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Java Technology
Java University Returning to 2007 JavaOne Conference
Morning, Afternoon, Evening Classes Scheduled
The Java University program is returning as part of the 2007 JavaOne Conference. Courses offered by Java University are created and delivered by Sun certified instructors and are designed to deliver in-depth information on the hottest development topics in today's market.
JavaOne Conference Saves Money and Trees
Direct Mail Conference Guides Now Electronic or on Recycled Paper

Some of the ways the JavaOne Conference is changing to be more environmentally responsible are to use recycled paper and soy-based inks for its conference guides and to make better use of its ability to create a virtual campaign.

Niagara 2 -- Key Features, Architecture and Diagrams
64-bit, 64-thread SPARC "System on a Chip" based on CMT Architecture
A presentation on the Niagara 2 chip covers key features of the processor and its architecture and includes a Niagara 2 block diagram, SPARC Core (SPC) block diagram, a Niagara 2 die micrograph and more.
Sun x8 Express Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber XFP Low Profile Adapter Released
Enables Cost Savings in High Performance Data Center Applications
The Sun x8 Express Dual 10 GE Ethernet Fiber XFP low-profile adapter newly available from Sun will enable users to realize significant cost savings in high performance data center applications that require large throughput. Offered under both "X" and ATO configurations, the product offers dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet Networking with PCI Express I/O Servers and delivers the performance, scalability, efficiency, I/O virtualization and consolidation, reliability and "future-proofness" required for current and future applications.
Sun x8 PCI-E Quad Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Save Money and Increase Server I/O Utilization for Network Connectivity
The RoHS-6 compliant Sun x8 PCI-E Quad-port Gigabit Ethernet Adapter UTP in low profile form factor features hardware TCP/UDP checksum generation and IP header checksum generation, packet parsing and interrupt coalescing to reduce CPU processing for increased server efficiency.
Flexport Options and Upgrade Kits for McDATA 4700 Switch
Customers Can Add Ports as the Need for Them Arises
RoHS-compliant flexport and upgrade kits are now available as new hardware options for the McDATA 4700 Switch. Flexport options allow additional ports to be enabled, while upgrade kits allow additional long wave configurations to be ordered with the switches, making it possible to add ports only as new capacity is required. The 4 and 10 Km long wave options provide additional options for those customers with long wave requirements.
Higher Performance Processor in the Sun Fire X2200 M2 Standard Configuration
Advanced Graphics Support
Get the highest speed available in the Next Generation AMD Opteron models with the new standard configuration for the Sun Fire X2200 M2 server with the AMD Opteron Model 2220 2.8 GHz (95 Watt) processor.
New Configuration for Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server
Brings New Level of Energy Efficiency to Processors
There are now new standard configurations for the Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server, and the standard configurations for the Sun Fire X4600 have been repriced. The Sun Fire X4600 M2 features the AMD Opteron Model 8220 2.8 GHz dual core, offering up to a 10 percent performance improvement over previously released processors. This new processor replaces the 120 watt AMD Opteron 8220 SE Processor.
Get Latest Firmware for Sun Fire V20z/V40z Update 2.7
Includes Modules, Drivers, CD Images

A distribution is now available as a product download that offers the latest version of firmware and software supporting Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z products.

Sun StorageTek 6140 Array Achieves Price/Performance Benchmark Leadership
Beating Fujitsu and IBM Systems
The Sun StorageTek 6140 has demonstrated price/performance industry-leading results on the SPC-2 benchmark. SPC Benchmark-2 (SPC-2) is a series of related benchmark performance tests that simulate the sequential component of demands placed on online, non-volatile storage in server class computer systems.
Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager Software 5.1 Now Available
2007 Daylight Savings Time Update Included in New Version
New features in Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager software version 5.1 include a 2007 Daylight Savings Time update. Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager software helps manage Sun StorageTek-branded storage array devices.
Sun Storagetek 4Gb FC NEM Host Bus Adapter
High Performance Connectivity for the Sun Blade 8000
Sun Storagetek 4Gb Fibre Channel (FC) Network Express Module (NEM) (Emulex) Host Bus Adapter (HBA) supports Sun blade servers such as the Sun Blade 8000 modular system and the Sun Blade 8000 P modular system.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 107 Issues 4 and 5; Volume 108 Issues 1 and 2

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 108 Issue 2, were:

  • Project Blackbox Takes to the Road [17648]
  • New Programs for Building a Web Infrastructure on the Solaris 10 OS [17666]
  • What's New in the Sun Cluster 3.2 Software: Release Notes [17652]
  • Telnet Vulnerability in Solaris 10 and 11 OS [17667]
  • Sun Releases Expanded Solaris OS 11/06 Media Kit [17572]
  • Free Whitepaper: Trigence Capsules Extend Solaris 10 Containers [17664]
  • OpenSolaris Project: Sun StorageTek Availability Suite [17631]
  • Considering the Built-in Utilities ipmitool and ipmievd as Remote Monitoring Tools [17589]
  • Security Vulnerability in Solaris 10 ICMP Handling [17630]
  • Get Data Protection Without Expensive Commercial Solutions: New O'Reilly Book [17629]
    Get Support and Technical Assistance from the Solaris Express, Developer Edition
    2/07 Release Solaris Express, Developer Edition for x86-based Laptops and Desktops
    If you are looking for help developing applications to deploy to Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), then see what the free Solaris Express, Developer Edition has to offer. Developer support options are available for code support, programming and technical assistance.
    Monitor, Manage and Diagnose in Java SE 6
    Table Lists Resources of Monitoring, Management and Diagnosing Features
    Senior staff engineer Mandy Chung has compiled a list of features in the Java SE 6 for monitoring, management and diagnosing. The convenient table provides links to blogs and documentation on heap dump analysis, DTrace, JMX, and more.
    2007 Daylight Saving Time Change will Require Patches
    Sun Notes that C and C++ and Java App Users will Need Patches

    In order to comply with the new federal mandate regarding implementation of Daylight Saving Time (DST) that takes effect on the second Sunday in March 2007, Sun is making patches available to users of its web tier products, including its C and C++ programs and Java technology applications.

    Using Sun Studio Performance Tools to Profile WebSphere Application Servers
    Article Contains Abundant Code Samples

    How to profile an IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) runtime environment with the Sun Studio Performance Analysis Tools, Collector and Analyzer is the subject of the Sun Developer Network paper by Dileep Kumar and Albert Leigh, both of Sun.

    Sample Application Demos Available on Web Developer Resource Center
    BluePrints Java Pet Store 2.0, Ajax Flower Store Demo, Project Woodstock 4.0.1
    Check out the demos of sample applications, components and widgets by Sun engineers available for you to try in your next generation web applications now available on the Web Developer Resource Center web site on the Sun Developer Network (SDN).
    Sun Developer Network Channel Video on Solaris Containers
    Use a Single Machine for Development, Testing,and QA
    A new video on the Sun Developer Network Channel (SDNtv) features Joost Pronk Van Hoogenveen, Sun product line manager for virtualization, talking about Solaris Containers, "the virtualization tool that is a developer's best friend."
    Sun BluePrints on TSUBAME Grid
    First in a Series Covers Architecture and Performance
    A new series of Sun BluePrints documents will cover the TSUBAME grid. The first article in the series provides an overview of the supercomputer, the requirements and system architecture of the grid, and the tuning performed to achieve high LINPACK benchmark performance results.
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