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Java Technology
Latest Developments in Java Technology
Robert Brewin Discusses JavaFX Script, JavaFX Mobile and More
Buzz around JavaFX Script and the JavaFX Mobile platform has Robert Brewin, Sun Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer in the Sun Software Group, talking. In recent interviews, he discussed these latest developments as well as the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 7 and a new consumer-focused JRE.
New ME Application Developers Project Formed
Website with Resources for Java ME Application Developers
The open-source Mobile & Embedded Community team has launched a new project called the ME Application Developers Project to encourage and assist Java ME application developers in building mobile applications. Find resources such as demos, source code, tools and tips.
Free and Open Source S/W
In-memory Replication Feature and Others in GlassFish V2
Enhancements to the Web Container and Support for JSR 196
Version 2 of the GlassFish server (beta 2 level) will be released soon. New features include improved clustering and session failover capabilities, Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT) and support for Java Business Integration (JBI) technology.
New OpenSolaris Project Focused on Open Source Storage
HoneyComb Fixed Content Storage Gets Underway
The Honeycomb project, another open source endeavor from Sun, is providing the open source community with fixed content storage technology and a place to work with other OpenSolaris members on the first open storage software stack from a major vendor.
The OpenPortal Project - Enterprise-class Portal Server
Help Advance Sun Java System Portal Server 7's Capabilities
OpenPortal is the new name and project site for the Enterprise-class Portal Server Project hosted by Derived from the Sun Java System Portal Server 7, this project provides the portal server's enterprise-class capabilities to the open source community who are encouraged to experiment and advance the portal server from its current status.
Sun SPARC Enterprise Family Architecture White Paper
Details of Jupiter System Interconnect, SPARC64 VI Processor, Memory and More
A new white paper explains in detail the architecture of the recently announced Sun SPARC Enterprise servers. The servers provide built-in virtualization capabilities and associated tools, technologies and processes that work to optimize sever utilization. They provide the benefits of traditional mainframes but not the cost and complexity.
Mid-range Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server
For Large Shared Memory Applications
The Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server features a new 10RU rack optimized enclosure with PCI-X and PCI-Express I/O and up to 50 PCIe or PCI-X slots with optional External I/O Expansion Unit. Get mainframe RAS capabilities in this mid-range server that is ideal for virtualization and application consolidation.
Sun StorageTek 9985 Series Software License Transfer Offering
Transfer and Save Money Instead of Buying New Licenses
Instead of acquiring new licensing for the new Sun StorageTek ST9985 system, customers can now transfer their software licenses from one or several storage Sun StorageTek ST9970 systems to a Sun StorageTek ST9985 system.
Technology Brief on Advantages of SAS over SCSI
Sun StorageTek 2500 Series Arrays Transfer Data Faster with Smaller Form Factor
A recent white paper outlines the advantages of the SAS technology in the Sun StorageTek 2500 arrays over SCSI. The paper explains SAS from an interface and a drive perspective.
Trade Your Storage System for Sun StorageTek L1400 Tape Library
Now Qualified Under the Sun Upgrade Advantage Program
The Sun StorageTek L1400 tape library is now available through the Sun Upgrade Advantage program. The L1400 is eligible for two levels of trade-in allowances: 10 percent allowance for a newer and larger tape system trade-in or 5 percent allowance for an older and smaller tape system.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 110 Issue 4; Volume 111 Issues 1, 2 and 3

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 111 Issue 3, were:

  • Demos of What JavaFX Software Does [18094]
  • Sun StorageTek LTO 4 FC Tape Drives Announced for Sun StorageTek SL8500, SL500 and L180/L700/L1400 Tape Libraries [18107]
  • Webcast Replays from 2007 JavaOne Conference Available [18093]
  • New Video-based Services Can Increase Subscriber Revenue with Sun Streaming System [18108]
  • Setting up Single Sign On (SSO) [18072]
  • Sun Java Web Server Beats Out Apache 2.2.4 [18033]
  • Sun Netra T2000 Server Available with 146 GB Hard Drive [18105]
  • Reports from JavaOne Conference 2007 [18088]
  • Repurchase Plan from Sun for $3 Billion of Outstanding Stock [18125]
  • IPTV Services in Asia Pacific and India Powered by Sun Streaming System [18117]
    Zone Enhancements in Solaris Container Manager 3.6.1
    Manage Software Containers, Maximize Resource Utilization
    Solaris Container Manager, part of Sun Management Center software, is used to manage software containers, maximize resource utilization and increase data center productivity. The newest version 3.6.1, contains enhancements to zone enhancements and more.
    Managing Core Dumps on the Solaris OS
    SDN Article Explains the Basics of This Process
    Learn more about core dumps and features in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) along with its analysis tools that address these processes and can help manage core dumps in a Sun Developer Network Article, entitled "Core Dump Management on the Solaris OS".
    Patching the Solaris OS with a Baseline Pre-Caching Script
    Increase Speed of Jobs and Monitor Download in Real Time for Failures

    A tech tip on the BigAdmin site explains how to use a baseline pre-caching script to download an entire Solaris baseline to your system dependency server (SDS) prior to simulating or deploying a baseline job to any agents in the environment.

    Solaris Security Vulnerabilities
    Sun Releases Patches to Address Two Recent Finds
    Sun has released patches to address two recent vulnerabilities in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). The first of these vulnerabilities gives local information disclosure from the "srsexec" utility, while the second can cause a local denial of service due to an integer signedness error which affects the "ACE_SETACL" cmd parameter of the "facl()" system call.
    Solaris IP Filter Firewall
    Allows SysAdmins to Restrict Access to Particular Networking Services in a Stateful Manner
    Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) includes many security features that let you securely host thousands of applications and multiple customers on the same system. Learn about the Solaris IP Filter firewall and how it is used for network traffic protection.
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