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Sun HPC ClusterTools 7 Software
Dowload This Latest Version Free
The release of Sun High Performance Computing (HPC) ClusterTools 7 provides developers with a complete integrated environment designed to address complex, compute-intensive applications on Sun systems and clusters of Sun systems. This free download provides middleware to manage a workload of resource-intensive applications and delivers an end-to-end software development environment for parallel distributed applications.
New Hardware Supported in Sun N1 System Manager 1.3.3 Release
Address the Operational Costs of a Growing Data Center
Sun N1 System Manager 1.3.3 adds new hardware support for the Sun Fire V125 Server, Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 Servers, Netra X4200M2 Server, Sun Fire X4600 M2 server and Sun Blade X8420 Server Module.
Technical Details of the New SPARC64 VI Processor
White Paper Describes Implementation-Specific Portions of the SPARC64 VI
The new SPARC64 VI processor found in the Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000/M5000/M8000/M9000 servers consists of two SPARC V9 cores with two vertical threads per core. This dual core version of the SPARC64 V is replacing Sun's Sparc4+ and Fujitsu's Sparc64 V processors. Get technical details of the processor in a white paper online.
Rock Processor Test Shows Sun is on Schedule in Development
The Third Chip Multithreading (CMT) Processor from Sun
Sun is reportedly on schedule to deliver the 16-core Rock processor after a test was run, according to
Advantages of Sun's Dual-port Multithreaded 10 GbE Networking Card
Assign Incoming Packets to Specific CPU Threads
"How quickly will iSCSI networks running 10 Gigabit Ethernet hardware become mainstream? Which applications will it be used in?" asks a recent ComputerWorld article. The Sun Dual-port Multithreaded 10 GbE Networking card provides ten times the throughput at one-third the cost per gigabit. Take a look at the other advantages and applications of this Sun hardware.
Challenges Sun Faces in Finding Foundry to Replace Texas Instruments
EE Times Interview with David Yen

David Yen, the head of Sun's Microelectronics group, said one of the challenges Sun is facing is finding a partner to make Sun's processors since Sun's long-time partner Texas Instruments (TI) has decided to rely on foundries to develop next-generation semiconductor process technology, according to an interview with Yen on

May 14/15/16, 2007 OpenSolaris User Groups in Florida (FLL, TPA, ORL)
Attend in Person, By Phone, Via WebEx
The May meeting of the OpenSolaris user groups will be held on May 14th, 15th and 16th in Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando. The speaker will be Bill Nelson (VP Professional Services, GCA Technology Services), author of Sun's Web, Directory, and Identity Manager courses. Bill will talk about Identity Management.

You will be able to attend the May meetings in person, via conference call or via the Web with WebEx. The formal presentation will be at a new time, 5:30pm. See the web site for the conference call numbers, WebEx/MeetingPlace details and meeting locations.

Project Blackbox In Orlando, Fl May 22-24 2007
Shipping Container Creates Modular Lights-out Datacenter for Every Corner of the Earth
Sun unveiled its nearly completed prototype of a mobile, virtualized data center: Project Blackbox. The potential uses of the Blackbox range from emergency response situations to military deployments or offshore oil rig deployments.

You can see and tour a Blackbox, which is on tour, at a number of locations including Orlando, Florida:

-2007 I3MP Conference

"Data Center Optimization" Seminar; Tuesday May 22nd, Tampa, FL
Sun, Cisco & Forsythe
IT professionals in the greater Tampa area are invited to join Sun, Cisco and Forsythe for breakfast and a seminar which will address the theme of Optimization in the datacenter.

  • DATE: May 22, 2007
  • LOCATION: Tampa
  • VENUE: Marriott Tampa Westshore
  • TIME: 8:30AM To 11:30AM
  • register online


  • Optimizing Server & Storage Architecture - Sun Microsystems
  • Optimizing Datacenter Networking - Cisco Systems
  • Optimizing your Datacenter - Forsythe
Dynamic Reconfiguration and Capacity on Demand with Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers
The Evolution Continues, Providing New Options
Nick Kloski, SPARC technology specialist with Sun Technical Marketing, has written a Sun BluePrints Online article on updates to Dynamic Domains, Dynamic Reconfiguration and Capacity on Demand. Kloski considers how these updates involve Sun's newly announced SPARC Enterprise Server products. The author also covers the eXtended System Board (XSB), descriptions of the different ways that it can be configured specific new capabilities of DR, and enhancements to Capacity on Demand (COD).
Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000 and T2000 Servers and Xoptions
Rebranding Enables Marketing by Sun, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens
As part of its Advanced Product Line agreement with Fujitsu, Sun is releasing its CoolThreads Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000, Sun SPARC T2000 servers and associated Xoptions. The SPARC Enterprise T1000 and T2000 servers are form / fit / function equivalent to the current Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 servers, but can now be sold through Sun, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Siemens Computers. The existing Sun Fire products will continue to be sold along side the new SPARC Enterprise brand.
Server Briefs: Air Filters, Memory, Processors and Repricings
New Entry-level Configuration of the Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server

Three server announcements include front-door panel air filters, repriced Sun Fire X2100 and Sun Fire X4500 servers, and a new entry-level configuration of the Sun Fire X4600 M2 server.

