Sessions from JavaOne 2007 Conference Online
    Swing Vector Graphics and Bringing Life to Swing Desktop Applications

    Swing is one of the APIs distributed with Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE). There are a number of sessions now available online from the 2007 JavaOne Conference that focus on Swing. Session topics include writing multithreaded desktop applications, using SVG in Swing applications, and creating effects in Swing.

    Solaris Containers Podcast -- Paul Steeves, Sun Director of Solaris Marketing
    Sun's View on Virtualization
    "Virtual Strategy" magazine recently published the podcast "Solaris containers and Sun's view on virtualization". The podcast is an interview with Paul Steeves, Sun's director of marketing for Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).
    Setting Up a Samba Server Installation to Share a Solaris 10 OS File System
    Symantec's Enterprise Vault Software and Sun StorageTek Storage Archive Manager
    Sun blogger Tim Thomas explains his recent experience with basic Samba server installation on Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) 11/06. Thomas worked with Symantec's Enterprise Vault software and Sun StorageTek Storage Archive Manager (aka SAM-FS).
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