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Java Technology
Webcast Replays from 2007 JavaOne Conference Available
Latest on Java Technology, Advancements, Roadmaps Offered
If you missed any of the general sessions at this year's JavaOne Conference, Sun has set-up webcast replays for you to view at your convenience. Get the latest on Java technology from Sun executives and other industry leaders such as Oracle Corporation, Intel Corporation and Motorola Inc.
The New Faces of Java: OpenJDK and Java SE 6
Senior Director of Java Software Product Marketing Shares the Latest
Jean Elliot, Senior Director of Java Software Product Marketing at Sun, expects the Java Development Kit (JDK), which is part of the open-sourced OpenJDK, to become much more visible. Elliot shared this and information on trends effecting the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6, dynamic scripting add-ons for Java and more with Vance McCarthy of Integration Developer News in a recent interview.
Demos of What JavaFX Software Does
Getting Started Guide
Want to see what you can do with the newly announced JavaFX Script language? JavaFX Script is a declarative and statically typed scripting language with first-class functions, declarative syntax, list-comprehensions, and incremental dependency-based evaluation. Here are some demos and a Getting Started Guide.
JDK 6 Adoption Guide
Features Built-in Backward Binary Compatibility

The JDK6 Adoption Guide (Revision 1.0.8 stresses the emphasis Sun placed in developing this solution on ensuring its backward binary API compatibility. The authors also review the changes within each Java SE platform implementation that require special attention during upgrades.

Enhanced Solstice Enterprise Manager 6.0 Now Available
New Features for Java Technology Developers

Version 6.0 of the Solstice Enterprise Manager software, Sun's carrier-class network and element management platform, has just been announced, with new features such as Java Low Level PMI APIs and Enhanced tracing/logging in daemon processes.

Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Offers Resource Quotas, Boolean Expressions
Supports Mac OS X, Linux on Itanium Platform
The new Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 is available and replaces the Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.0 and Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.0u4. This new release adds resource quotas, support for boolean expressions in workload allocations, support for Mac OS X on Intel and for Linux on the Itanium (IA64) platform.
Sun Netra T2000 Server Available with 146 GB Hard Drive
Features UltraSPARC T1 Processor
Sun announces its new RoHS-compliant Netra T2000 standard configurations with a 146GB Hard Disk Drive that supports new 4GB memory DIMMs. At the same time Sun is transitioning standard configurations of the Netra T2000 with 73GB hard disk drive.
New Video-based Services Can Increase Subscriber Revenue with Sun Streaming System
Technical Features and Benefits of Server, Switch, Software
The Sun Streaming System is a massively scalable and cost-effective video delivery platform for IPTV and personalized video streaming. The system consists of the Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Switch, Sun Fire X4500 Data Server, Sun Fire X4100 server and Sun Streaming software. This article provides technical details of the switch and software.
Sun StorageTek NAS OS Anti Virus Agent
Provides Real-time Scanning for Enhanced Security, Less I/O Demand
The Sun StorageTek 5000 NAS Appliance offers users antivirus protection with its operating system's Anti Virus Agent that is designed to be more secure, less time-consuming and I/O-intensive than traditional scheduled on-demand scans. A Sun Developer Network article explains the workings of this Anti Virus Agent and its supported anti-virus software.
Sun StorageTek LTO 4 FC Tape Drives Announced for Sun StorageTek SL8500, SL500 and L180/L700/L1400 Tape Libraries
Increased Native Capacity and Performance Over LTO 2 and 3 Drive Technologies
Sun StorageTek LTO 4 FC tape drives are now available for the Sun StorageTek SL8500, SL500 and L180/L700/L1400 tape libraries. LTO 4 tape drives offer increased native capacity and performance over LTO 2 and 3 drive technologies.
Brocade FR4-18i Blade Enabling FCIP Capability for the 48K Director
4Gbit/sec Fibre Channel (FC) Routing Improves Scalability
The Brocade FR4-18i Blade for the Brocade 48000 Director now enables FCIP capability (two 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports) for the Brocade 48000 Director. Customers can interconnect SAN islands for greater resource utilization and long-distance extension. SANs can be connected over distance using IP MAN/WAN networks.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 110 Issues 3 and 4; Volume 111 Issues 1 and 2

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 111 Issue 2, were:

  • Save on Sun 19-Inch Flat Panel TFT LCD Digital Monitor [18038]
  • Optimizing IT Performance, Resource Utilization and Flexibility [18070]
  • New Scripting Language JavaFX Script Simplifies Content Authoring [18081]
  • Get Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 from Symantec Free [18039]
  • Achieving Optimal Performance, Scalability with Siebel-on-Sun Installations [18067]
  • NetBeans IDE 6.0 Preview Release Now Available [18075]
  • JavaFX Mobile - A New Mobile Phone Software System [18082]
  • Course Explains Configuring Sun StorageTek 2500 Arrays [18073]
  • Open ESB 2.0 Preview Available: Viable Alternative to Proprietary ESB Platforms [18083]
  • Sun Releases Java SE Platform to OpenJDK Community [18080]
    Setting up Single Sign On (SSO)
    Using Sun Java System Access Manager and SAML
    Get the basics on Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) concepts and steps for achieving single sign-on (SSO) with the Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 and the SAML 1.x Web Browser Artifact Profile in a Sun Developer Network article written by Vasanth Bhat and Marina Sum.
    Tutorials for Using OpenJDK with NetBeans IDE
    Learn How to Use Javac Compiler, Javadoc and More
    Start using OpenJDK with the NetBeans IDE by taking advantage of tutorials on the NetBeans Web Site that introduce users to the OpenJDK project sources and demonstrate how to work with them in its IDE.
    The SDN Share Program - A New Online Community for Sun Developers
    Submit Content and Earn Rewards on Sun Developer Network Site
    The new SDN Share program allows developers to submit content, vote on other content and earn rewards points. Being a part of the SDN Share program gives you an opportunity to interact with peers while sharing your expertise.
      Project OpenDMK - The Open Source Version of the Java Dynamic Management Kit
      Older Versions of Java Dynamic Management Kit Before 5.1 Being Transitioned

      The open source project of the Java Dynamic Management Kit (Java DMK) is now available on as Project OpenDMK. The source code is based on Java DMK 5.1 patch level 3 code base. The open source version has the same features and code base as 5.1, but this first release of Project OpenDMK doesn't include the SNMP Runtime.

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