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Sun Microsystems at 25: Looking Forward
Reviewing Highlights from the Company's Past
This year Sun Microsystems celebrates its 25th anniversary and proclaims the company's maxim -- "The Network is the Computer" -- as confidently now as on day one. Delivering open, network computing technologies -- servers, storage, software and services -- Sun has enabled its customers to reap the advantages of the Internet.
What Does a Double Decker Bus Have to Do with Virtualization
Jonathan Schwartz Has a Suggestion
In his blog on the occasion of Sun's 25th birthday, "The Glamor in Mass Transit(?)," Jonathan Schwartz likens the economies attained in mass transit to those already (and yet to be) achieved in the datacenter. The secret in both instances, Schwartz contends, is "infrastructure optimized for utilization, efficiency, and overall performance." Beats a high performance sports car (or a designer cell phone) every time.
James Gosling Named to Order of Canada
Honored for Developing Java Programming Language
James Gosling, Sun VP and inventor of the Java programming language, has been appointed to the Order of Canada, according to a report on the CBC. The Order of Canada recognizes outstanding lifetime achievement and contributions to society and the country by Canadians from all walks of life.
NetBeans Reaches a New Community of Users with Ruby Plug In
Featuring Code Completion for Modules, Classes, Methods
An early access release of the NetBeans Ruby Pack is available for download from The NetBeans Ruby Pack plugin is available in the recent Milestone 7 release of NetBeans 6. It supports the Ruby programming language and editing features for both Ruby and JRuby.
Securely Automate and Manage System-to-System Communication Between Trading Partners
New Sun Java System B2B Suite 2.0 Replaces Multiple Point-to-Point Products
The new Sun Java System B2B Suite 2.0 is a fully-integrated solution to meet the need of securely managing large numbers of transactions and trading partners across different enterprise applications and systems.
Competitively Priced Sun 19-inch LCD Monitor
Receive a Trade-In Allowance
The Sun 19-inch LCD monitor has been competitively priced. It meets RoHS compliance requirements in the EU and China and has an Energy Star rating. This monitor is compatible with all Sun Workstations and Sun Ray thin clients, as well as Sun Workgroup Servers and Enterprise Servers with supported Sun graphics accelerators installed.
Discussion About OpenSPARC Community: Sun Net Talk Available on Demand
Expert Panelists Talk About Opportunities for Developers and Architects
Learn what’s behind the world’s first open source CPU and the dynamic OpenSPARC community in this Sun Net Talk available on demand. Listen in as expert panelists, including Darryl Gove and Simon Phipps, explore the many opportunities that OpenSPARC offers to developers and architects.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 108 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 108 Issue 4, were:

  • Zone Migration - New Feature Makes Container Migration Easier [17725]
  • White Paper: Benefits of Using Sun Cluster 3.2 Software with Oracle 10g R2 RAC [17740]
  • Three-way Server "Shootout" Pits Dell, HP, Sun Against One Another [17722]
  • What to Expect with 2.2: Read Kai Sommerfeld [17704]
  • IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker Reports Sun Gained Market Share for Fourth Straight Quarter [17742]
  • High Rankings for Enterprise Tape Library from Sun [17732]
  • Sun Offers BakBone NetVault Backup: Automatic Configuration of Backup Devices [17718]
  • Before You Upgrade to MS Office 2007, Check Out 2 [17726]
  • Updated Book on Samba [17727]
  • Assess Your Skill Level to Determine What Classes to Take Next [17736]
    New Packages in the Java XML Digital Signature API
    How to Create and Validate an XML Signature

    Sun senior engineer Sean Mullan brings his knowledge of Java technology and XML security to the Sun Developer Network site (SDN) with a tech tip that explains the Java XML Digital Signature API. Mullan provides an overview of XML signatures and how to use the API in your applications.

    Struts Basics - A Lab from Sang Shin
    How to Build Simple Struts Applications

    Developer San Shin has created a "Struts Basics Lab" in response to the increasing interest shown in Struts as a popular web application framework based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. San Shin's lab will teach the fundamental concept, architecture, and features of Struts 1.1 by building and deploying simple Struts applications, following a step-by-step guide using NetBeans IDE.

    Using jMaki to Build Web Applications
    Layouts, Widgets and Glue

    Looking for a how-to on building "web 2.0 applications" with jMaki? Carla Mott provides a step-by-step example of "how to use one of the layout templates, various widgets, the dynamic container and the glue feature that are part of jMaki to quickly build a web 2.0 application."

    NetCaboodle NetBeans Business 2 Mobile Plug In
    Develop MIDP clients Without Writing Protocol Code

    Develop MIDP clients for your business services - without writing any of your own protocol code - by using the Business 2 Mobile plugin from Net Caboodle. The download is available online.

    Beginners Guide to LDoms: Understanding and Deploying Logical Domains
    Sun BluePrints Document
    The Sun BluePrints document "Beginners Guide to LDoms: Understanding and Deploying Logical Domains" by Tony Shoumack walks readers through how to set up, deploy and manage logical domains.
    How to Use Solaris JumpStart With the Solaris 10 OS for x86/x64 Platforms
    From Creating a JumpStart Installation Server to Configuring and Run the DHCP Server
    This detailed BigAdmin feature explains the differences of using Solaris JumpStart software on the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) for x86/x64 as compared to using it on SPARC platforms.
    Comparison of Multilevel Security Policies of Solaris Trusted Extensions and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems
    Multilevel Security (MLS) Features Compared
    Distinguished Sun Engineer Glenn Faden evaluates Sun's and Red Hat's trusted operating systems in a comprehensive article on the BigAdmin website. Faden compares MLS features of Trusted Extensions with RHEL5 LSPP.
    Release Notes Detail Enhancements and Bug Fixes for Sun Connection Update Manager Client 1.0.9
    New Message of the Day (MOTD) Feature Added

    The Sun Update Manager software is one part of the Sun Update Connection, System Edition 1.0 software that enables you to locally manage updates on your system. The release notes for version 1.0.9 list enhancements or new features included in this release.

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