Storage Benchmark: First Mirroring FC/SAS 4Gb Result
Sun StorageTek 2540 Array World Record $/Perf Beating HP by 2.5x in Performance
The BM Seer blog reports on the benchmarks results of the Sun StorageTek 2540 mid-range product coupled with Sun's 4Gb HBAs: "The Sun StorageTek 2540 has World Record $/performance of $46.26 $/SPC-2 MBPS and best-in-class performance of 730.04 SPC-2 MBPS."
Sun Releases StorageTek 5000 NAS OS 4.21
Developed for StorageTek 5000 NAS Applicances and Gateway Systems
The Sun StorageTek NAS OS 4.21 for StorageTek 5000 NAS Appliances and Gateway Systems is now available with several new features, among which are an assured delete feature for commercial-grade data scrubbing; NDMP v4; various iSCSI enhancements; Connected Network Services (CNS) support for automated case-generation; and support for 5320 expansion unit under the 5300 RAID EU to enable 5310 NAS customers to expand their system capacity.
Sun Improves StorageTek 6540 and 6140 Arrays with New Standard Configurations
Changes Enable Dynamic Expansion at Minimal Cost
The Sun StorageTek 6540 and StorageTek 6140 arrays are now available with 300GB 15K rpm Fibre Channel and 750GB SATA-II drive options. The 750GB 7,200 rpm SATA-II configurations allow dynamic expansion to a maximum capacity of 168TB for the 6540 array and 84TB for the 6140 array while requiring no increase in air-conditioning and power requirements compared to the arrays with the 500GB hard disk drives.
Sun StorageTek DLT-S4 Tape Drives for the Sun StorageTek SL8500 and SL500 Modular Tape Libraries
800 GB/cartridge Native Capacity and 60 MB/sec Native Throughput
Get double the capacity of the SDLT 600 tape drive with the new Sun StorageTek DLT-S4 drives. The new drives also provide almost two times the throughput. The DLT-S4 drive is backward-read compatible to SDLT 600 and SDLT 320 written tapes, so you also get investment protection.
Fibre Channel SANs
From Fundamentals to Security and Management
The white paper titled, "SAN Fundamentals: How Fibre Channel SANs Are Built, Secured and Managed," (Updated April 2007) introduces readers to the basics of Fibre Channel and explains how Fibre Channel SANs are built, secured and managed.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 110 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 110 Issue 4, were:

  • Sun Streaming System [18016]
  • Sun Microsystems Delivers Profitable Quarter [18017]
  • Benchmark Results: for Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 Server and Sun Fire E25K Server [18008]
  • Paul Graham Asserts Microsoft's Monopoly has Ended [17953]
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 server [17998]
  • Sun StorageTek 2540 FC Array and 2501 SAS Expansion Array with Integrated Services [17965]
  • Updating Fibre Channel Drivers to Use Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation Software [17947]
  • Sun bites back at Novell [17969]
  • Porting to the Solaris OS -- A guide for Linux developers [17938]
  • BigAdmin Tech Tip Shows How to Find Device Drivers for Solaris OS [17992]
    Setting Up Java DB in NetBeans IDE and Creating a Database
    Tutorial Walks Through Configuration, Creating Tables
    A tutorial on the NetBeans IDE page explains how to set up a connection to Sun's Java DB (which is based on the Apache Derby database) in NetBeans IDE. The steps include configuring the database, registering it and connecting to it, creating tables and adding data and using an SQL script.
    New Book: Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition
    Using NetBeans IDE as a Professional Java EE 5 Development Platform
    Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition explains how to use this NetBeans IDE and its enterprise add-ons, Enterprise Pack and Visual Web Pack, as a professional Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5 software development platform.
    Logical Domains 1.0 Released
    Now Available for the Sun Fire and SPARC Enterprise T1000 and T2000 Servers
    Version 1.0 of Logical Domains (LDoms) software is now available. It can be downloaded from the Sun Download Center for the Sun Fire and SPARC Enterprise T1000 server and T2000 server, Netra T2000 Server and Netra CP3060 Blade.
    Benchmark of Pro/E Shows Solaris 10 OS Outperforms Linux
    BM Seer Cites Test that Uses Same Hardware and Applications
    Proof that Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) is a high performance OS came in from a Pro/E Wildfire 3 OCUS V5 benchmark that showed Solaris 10 OS outperformed Linux.
    Adding Dmalloc to the Developer's Took Kit
    Greg Nakhimovsky Finds It Useful for Large Applications

    Greg Nakhimovsky's Sun Developer Network article "Using Dmalloc With the Solaris OS and Sun Studio Compilers" recounts his experience with Dmalloc, which he characterizes as a useful open source debugging package on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) with Sun Studio compilers.

    How to Use Sun Connection and Baselines to Patch the Solaris OS
    Tech Tip from Sun BigAdmin Site
    If you are new to Sun Connection, there is a BigAdmin feature article that explains how to use it and baselines to update your Solaris hosts with patches. The baseline is a collection of patches, patch metadata and tools. Using baselines enables you to easily know the patch level of your hosts.
    Sun Grid Engine, Solaris 10 OS Resource Management and Process Accounting Get Positive Reviews
    Sys Admin Magazine Rates the Sun Technologies Highly
    On the blog of "Chhandomany" there is a link to the April issue of Sys Admin magazine which gave three positive reviews of three technologies from Sun: the Sun Grid Engine, the resource management feature of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), and process accounting in Solaris 10 OS.
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