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All-Time Internet Heroes
How Certain Sun Employees Influenced Internet Technology
The Web 2 Journal created its own list of the "All-Time Heroes of i-Technology," innovators of the Internet, including some Sun employees, both current and former, such as Joshua Bloch, Tim Bray, James Gosling and Bill Joy.
New Podcast on Utility Computing -- Innovating@Sun Site Improvements Discussed
A new Innovating@Sun podcast explains how the Sun Grid Application Catalog on makes applications available.
Java Technology
Enter Your Video in the Java Mobile Application Video Contest
April 27, 2007 Deadline
Create a short video about a new mobile application or service that was created using the Java ME platform or open source phoneME project. The deadline is April 27, 2007. The winning videos will be posted on the site and be showcased at the 2007 JavaOne Conference.
Open Source Projects Based on Java Programming Language More Secure
Security Report from Fortify Software Analyzes Java and C, C++
A security report from Fortify Software conducted through its Java Open Review Project found that software components written in the Java programming language are, in general, more secure than components written in languages such as C or C++.
DTrace, Java SE 6 Synergy Gives Developers a Powerful New Tool
Save Time, Spare Yourself Anguish: Find the Problems with DTrace Probes
Jarod Jenson's article "DTrace and Java: Exposing Performance Problems That Once Were Hidden" demonstrates the power of combining DTrace with Java SE 6 and shows how to leverage the combination to gain an unprecedented view across all layers of any Java application, the Java virtual machine (JVM), or any other aspect of the software. According to Jenson, developers finally have a tool that will enable them to identify transient failures (performance problems) in complicated software stacks.
Java Technology Drives Application Development in Asia
Sun Tech Days in Malaysia Shows Popularity of Java Platform
Mobile application development was a topic of discussion at the recent Sun Tech Days developer conference in Kuala Lumpur. The "pervasiveness of mobile phones is driving the rapid growth and innovation of the application," according to a report by Lee Min Keong, ZDNet Asia.
Sun Shows Prowess in 10 Gigabit Ethernet Market
Technology Moves from Niche to Enterprise, Telco Arenas
The white paper "10 GbE Rising -- Factors Driving the Emergence of 10 Gigabit Ethernet" addresses the traditional imbalance between server throughput and Ethernet attachment, noting how the standardization of 10 GB Ethernet over Category 6 UTP copper, when it is combined with even more cost-effective silicon, is bringing about change in the dynamics of local area networking.
300GB SAS Drive and 750GB SATA Drive Options for Certain Sun Servers and Workstations
More Speed, Capacity in RoHS-compliant Options

Sun has released an RoHS-compliant 300 GB 15,000 RPM enterprise class SAS Drive and 750 GB 7,200 RPM SATA Drive Options for the Sun Fire X2100 M2 and Sun Fire X2200 M2 servers and for the Sun Ultra 20 M2 and Sun Ultra 40 M2 workstations.

Sun Expands Development Hardware Offering Program
Adds Sun Ultra 45 Workstation to List of Available Hardware
A new addition to the Sun Partner Advantage Program in its Development Hardware Offerings is the Sun Ultra 45 workstation, now available at deeply discounted prices for the Sun Ultra 45 workstation-1x1.6GHz, XVR300, 1GB, the Sun Ultra 45 workstation-1x1.6GHz, XVR2500, 1GB and the Sun Ultra 45 Workstation-2x1.6GHz, XVR300, 2GB models.
New Netra X4200 M2 Server Expected in May 2007
Runs on Two Next-Generation AMD Opteron Dual Core Processors
The new Netra X4200 M2 Server, a 2U Carrier-Grade, AC and DC powered rackmount, NEBS Level 3 certified and ETSI compliant server, is expected on the market in May 2007. The Netra X4200 M2 is Sun's first Netra Rack Server to support up to two Next-Generation AMD Opteron model 2214HE, dual-core processors. It is ideal for the most demanding applications in the toughest environments.
Sun Fire T1000 Server Technical Details
Enhancements and Promotions
The Sun Fire T1000 server is well suited to run J2EE (Java EE) and custom applications and for multi-threaded computing. Learn about recent performance enhancements and what promotions are available so you can get one of these CoolThreads servers.
Sun Fire T2000 Server Administration Course Package
Three Courses in One: Overview, Architecture Assessment, Administration and Troubleshooting

The Sun Fire T2000 Server Administration Course Package (PK-ES-346) course package provides students with information on the server architecture, installing the server and configuring the server processor. The training also covers troubleshooting and replacing internal components.

Sun Fire V490 Server Documentation
For Administration, Parts Installation and Removal, and CPU/Memory Module Configuration
There are setup and administration guides available for the Sun Fire V490 server. Also available are a parts installation and removal guide and a CPU/memory module configuration guide.
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