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Project Blackbox Takes to the Road
Touring Cities from CA to NY
The mobile datacenter from Sun called Project Blackbox will be making visits to cities across the U.S. to give people a chance to get up close to the box and look inside. The "Discover Sun Tour 2007" will highlight how Sun can help you grow your business without increasing datacenter costs and how to have more capacity in your datacenter.

Next stop: Alpharetta, Georgia - February 20

New Programs for Building a Web Infrastructure on the Solaris 10 OS
Expanded Sun Startup Essentials Program, Solaris + AMP
Three new offerings from Sun aim to make it easier for developers, start-ups and Internet companies to build and deploy their Web infrastructure on the free and open source-based Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). The programs are Solaris Express, Developer Edition; Solaris + AMP; and an expanded Sun Startup Essentials program.
New Data Retention Solution for Mobile Operators
Meeting EU Compliance Requirements
A new Data Retention Solution was introduced at the 2007 3GSM World Congress. The solution is being developed jointly by Sun and Comptel Corporation, an Operations Support System (OSS) software vendor, to meet new EU requirements.
Try & Buy Program Success for eHarmony Website Switch to Sun Fire Servers
Increased Performance for Same Power Costs
The website eHarmony used the Sun Try & Buy program to test Sun Fire x64 (x86, 64-bit) servers in its datacenters to process traffic on the web site and do data analysis. The Sun Fire X4600 servers resulted in more performance over the servers they were using before while using the same amount of power.
Sun at the 3GSM World Congress
Mobile Gaming Presentation
Sun participated in the 3GSM World Congress this year. More than 55,000 executives from across the mobile industry value chain gathered in Barcelona for the world's leading mobile communications event.
Webinar: From Challenge to Opportunity -- Customer Data Integration
February 21, 2007
Featured speakers for the Webinar "From Challenge to Opportunity -- Customer Data Integration" slated for February 21, 2007, are three individuals from Sun, including Ross Altman, CTO Business Integration Platforms at Sun, David Codelli, director of segment marketing and Jennifer Belissent. The time is 12:00 p.m. EST.
    Free Whitepaper: Trigence Capsules Extend Solaris 10 Containers
    Run Older Solaris Applications Peak Performance in a Solaris 10 Container or Zone
    With Trigence AE application virtualization technology, you can now run older Solaris applications at peak performance in Solaris 10 OS. Download the free white paper "Trigence Capsules Extend Solaris 10 Containers" today.
    What's New in the Sun Cluster 3.2 Software: Release Notes
    New Sun Cluster CLI, New Data Service Configuration Wizards, Integration with Solaris 10 SMF
    There's been a lot of talk about Sun Cluster 3.2 software so we went to the source, the release notes, to bring you what's new in 3.2 for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). Read up on the new CLI, easier set up of Oracle RAC within Sun Cluster configurations, new data service configuration wizards and more.
    Sun Releases Expanded Solaris OS 11/06 Media Kit
    Features Many New Software Products
    Sun has released an expanded Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) 11/06 media kit with software that offers a complete enterprise-class solution that includes, in a single kit, media for the 11/06 OS as well as for N1 Management Software and Solaris Cluster, including the new releases of Sun Cluster software.
    Sun StorageTek 3510 FC Array Working with Clustering, Migrating Databases
    Outstanding Price/Performance

    When migrating to a clustered environment, businesses often look to upgrade their storage systems to complete the transformation. Data-centric service company Etagon offers Sun StorageTek solutions to integrate into its customers' IT environments. They also work with Sun partner CDW and created a test environment.

    Sears Canada Implements Sun StorageTek Virtual Solutions
    Improves Sales and Service Levels, Recaptures Floor Space
    Sears Canada has implemented the Sun StorageTek Virtualization Solution enabling consolidation of storage media and devices, more efficient use of backup resources and elimination of costly overruns of backup windows. Batch processing windows have been reduced by up to 83 percent; cartridge media consumption by 75 percent. The company has also saved 9,600 CPU hours per year as a result of the implementation.
    Top Ten Articles for last Issue
    Volume 107 Issues 3, 4 and 5; Volume 108 Issue 1

    Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 108 Issue 1, were

    Top Ten Articles for Vol 108 Issue 1

    • Daylight Savings Time Information for the Solaris Operating System [17628]
    • Register Your Solaris 10 Systems Before February 28, 2007 for Gift [17623]
    • Inaugural Solaris University Challenge Winners Announced [17640]
    • Sun Analyst Summit 2007 Held on Tuesday February 6 [17642]
    • DTrace Course Teaches How to Diagnose Application and System Problems [17608]
    • Enter Your Video in the Java Mobile Application Video Contest [17625]
    • OpenDocument Format Plug-in Application to be Available [17641]
    • Ruby on Rails How-to Article: Build a Simple Web Application [17594]
    • Wireless Service Provider Serves Customers with Sun and Greenplum Data Warehouse Appliance [17639]
    • Get a 60-Day Free Trial of the Sun Fire X2100 M2 Server [17597]
      Telnet Vulnerability in Solaris 10 and 11 OS
      Disable Telnet on Solaris Systems
      Sun Alert ID 102802 reports a security vulnerability in in.telnetd(1M) daemon shipped with Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) may allow a local or remote unprivileged user who is able to connect to a host using the telnet(1) service to gain unauthorized access to that host.
      Security Vulnerability in Solaris 10 ICMP Handling
      May Allow a System Panic and Result in Denial of Service (DoS)

      Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) is prone to an unspecified remote denial of service vulnerability that resides in the ICMP handling process, according to a SunSolve report (Sun Alert ID: 102697). Only systems that are configured to receive ICMP ping(1M) requests are affected.

      Gupta of Sun Labs Talks About Security
      OpenSSL, EEC and Encryption
      Dr. Vipul Gupta, Sun distinguished engineer, Sun Labs, talked with Jack Germain of TechNewsWorld about security issues such as the importance of encryption, security standards, and more.
      Sun Leaves No Doubt on Commitment to ECC Cryptography
      Seeks to Keep Pace with Industry Needs for Speed and Security
      Sun has confirmed its commitment to elliptic curve cryptography to foster interoperability across multiple platforms, including the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Windows and Linux. The effort is being spearheaded by Sun Labs, Certicom, Microsoft and Red Hat under the ECC Interoperability Forum umbrella. Completion of this undertaking will help ensure that ECC products from these vendors will integrate seamlessly, providing end-to-end security for customers.
      Open Source Tools to Encrypt Data
      Protecting Data from Theft and Companies from Bad Reputations

      Interested in finding out what open source tools will encrypt data? Kerry Thompson, a UNIX and open systems admin, evaluates a few in his article "Backup Encryption" in a recent issue of Sys Admin magazine. Thompson covers OpenSSL, GPG and Amanda.

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